Coleman gets serviced by Aidan at SeanCody

Sean Cody writes:

““That boy is fucking cute!” Aidan was ready!

Yup, and he’s all yours! Go to town on him.

“Seriously… look at that fucking ass… IT’S HUGE!”

Coleman blushed as Aidan kissed him on the lips.

“That was nice!” Coleman said, pulling Aidan in for seconds… and thirds!

“Did you just start to feel him up a bit?” I asked.

“Ha! Maybe,” Aidan said. Both of these boys were ready to jump in the shower.

Aidan was so obsessed with Coleman’s ass! He had his face buried in Coleman’s crack within the first few minutes. Water was running everywhere, but Aidan hardly noticed.

“So you know you’re going to have to come up for air eventually right?” I said.

“Says who?” Aidan said, laughing…”

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