Vander fucks the cum out of Jet at ChaosMen

Chaos Men: Vander fucks the cum out of Jet
Chaos Men: Vander fucks the cum out of Jet writes:

“This is a video that I have always wanted to do with Jet after I learned he can cum several times. Also, I have been wanting to pair two of my all time favorite performers.

Vander was hoping to bottom for a bit, but once we started making Jet cum, he completely switched gears and got into Top mode. We don’t actually move around a lot in this video. Jet is on his back, and Vander just keeps fucking the cum out of him, slurping up his load, and cum-kissing Jet with his own loads.

They start by jerking off, and Vander quickly moves on to blowing Jet. Jet cums right away, and if you stay tuned till the end, you can see a fun replay of all his cum shots. His first instinct is to stop Vander from making him cum. He says, “He is really good at that” and we go back to Vander sucking him,. I give jet the green light to bush and he cums for the first time.

I thought Jet would need time to reset, so they do some ass eating, but Jet just stays hard and is ready to get fucked.

He cums 5 more times while Vander fucks him. Only one time does it look like he shot a blank, but the following ejaculation, he gets some distance. He just keeps cumming!

Vander said he was so turned on by making Jet cum, then eating each load and cum-kissing with Jet that he could likely fuck him till he nuts. We both figured Jet was out of jizz, but Vander fucks him until they are both nutting.

Jet still sticks to the “I am straight” thang, but after that shoot he declared, “That was hot!” Both Vander and I exchanged raised eyebrows.

This video contains a total of 8 cumshots, and it is a bit different than other videos. I love that Vander made him nut over and over, and Jet was really pleased to be able to showcase just how often he can cum! Video evidence!”

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Duncan Tyler gets fucked by Johnny Forza at BrokeStraightBoys

BrokeStraightBoys: Duncan Tyler gets fucked by Johnny Forza

BrokeStraightBoys writes:

“Duncan Tyler, an old BSB favorite, has returned. Duncan found himself a regular job, so he hasn’t been a Broke Straight Boy officially for a while now.

“A weekly paycheck is cool,” Duncan says. “The daily work sucks.”
“I get paid to break stuff,” Duncan notes.
Fortunately for us, he doesn’t manage money well.

Our boy Johnny caught a glimpse of Duncan’s dick earlier and he’s really glad that he’s not getting fucked with what he called a “horse cock”. He also told Duncan to stay far away from his girlfriend.

The pair find their way to the bed, whip out their beautiful cocks and get the party started. Duncan may have been missing in action for a while but he sure didn’t forget how to suck dick. In less then a minute Johnny’s meat is at full salute and Duncan isn’t done with it. He sucks it deep and strokes it softly, sometimes playing with the balls. Johnny just leans back and watches the show.

Soon enough, Johhny shoves Duncan’s horse cock down his throat and begins sucking and licking like his life depended on it. Duncan strokes his dick while Johhny kisses, licks and sucks on the horse cock like he wants him to shoot a sticky load all over his sweet little mouth.

“Let’s fuck” Johnny suggests and the two quickly get situated. Duncan bends over in the doggie style position. Johnny slides in and begins fucking feverishly. Duncan is completely flushed but he takes the pipe like a pro. Johnny grabs Duncan by the waist and pulls him in so he can fuck him deeper.

These two studs switch positions and Duncan lays on his back while Johhny holds his legs and fucks him hard. Duncan nears his peak and starts to stroke his huge cock as Johnny wears into his hole. A few minutes later his horse dick is shooting a huge wad on his stomach. Johnny quickly pulls out and cums in the same spot.”

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Broke Straight Boys $1 Trial

Bel Ami: Scott Bennet fucks Max Ryder

Bel Ami: Scott Bennet fucks Max Ryder

BelAmiOnline writes:

“After our recent documentary series with CockyBoy Exclusive Max Ryder, today we have a scene with Max and one of our new Kinky Angels, Scott Bennet. Both fair haired and with a lean frame that make a perfect couple together.

Scott gives Max a taste of Euro uncut cock and then fucks him all over the room!”

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Liam Magnuson fucks Connor Kline in “Men In Blue, Part 2” at Liam Magnuson fucks Connor Kline in “Men In Blue, Part 2” writes:

“Rookie Cops Connor Kline & Liam Magnuson end up with some time to kill after an emergency call turns out to be a false alarm. Both guys are feeling the rush of adrenaline and can’t help but get naked and fuck.

Quickly stripping out of their uniforms, the guys get down to some hot oral action before Connor’s bubble butt steals the show and gets drilled hard by Liam’s boner.”

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Kellan creampies Harper at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Kellan creampies Harper
Corbin Fisher: Kellan creampies Harper

Corbin Fisher writes:

“A year ago, I’d not have been able to imagine we’d be seeing more of Kellan. OK that’s not entirely true – I’d imagine it over and over, but just didn’t suspect there was any real possibility we’d be treated to the sight of this stud in action with another man. At that point, it had been so long since we’d seen him I just figured he’d moved on to different things and we’d never hear from him again.

How times have changed! Not only did Kellan return to CF, but he immediately jumped in to some action with his fellow CF studs. Further, not only did he jump in to action but he proved himself a natural! This young man is clearly hyper sexual, knows what feels good, and can embrace fun and pleasure whatever the source.

