Josh O’Brian gets fucked by Bobby Clark at CollegeDudes

CollegeDudes: Bobby Clark fucks Josh Obrian writes:

“Bobby’s back and ready to go before we even set these two loose on each other! He’s bulging out of his pants for our hot stud Josh, and when the boxers come off it doesn’t look like Josh is going to take much to get him hard either!

There’s lots of kissing and cock rubbing before these boys get started on the oral, Bobby gets a mouth full of meat first and he shoves that thing way down his throat.

As much as Bobby loves to give, he also likes to be on the receiving end of that cock-sucking, and Josh lies down and gets a little messy as he drools all over Bobby’s long prick. But they both know the best is yet to come and once they’re rock hard and horny as fuck, these guys are ready for some ass-pounding!”

CollegeDudes: Bobby Clark fucks Josh Obrian
CollegeDudes: Bobby Clark fucks Josh Obrian
CollegeDudes: Bobby Clark fucks Josh Obrian

“Bobby gets Josh on top of him and helps him ride that dick, only pausing for a second to kiss before they pick right back up with Bobby pounding Josh’s fine little ass.

Josh plays with his own hard cock as Bobby buries his long member all the way up his ass, fucking him any way he can as Josh bottoms in a few fun positions.

These nasty boys pick up the pace and Bobby rams Josh harder and faster until they both stroke one out and cover Josh in hot cum!”

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