Palmer fucks Lorenzo raw at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: Palmer barebacks Lorenzo

Palmer fucks Lorenzo raw at

ChaosMen: Palmer barebacks Lorenzo
ChaosMen: Palmer barebacks Lorenzo writes:

“I have noticed a change with Lorenzo when he works with straight guys. He is a lot more reserved and quiet. When he worked with both Noah and Griffin, he just let himself go and take control.

Palmer is always a bit reserved too. So even though the guys are doing a great job, there is more of a ‘down low’ vibe to this video.

Lorenzo’s body language is submissive, which is appropriate for bottoming, Palmer puts his head down and fucks Lorenzo like a pro.

What I enjoy most was seeing Lorenzo’s cock get bone hard every time Palmer fucks him.

And even better, we get the unicorn ending of Palmer fucking and jerking Lorenzo until he comes. There are only a handful of those on the site, and if you are Top like me, there is nothing more satisfying than making your Bottom cum from fucking him while stroking him. Quite a power trip!”

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