Diego Sans and Ashton McKay tag team Brandon Evans in “Speed Dating” at Men.com

Men.com: Brandon Evans gets fucked Diego Sans and Ashton McKay in "Speed Dating"

Men.com writes:

“Diego Sans is finding it easier than ever to “shop” for men with the swipe of a finger. Brandon Evans and Ashton McKay aren’t too keen on Diego’s version of speed dating at first — but they sure are happy once he invites them upstairs for some cock sucking and fucking.

The boys prep each other’s poles and holes before taking turns pillaging Brandon’s ass.”

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Hoyt Kogan barebacks Rafael Moretti at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Hoyt Kogan fucks Rafael Moretti bareback
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BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“It is left to Hoyt today to answer all of Marty’s questions as his partner, newbie Rafael Moretti speaks neither Czech nor English. At least we can rest assured that spoken words are not required in ensuring that this scene is going to be great.

You all know a lot already about Hoyt, but Rafael is still a bit of a blank slate for us, so it will be interesting to hear what you think of him. With his sultry and sexy good looks, full lips and engaging green eyes, we hope that there is plenty for everyone there to like.”

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Teo and Santino fuck each other raw at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: Santino and Teo flip fuck bareback
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Teo and Santino fuck each other’s tight holes raw at ChaosMen.com.

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Porter, Blake and Jayden’s raw threeway at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Blake, Jayden and Porter's raw threesome
Sean Cody Offer

Sean Cody writes:

“Here’s another threesome coming your way with hotties Blake, Jayden and Porter!

These three guys are really fun to be around. Not only do they get along and joke around like old buddies, but they also have great sexual chemistry!

Blake went to pick Jayden and Porter up, and what started as friendly reminiscing into the car, quickly turned to kissing and groping… they just couldn’t wait!

Blake quickly told the boys exactly what he wanted, “My goal today is I wanna get in the middle… Where I’m getting fucked, I don’t care who’s fucking me, and I’m fucking! That’s all I want out of today!”

Jayden and Porter affirmed the request, “I think we can make that happen!” Jayden then expressed something on his wish list, “You know what I’ve always wanted to do is put my dick and another guy’s dick in one hole.” Porter raised his hand, “Me!”

All three guys got exactly what they wanted, and more! All that sex talk got these studs really horned up, so Blake put the pedal to the metal to start this thing!”

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Jacen Zhu and Devin Franco flip fuck raw in Lucas Entertainment’s “Gentlemen 17: Oral Office”

Lucas Entertainment: Devin Franco flip fucks with Jacen Zhu in "Gentlemen 17: Oral Office"

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Devin Franco is a young professional with a strong libido. He’s always horny, even at his demanding white-collar job. He stays after hours one evening, but it’s not to work. He allows his perverted side to take over and he starts jerking his big dick to porn on his office computer.

He doesn’t realize his suited colleague Jacen Zhu is still around — but he isn’t offended by Devin. He’s turned on and starts rubbing his hard black cock. Jacen joins Devin and they stroke together.

But the longer Devin looks at Jacen’s hard-on the more he wants to taste it. The blowjob leads to the guys stripping off more of their suits and fucking each other in the ass bareback.

At 22:50 you’ll see Devin completely naked, but Jacen still has his dress shirt and tie partially on — revealing action-figure stomach of Jacen Zhu as he pumps his dick in Devin Franco’s tight ass.”

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Jimmy Clay, Griffin Barrows, Lance Ford and Allen Lucas in “Caught Cock-Handed” at NextDoorWorld

Next Door World: Griffin Barrows and Lance Ford get fucked by Jimmy Clay and Allen Lucas in "Caught Cock-Handed"
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Jimmy Clay, Griffin Barrows, Allen Lucas and Lance Ford have an intense orgy at NextDoorWorld.com.

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Gabriel Taurus fucks Bruno Bernal in Raging Stallion’s “Destroyer”

Raging Stallion: Gabriel Taurus bangs Bruno Bernal in "Destroyer"
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In this scene from RagingStallion’s “Destroyer”, Bruno Bernal doesn’t hold back his cock lust for Gabriel Taurus’ girthy member, giving slobbering oral service before riding Gabriel’s cock with abandon.

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Jacob Peterson gets fucked by Trevor Long in “On The Run, Part 1” at Men.com

Men.com: Trevor Long fucks Jacob Peterson in "On The Run, Part 1"
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Men.com writes:

“Trevor Long and Jacob Peterson are on the run out in the desert after scoring a load of money. With the authorities closing in on their tail, they need a new plan.

Jacob helps Trevor clear his mind by sucking on his dick before taking that hot rod up his ass.

Trevor rams that tight ass from behind, then Jacob hops on top and rides Trevor’s pulsing cock.”

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Sebastian Kross fucks Colt Rivers in Falcon Studios’ “About Last Night”

Falcon Studios: Sebastian Kross fucks Colt Rivers in "About Last Night"

In this scene from Falcon Studios’ “About Last Night”, Sebastian Kross heads home with Colt Rivers for hot and sweaty sex that leaves their balls drained and smiles on their faces.

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Brady Corbin fucks Forrest Marks at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Forrest Marks gets fucked by Brady Corbin

Forrest Marks blows Brady Corbin before getting fucked at GayHoopla.com.

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