Ashton McKay and Tobias fuck Damien Kyle in “Dick Patrol, Part 2” at Ashton McKay, Tobias and Damien Kyle's threesome in "Dick Patrol, Part 2" Special Offer writes:

“Ashton gets called in to check out a disturbance complaint and to his surprise finds Damien and Tobias with his dick out. Instead of hauling them in, he offers to join in on the action.”

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Vadim Black bottoms for Ashton McKay in “Dick Patrol, Part 1” at Ashton McKay fucks Vadim Black in "Dick Patrol, Part 1" Special Offer writes:

“Vadim gets stopped for speeding while on a suspended license and can’t afford to pay the tickets or time. Ashton, the cop, is corrupt enough to take in some ass in exchange for a pass go.”

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Beaux Banks gets pounded by Cliff Jensen and Ashton McKay in “Couples Massage, Part 2” at Cliff Jensen and Ashton McKay fuck Beaux Banks in "Couples Massage, Part 2" writes:

“Cliff Jensen and Ashton McKay are out tossing a ball when Beaux Banks spots them and wants to toss more than a ball with Ashton. When Cliff steps away for a minute, Beaux swoops in to offer Ashton a private massage.

Ashton happily agrees and Beaux gives him more than he bargained for.

Not one to be left out, Cliff makes sure he gets a turn as well.”

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Ashton McKay bangs Dante Colle raw in “Restricted Pleasure” at Bromo

Bromo: Ashton McKay creams Dante Colle in "Restricted Pleasure" Special Offer writes:

“Sit down and shut up cuz you’re in for a treat. Strapped to a chair and blindfolded, Dante Colle is at the complete mercy of his horny captor Ashton McKay.

There’s no way Dante’s jock strap can contain his excitement as Ashton begins to use his hot body for his personal pleasure.

Ashton moves Dante to the bed, hands bound, face down & ass up so he can finish this hard & raw business of cum-fueled domination.”

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Ashton McKay drills Tobias in “Raw Studs” at Bromo

Bromo: Ashton McKay fucks Tobias' eager hole hard in "Raw Studs" Special Offer writes:

“Ashton McKay and Tobias can’t keep their hands off each other’s hot bodies. It’s a rush to see the sparks fly between them, as they feverishly go to town sucking, rimming and fucking raw.

When you witness Tobias’s asshole quiver in anticipation, you’ll want to jump through the screen yourself to join this bareback madness! Can you make it all the way to the end?

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Brandon Evans, Ashton McKay, Damien Kyle, Hoytt Walker and Kyle in “My Cousin Ashton, Part 3” at Brandon Evans, Ashton McKay, Damien Kyle, Hoytt Walker and Kyle's five-man orgy in "My Cousin Ashton, Part 3" writes:

“Ashton McKay has a couple of his closest guys over, and they’re about to get even closer. Damien and Hoyt start off the fuck fest with Ashton directing the action.

These five studs take turns swallowing and spit-roasting each other before they’re unexpectedly interrupted by Ashton’s mom!”

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Ashton McKay fucks Brandon Evans in “My Cousin Ashton, Part 2” at Ashton McKay tops Brandon Evans in "My Cousin Ashton, Part 2" writes:

“Ashton McKay wakes up next to Brandon Evans and is ready to get down and dirty, but not before breakfast!

The boys can’t make it back up to the bedroom in time… Brandon drops down to his knees and blows Ashton’s cock in the kitchen.”

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Damien Kyle bottoms for Ashton McKay in “My Cousin Ashton, Part 1” at Ashton McKay fucks Damien Kyle in "My Cousin Ashton, Part 1" writes:

“Ashton McKay returns home after a long absence and is greeted by a horned up Damien Kyle. No time is wasted once Ashton whips that dick out. Damien opens wide and swallows that rod, lubing it up for his rear-entrance. His tight hole embraces Ashton’s shaft as he pumps it into him.”

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Colby Keller gets fucked by Ashton McKay in “Addicted to Ass, Part 3” at Ashton McKay fucks Colby Keller in "Addicted to Ass, Part 3" writes:

“As soon as Ashton spots Colby Keller’s bodacious butt he knows he needs to get in it. Fresh off a workout, Colby is ready to work that ass some more.

His hole opens and Ashton’s rod is welcomed in, working in and out as both men work up a sweat.”

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Ashton McKay fucks Zayne Hardy in “Addicted to Ass, Part 2” at Ashton McKay fucks Zayne Hardy in "Addicted to Ass, Part 2" writes:

“Ashton McKay is ready for his second-helping of Zayne Hardy’s tight little booty-hole. Doesn’t get more convenient than waking up next to last night’s hook-up. Ashton plunges back into the depths of that ass and pumps away until both men spray their seed.”

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