Lance Luciano fucks Connor Kline in “Jockhole” at HotHouse

Hot House: Lance Luciano fucks Connor Kline in "Jockhole" writes:

“Connor Kline knows exactly what he’s doing when he’s screaming at Lance Luciano to hit the punching bag ‘harder!’ The more pissed off Lance gets at his sparring partner the ‘harder’ his cock gets until he whips it out and forces it down Connor’s hungry throat.

Connor worships every inch of the Latino stud’s huge dick then stands up so Lance can suck his rock-hard monster. Lance gives Connor a juicy blow job then turns him around to get a taste of his legendary bubble-butt.

No one can resist Connor’s huge ass – and Lance is no exception. He throws the muscular stud up against the punching bag and power-fucks his hole. When they move to the floor Lance lies back so Connor can hop on his cock and bounce until they both blow their loads.”

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Beefy military stud Nicholas gets fingered and jerked off at SpunkWorthy

SpunkWorthy: Beefy military stud Nicholas enjoys a surprise handhob
SpunkWorthy: Beefy military stud Nicholas enjoys a surprise handhob writes:

“Nicholas arrived with a four-day load saved up for me. The 5’9, 220 pound stud played football and baseball in high school and it shows. He’s got the thick body of a man, with the face and the nervous energy of a 24 year old. He’s from Northern California, but lucky for us, the military man was visiting a friend in San Diego.

Nicholas talked a lot, and flirted even more, winking at the camera as he got his dick hard. This is clearly a stud who gets off on being watched and showing off. As he relaxed into the scene, I couldn’t resist giving him a little surprise by reaching toward him and stroking his hot thick cock. To my surprise, he didn’t seem shocked at all. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it. “Feels great,” he said, as I tugged on the little bit of foreskin left on his cock.

Nicholas turned around, revealing a tattoo on each ass cheek: one reads “Your Name” and the other reads “BAMF.” As I gently parted his cheeks to reveal his perfect hole, there was no doubt in my mind that this guy is one bad ass motherfucker.

As I continued to stroke his stiff throbbing cock, Nicholas raised his arms up, exposing his sexy hairy pits. Then he proved once again just how bad ass of a motherfucker he is by asking for a finger up his ass. He didn’t have to ask twice. I worked my finger in that hole and felt it clench up around me as he spewed that tasty four-day load.”

Behind the scenes:

“”Can I use your shower?” Nicholas asked after his shoot.

Of course, he could! But with the caveat that we all get to watch. For someone who told me that he was a little camera shy, he didn’t seem to mind the extra attention.

There must be truth serum in the tap water here. Among the things we find out about Nicholas: the story behind the tats on his… well… on his behind, how he discovered that he liked having a finger up his butt, the short list of people who know he’s doing porn, and the story leading up to him admitting, “For lack of of better words, I’m a nympho.”

In between all that, Nicholas couldn’t keep his hands off his cock and almost went for round two right there in the shower. Instead, while drying off, he took a big ol’ piss that kept going, and going, and going, and…”

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Adam Killian fucks Jake Genesis in Lucas Entertainment’s “Lovers in Paradise”

Lucas Entertainment: Adam Killian fucks Jake Genesis in "Lovers in Paradise"
Lucas Entertainment: Adam Killian fucks Jake Genesis in "Lovers in Paradise" writes:

“Adam Killian has had his eye on Jake Genesis for a while now, and he’s finally figured out the perfect opportunity to seduce him. Adam offers Jake an all-expense paid vacation in a Costa Rican villa. Adam doesn’t waste any time letting Jake know what he wants: their first evening together they watch the sunset before moving in for some kissing and swimming in the pool.

Adam doesn’t restrain himself — he pulls out Jake’s hard cock and starts playing with it and sucking it, enjoying his long-sought prize. Jake bends over and offers his ass to Adam, who makes loves to it with the hottest passion possible!”

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Lucas Entertainment

Kevin Warhol fucks Gino Mosca bareback in Bel Ami’s “An American in Prague – 3D Remake”

Bel Ami: Kevin Warhol barebacks Gino Mosca in "An American in Prague - 3D Remake" writes:

“Today we launch the 3D remake of An American In Prague in grand style. In Scene 1 It’s the day that Mick Lovell is supposed to be arriving from the US. Young Kevin Warhol seems to have forgotten about Mick’s imminent appearance, and instead is being entertained by Gino Mosca. For a innocent looking young guy, Gino is pretty sure about what he wants Kevin to do to him.”

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BelAmiOnline Johnny Rapid gets fucked by Colby Jansen and Ryan Rockford in “Football Fuckdown, Part 1” Johnny Rapid gets fucked by Colby Jansen and Ryan Rockford in "Football Fuckdown, Part 1" Johnny Rapid gets fucked by Colby Jansen and Ryan Rockford in "Football Fuckdown, Part 1" writes:

“Coach Colby Jansen has an amazing ability to turn a locker room fight into a naughty locker rock fuck session. Johnny Rapid is a horny young bottom getting pounded from both ends by the coach and star player Ryan Rockford.”