When he kisses a guy, he does so deeply and passionately. When Kellan gets sucked, his entire body writhes about in pleasure. As we very recently discovered, Kellan is by no means selfish, either – he’ll feed a guy his load, and swallow theirs!

Here’s it’s Harper that’s on the receiving end of a hot fuck from Kellan – and the receiving end of a massive load from Kellan, as well!”

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Corbin Fisher

Johnny Ryder and Connor Maguire fuck in Falcon Studios’ “Tahoe – Snow Plowed”

Falcon Studios: Johnny Ryder and Connor Maguire fuck in "Tahoe - Snow Plowed" writes:

“Connor Maguire and Johnny Ryder are resort staffers who keep the roads and footpaths clear of snow. An exhausting day of snow removal and some playful wresting in the powder gets them horny as heck. They can’t wait to get home and play naked with each other.

Once there, Connor’s lips work magic on Johnny’s long shaft. Then, Johnny shows he’s no slouch at sucking. Their willing bodies are unwaxed, their muscles hard, their nipples at peaked attention. Johnny expands his territory by nuzzling Connor’s taint with his nose, sucking his balls and lashing his tongue at Connor’s hole like a shovel throwing snow.

Not to be upstaged, Connor swaps positions and gives Johnny’s meaty buns a taste of what tongue feels like, upping the ante with his cock. Johnny’s body flexes and swells as he prepares to be penetrated, telling Connor to “stick it in.” Fucking, they generate enough heat to melt the snow they’re paid to shovel.

Connor gives Johnny’s buns a pounding that makes his muscles ripple all the way from hip to shoulder.

As climax overtakes them, they separate and sit thigh-to-thigh, squeezing out cum shots that leave the slopes of their torsos as white as the mountain slopes.”

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Falcon Studios

Hairy stud Keagan jerks off at Fratmen Hairy jock Keagan rubs one out Hairy jock Keagan rubs one out

Get up-close with’s latest model, Keagan!

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Muscle stud Christian Power bangs Ben Rose in “The Gentle Giant Gets Bossy” at MenOfMontreal

MenOfMontreal: Muscle stud Christian Power bangs Ben Rose in "The Gentle Giant Gets Bossy"
MenOfMontreal: Muscle stud Christian Power bangs Ben Rose in "The Gentle Giant Gets Bossy" writes:

“We get to see a different side to Christian Power in this scene. A bit more assertive, definitely domineering and somewhat bossy towards the much smaller Ben Rose who, in this scene, services our bodybuilder and then gets his ass pummelled by him.

This is a scene of contrasts, big vs. small, tanned vs. white, bossy vs. submissive. Prior to the interview, Ben & Christian got to know each other and it was clear while chatting with Marko Lebeau that they had hit it off… joking and laughing throughout the interview. Yet, Ben was still a bit intimidated by Christian’s claim to want revenge in this scene and his massive stature. “He’s 3 times my size!”…

Starting the scene with some mutual fondling, Christian barks off a succession of instructions to the submissive Ben that endure throughout the scene. “Move there”, “Suck man”, “Come here”… The Titan reveals a dominant side that we have never seen before.

Ben starts off by sucking Christian’s cock to get him hard; and he does a fine job of it! In fact, Ben has become quite a well-rounded and talented actor that really gets off on having sex with guys and performing for the camera.

Once Christian is all worked up from the cock-sucking he got, the Beefy man then moves his smaller sized partner onto his back to give him a blow job of his own. Ben strikes a boner in no time, but Christian quickly has other plans. He wants his ass eaten out – a job that Ben takes on with delight and talent.

His tongue makes its way past Christian’s massive butt cheeks and darts right into the waiting hole. Our dominating top is clearly enjoying Ben’s attention, jacking off a constantly hard dick. Christian’s cock is still hankering for some sucking so Ben goes back to Christian’s cock. Our 265 lb. bodybuilder is clearly in command as he moves Ben into position for some rimming. This tongue work is warming the Rose’s butthole for the fucking he’s going to get next.

Ben was really turned on by Christian’s powerful ass fucking; first in a sideways position then in a reverse Cowboy. It had been several days since Ben had shot a load, and he kept telling us that he was close to shooting a load. So, it wasn’t long before he needed to fire off a hefty amount of spunk… while still riding Christian’s cock. Hot!

Christian then moved Ben to the edge of the bed so he could fuck him again, this time doggy style, gearing up for his own cum shot. Quickly Christian takes the condom off and jerks out a load of his own all over Ben’s butt.

Spent, the guys wrapped it up with a kiss and kudos from Christian for a “Good Job!””

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Men of Montreal

Maverick Men Cole and Hunter bareback Liam’s tight hole in “Cum Gushing Boy Fuck”

Download Video: MP4 writes:

“Our sexy boy Liam is back for more hardcore action, and man we were so happy to see him (he can REALLY take a pounding!).

We literally spent the entire weekend together FUCKING! In this cum-soaked fuck video we give Liam the fuck of his life. We teach him where the prostate is and how to stimulate it over and over again.

This video has so much cum squirting every where that we suggest you sit back away from your screen while you watch or you just might get a cum shot in your eye, lol.”

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Tanner creampies Charlie at SeanCody

SeanCody: Tanner creampies Charlie
SeanCody: Tanner creampies Charlie

Sean Cody writes:

“Tanner seems to have developed a taste for cream pies! He had a lot of fun getting Charlie all messy!”

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