Jason Vario tops Matthew Bosch in TitanMen’s “Taxxx”

TitanMen: Jason Vario fucks Matthew Bosch in "Taxxx"
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Taxman Matthew Bosch works out a deal with deduction abuser Jason Vario, the two deepthroating each other’s uncut monsters before Matthew gets his furry ass inspected.

TitanMen: Jason Vario fucks Matthew Bosch in "Taxxx"
TitanMen: Jason Vario fucks Matthew Bosch in "Taxxx"
TitanMen: Jason Vario fucks Matthew Bosch in "Taxxx"

TitanMen.com writes:

“Agent Matthew Bosch hits the jackpot on an audit visit of Jason Vario, who claims his home office as a deduction. “Most home offices don’t have a bed,” observes Matthew. “C’mon, man,” responds Jason, who soon grabs his own bulge. “Don’t bust my balls.” The agent smiles: “I’m sure we can work something out.”

They kiss, Matthew licking down Jason’s massive chest before moaning “Fuck!” as his big uncut cock pops out. He gulps it up with gusto, Jason pulling him up for a kiss. Jason moans “Oh my God!” as he strokes and looks down at Matthew’s beast, soon on his knees. He deepthroats the huge meat with impressive ease — his nose slamming Matthew’s pubes, his chin tickling Matthew’s big balls.

They eat each other out, Jason then ramming the moaning bottom doggie style. They lay on their sides, Jason’s sultry eyes looking at the bottom as he fucks him, Matthew’s dick and sac shaking.

On his back, Matthew’s boner gets stroked as Jason pounds him, the top spitting down on his own dick before they both shoot.”

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