Patrick Grau drills Andy Star bareback at TimTales

TimTales: Patrick Grau slams Andy Star bareback writes:

“Timtales Exclusive Patrick Grau let’s himself go and barebacks Andy Star to his limits.

Before the shoot, Andy told him he could freely fuck him as hard as he wanted. And boy, he did!

For a moment, I thought Andy’s hole would break, but no. He kept going and wanting more. Andy’s hole ended the day, gapping wide open, gasping for air :)”

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Nick North tops Andy Star in “Deal Breaker” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Nick North tops Andy Star in "Deal Breaker"

Office stud Nick North rewards coworker Andy Star with a hard pounding at

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Santiago Figueroa creampies Andy Star at TimTales

TimTales: Santiago Figueroa creams Andy Star writes:

“First, let’s introduce a sexy young alpha top with a massive cock. Santiago Figueroa is a true alpha breeder. He’s here to fuck you down and take ownership of your hole. And that’s exactly what he does to Andy Star.

Santiago barebacks the hell out of Andy’s poor hole. Leaving him wide open and dripping with his breeder’s seeds. What a hot scene!”

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Dato Foland fucks Andy Star in “Morning, Tiger!” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Dato Foland fucks Andy Star in "Morning, Tiger!" writes:

“OK we’re not gonna lie, this is hands down one of the best sex scenes we’ve ever had on MENATPLAY – and we’ve filmed a LOT of sex scenes. But very rarely, when the elements and the energy all align, the result is pure magic.

‘Morning Tiger’ starts with a sensuality that we don’t often see in porn, however this quickly turns into some seriously nasty fucking once the guys let loose.

Dato Foland and Andy Star give us an amazing performance, if you can call it that. Because it genuinely feels like you’re right there watching two hot guys fuck each other senseless.

The chemistry between the men is absolutely intense! Dato’s dick game is probably the best we’ve ever seen on MENATPLAY. Giving it hard and fast, and manoeuvring the muscular bottom into every position imaginable, trying to ram his thick dick in deep into Andy’s welcoming hole.

And as for Andy, well he’s simply proving to be the ultimate MENATPLAY fuck boy, and he does an envious job of taking such a hard pounding form the Russian beauty.

“Morning Tiger!’ is already one of the top rated scene by MENATPLAY members so check out what everyone is shooting their load over!”

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Logan Rogue fucks Andy Star in Lucas Entertainment’s “Bareback Auditions 07”

Lucas Entertainment: Logan Rogue fucks Andy Star in "Bareback Auditions 07" writes:

“I don’t know which Logan Rogue and Andy Star would rather be doing: talking or sucking on each other’s dicks. In the tradition of a “Bareback Auditions” scene from Lucas Entertainment, Logan and Andy sit in bed together and chat before Logan dives on Andy’s cock.

Logan is the top in the scene, and he alternates between giving Andy’s ass a good fucking and then taking a breather to rim so he can taste his juices mingled with Andy’s!”

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Big-dicked Vadim Romanov fucks Andy Star bareback at TimTales

TimTales: Big-dicked Vadim Romanov fucks Andy Star raw

Russian stud Vadim Romanov invades Brazilian power bottom Andy Star with his massive cock at

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Andrey Vic and Bogdan Gromov fuck Dani Robles and Andy Star raw in Lucas Entertainment’s “Fuck n Cuck”

Lucas Entertainment: Andrey Vic and Bogdan Gromov bang Dani Robles and Andy Star raw in "Fuck n Cuck" writes:

“Andy Star is hanging out with his best friend Dani Robles while Andy’s boyfriend, Andrey Vic, is picking up his Russian friend from the airport.

Andrey has wanted to get his hands on Dani for a while now, but Andy will only allow that to happen if he’s offered a hot guy to occupy him in the meantime.

Andrey sends Dan and Andy a picture of his friend, Bogdan Gromov, and Andy instantly falls for his incredibly body and warm smile.

By the time the foursome is well underway, Andy Star and Dani Robles are full of raw Russian dick as Bogdan Gromov and Andrey Vic fuck the hell out of them!”

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Koldo Goran pounds Andy Star raw at TimTales

TimTales: Koldo Goran barebacks Andy Star

At, Andy Star takes Koldo Goran’s massive cock under the warm sun of Barcelona.

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Rico Marlon and Andy Star get fucked bareback by Andrey Vic in Lucas Entertainment’s “Fuck n Cuck”

Lucas Entertainment: Andrey Vic fucks Rico Marlon and Andy Star bareback in "Fuck n Cuck" writes:

“Andrey Vic Is a young and hot muscular top with an insatiable sexual appetite, and what his boyfriend Andy Star doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Because Andy would be incredibly jealous to know that alpha-top Rico Marlon has been secretly messaging Andrey asking him to fuck his ass bareback.

Andrey first grabs ahold of Rico’s head and shoves his fat uncut Russian cock down his throat. Rico isn’t used to submission, but Andrey teaches him how to behave. Rico is a fast learner: Andrey plays with his ass before mounting him and sliding his raw dick inside Rico’s ass. Andrey gives him slow and deep thrusts. He wants to be sure Rico Marlon feels every second of his bottoming experience.

Andrey creams in his hole, gives him a smack on the ass, and tells him to leave before Andy shows up.

Andy, meanwhile, had a stressful day and needs to relax. He accomplishes this by swallowing Andrey’s cock and taking a ride on it. These young Russian tops sure have stamina!”

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Kayden Gray tops Andy Star in “Fresh Load” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Kayden Gray bangs Andy Star in "Fresh Load"

Andy Star bottoms for big-dicked Kayden Gray at

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