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CorbinFisher: Trenton barebacks Scott

Corbin Fisher: Trenton barebacks Scott
Corbin Fisher: Trenton barebacks Scott

Corbin Fisher writes:

“This one might leave you conflicted – should you be completely thrilled to watch Trenton use that big dick of his to fuck Scott, or should you be insanely jealous of both of these guys for getting to do what they do here? Either sentiment is entirely reasonable, as these two guys are both hot as hell and the action here is scorching!

I knew Trenton would be popular when he first arrived at CF, but he still surprised me with how he took to action with another guy. Trenton is the perfect example of a young, hyper-sexual, free-spirited college stud who’s eager to embrace whatever feels good – and what feels good here is Scott’s tight ass!

As far as Scott’s concerned, it’s Trenton’s dick that feels incredible – especially as Trenton simultaneously fucks Scott’s hole and strokes his hard dick. That takes Scott over the edge, as he fires off a huge load that Trenton eagerly laps up. Trenton ends up blasting out an even more impressive load that totally paints Scott’s handsome face in cum!”

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Corbin Fisher

Theon pounds Solomon raw at ChaosMen

Chaos Men: Theon pounds Solomon raw
Chaos Men: Theon pounds Solomon raw writes:

“A little history about Pure videos.

Over the last year or so, the guys have been watching a straight video with a similar theme. I really liked the idea of the room dropping away so that the focus was only on on them. No, the next step isn’t green screening them and floating them in space, but the room adds a sense of elegance, while the oil on their hot bodies adds a little zing to it.

In the past I have dabbled here and there with some hardcore fetish themes, so this one I am hoping would be a little bit more romantic or erotic.

I thought the guys might feel weird about it, but the body worship part seems to have worked out, and if anything, the chemistry and energy seems ramped-up. These two guys both are into building their bodies and definitely got-off to rubbing oil all over each other’s muscles.

As for this video, there are a few other “firsts”. I know many viewers are dubious of first time anecdotes, but Solomon and Theon forged ahead.

Theon was ready to Top full time time and Solomon had a little surprise for himself, and me as well. At first I thought Theon was struggling to stay hard by fucking Solomon so tightly. But it turns out that is how he fucks girls. I need to teach him how to showcase!

Turns out this is just what Solomon needed to bust. Being fucked HARD! If you have followed his antics, you know he usually jerks his cock fast and furiously, with legs outstretched and flexed. Theon is fucking him on his back, and Solomon has an epiphany that he can actually cum from being fucked. He just ran with it while it was happening and I wasn’t exactly setup to catch it perfectly, but not too bad.

He was proud of himself and blown-away by how good it felt. It did leave Theon hanging. As reward/punishment, Solomon opted to do his first open mouth facial. He wasn’t going to be a baby about it either, so he had his mouth wide open. Theon’s first squirt goes wild, but the rest shoots and dribble right into Solomon’s mouth.

Little bit of cum kissing to top of an ending.

Anyway, I will likely do an even number of these vids, maybe for a DVD or compilation series.

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Hope you enjoy!”

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Austin Wolf bangs Abele Place at RandyBlue

Randy Blue: Austin Wolf bangs Abele Place
Randy Blue: Austin Wolf bangs Abele Place

Randy Blue writes:

“Austin is putting the finishing touches on the box cover art for the latest Randy Blue video. Abele is the bike messenger bringing the latest set of proofs for Austin to go over. Austin asks him to lay them out on the table. Abele is not expecting to be confronted with pictures of hot man on man action on his last job of the day. Austin takes one look at Abele and his tight body and frame and knows immediately that he has found his next star.

He hovers over Abele as he takes in the muscled sex that lays before him. Abele says that he has never seen anything like this before. Austin tells him that he could be one of those models. Abele tries to maneuver out of the way and falls back into a chair. Austin leans down and takes off his bike helmet. He asks if Abele wants him to stop. Abele can only muster a small shake of his head. This was the green light that Austin needed.

He gently kisses Abele before hoisting him up and carrying him over to the couch. Abele slowly strips Austin down and begins devouring on his cock. Austin returns the favor. Then Austin rims that hairy little hole to get it ready for his cock.

He then fucks Abele doggie and missionary until finally Abele shoots all over Austin, and covers his massive chest. Then Austin cums all over Abele and his fuzzy butt. The two then make out passionately while the cum sticks between both of their furry chests. I hope Austin left this bike messenger a tip. Because he earned it.”

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Hunter barebacks Morgan at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Hunter barebacks Morgan
Sean Cody: Hunter barebacks Morgan

Sean Cody writes:

“Morgan was very, very excited about being with Hunter.

“He is really my type!” he said with a big smile.”

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Sean Cody

Rocket bangs Gomez at BiLatinMen

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Rocket is back at with his huge uncut Latin dick. This time he is fucking Gomez who can suck a mean cock and takes Rocket’s fat dick like a champ.

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