Kaden Alexander fucks Jack Radley in “Stepbrothers, Part 3” at Men.com

Men.com: Kaden Alexander fucks Jack Radley in "Stepbrothers, Part 3"

Men.com writes:

“Good thing Jack Radley has practiced because the time has come to get fucked by his dream guy, Kaden Alexander!

Kaden slides his hard dick deep into Jack’s ready ass fucking him to his breaking point. It’s a lucky day for Jack.”

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Garrett Cooper fucks Drake Tyler in “A Deep Love” at NextDoorWorld

Next Door World: Garrett Cooper fucks Drake Tyler in "A Deep Love"

Drake Tyler and Garrett Cooper spend a romantic sexual night in this scene from NextDoorWorld.com.

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Chandler Hawk gets his first blowjob ever at GuysInSweatpants

GuysInSweatpants: Chandler Hawk gets blown for the first time

GuysInSweatpants.com writes:

“Chandler, 19 years old and straight, recently came to us wanting to just jerk off on camera. After quite a bit of coaxing, we finally convinced him to get his first blowjob from a guy instead.

After seeing his beautiful cock, I was determined! We set up the cameras and filmed his photoshoot, which also included some questions to get to know him a little better. While we were talking, I found out that not only was it his first blowjob from a guy, but it was his first blowjob EVER.

But it gets better… he’s a complete virgin (with both guys and girls).

He was clearly extremely nervous, but also really enjoyed it. The look on his face when he came was a combination of “holy shit” and “wtf just happened?!”

I’m not gonna say too much, but possibly look for a video in the coming weeks of him losing his virginity completely!”

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Dirk Caber bottoms for Adam Russo in IconMale’s “Straight Boy Seductions”

IconMale: Adam Russo fucks Dirk Caber in "Straight Boy Seductions"

In this scene from IconMale’s “Straight Boy Seductions”, mature friends Adam Russo and Dirk Caber get physical at a swanky gentlemen’s club.

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Colt gets fucked raw by Finn at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Colt rides Finn bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Pete poses some challenges for Finn for his first time with Colt. He’s up for them and Colt most definitely is up for getting Finn all to himself! So much in fact, that he’s hard by the time he takes his clothes off!”

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Tanner fucks Joey raw at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Tanner barebacks Joey

Tanner creams Joey’s hole at SeanCody.com.

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Sebastian Kross bangs Alexander Gustavo in HotHouse’s “Monumental Ass”

HotHouse: Alexander Gustavo gets pounded by Sebastian Kross in "Monumental Ass"

In this scene from HotHouse’s “Monumental Ass”, Sebastian Kross plows his famous cock into Alexander Gustavos’s tight hole.

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Flex Xtremmo and Theo Ford flip fuck in “Another Life, Part 2” at Men.com

Men.com: Flex Xtremmo and Theo Ford pound each other in "Another Life, Part 2"

Men.com writes:

“The mic is planted and Damien is listening to every word between his target, Theo Ford, and his lover Flex. Little do Flex and Theo know that every noise they make is being recorded and listened to, even the sounds of passion as they flip fuck each other with their big uncut cocks!”

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Quentin and Markie More fuck each other at NextDoorWorld

Next Door World: Markie More and Quentin bang each other

NextDoorWorld.com writes:

“With selfie stick in hand, Markie More is ready to chronicle his latest adventure on the casting couch, as southern hunk Quentin awaits him. Quentin is good ol’ boy with an open mind, and Markie can’t wait to turn him out.”

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Ransom blows Channing at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: Ransom sucks off muscle jock Channing

Channing gets rimmed and sucked by Ransom in this hot update from ChaosMen.com.

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