Lorenzo and Jerome blow each other at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: Lorenzo and Jerome suck each other

Newcomer Jerome gets sucked and rimmed by Lorenzo and tries out sucking cock himself – at ChaosMen.com.

ChaosMen: Lorenzo and Jerome suck each other
ChaosMen: Lorenzo and Jerome suck each other
ChaosMen: Lorenzo and Jerome suck each other

ChaosMen.com writes:

“One thing you can say about Jerome, he is extremely focused in this video. We had straight porn going for him, but he largely ignored it. He is one of the few models that made great eye-contact, and he totally seems to be in the moment.

Like his solo shoot the day before, he stays hard very easy, so Lorenzo is not having to work hard. A couple times he gets a little close to cumming, which I thought might happen. Before the shoot, I told Jerome to re-direct Lorenzo to play with his balls if he was getting close and sure enough he re-directs him a couple times.

Lorenzo stands up twice and lets him play with his cock. The first time it happened we were hoping Jerome would get down on his knees and suck on Lorenzo. But he just stroked his cock. He still is staring intently in Lorenzo’s eyes.

Lorenzo rims him, and he seemed to like it. After servicing his cock some more, Lorenzo stands, and this time Jerome sucks on his buddy. He does a decent job too!

Finally, Lorenzo’s sucks and jerks Jerome’s cock until a load spills into his open mouth.

Jerome sits back, while Lorenzo dumps a HUGE load all over Jerome’s freshly spent cock!”

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