Johnny Bloom fucks Andrei Karenin bareback at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Johnny Bloom barebacks Andrei Karenin writes:

“Benjamin Bloom’s younger brother Johnny is back with us today. Taking a break from his normal duties in our office to spend some time in the bedroom with Andrei Karenin.”

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BelAmiOnline: Jason Clark fucks Claude Sorel bareback

BelAmi: Jason Clark fucks Claude Sorel bareback writes:

“Claude Sorel is currently one of BelAmi’s most talented bottoms. Claude serves his butthole to Jason Clark in our 3rd Romantic Night Scene update in February.”

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Rick Lautner barebacks Tim Campbell at BelAmi

BelAmi: Rick Lautner fucks Tim Campbell bareback

BelAmi‘s “Month of Romance” heats up with today’s night scene featuring Rick Lautner and Tim Campbell.

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Luke Hamill barebacks Jean-Daniel Chagall at BelAmiOnline

Luke Hamill barebacks Jean-Daniel Chagall at BelAmiOnline writes:

“Given Luke’s role in directing for KinkyAngels doesn’t leave him with much time these days to step in front of the camera. Luckily George has kept a few scenes from the days when Luke was more the model than the producer.

Jean-Daniel is his lucky partner in this scene. I say lucky as Luke is rated amongst our models still as one of the best lovers at BelAmi.”

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Marcel Gassion rides Kris Evans’ raw cock at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Kris Evans barebacks Marcel Gassion

BelAmi paired Marcel Gassion with Kris Evans for their first February Valentine night scene:

“Filming at night gives us a chance to play with lighting that we are not afforded during day time shoots, and the results can be softer and more romantic.

Judge for yourself here with one of our best tops, and one of our most talented bottoms.”

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Adam Archuleta barebacks Gino Mosca at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Adam Archuleta barebacks Gino Mosca writes:

“When 2 guys are so hot for each other that even 3 horny Hungarians jerking off in a bed together is not enough to tempt them, you know that there must be something special going on.

Such is the case with Adam and Gino today, with the boys determined to find somewhere private to make out.”

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Marcel Gassion ‘Pin-Up’ at BelAmiOnline

Bel Ami: Marcel Gassion 'Pin-Up'

Marcel Gassion is one of the most talented bottoms BelAmi currently has, so they thought it was about time to give him a feature as Model of the Week.

This set was taken a little earlier on in Marcel’s time with BelAmi.

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“Kinky Angels” Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta and Jack Harrer bareback Lance Thurber at BelAmiOnline

Bel Ami: Lance Thurber gets fucked bareback by Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta and Jack Harrer writes:

“Adam, Jack and Kevin are in our Prague apartment today coping with the rigors of making coffee for themselves when George’s new driver arrives. These boys never miss the chance to take advantage of someone who is new to the team, and as Lance soon finds out they make for a formidable ‘welcoming committee'”

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Peter Fleming rides Colin Hewitt at BelAmiOnline

Bel Ami: Colin Hewitt fucks Peter Fleming writes:

“Since you all like Peter so much we decided that we would double up on him this week and give you a scene between him and Colin Hewitt.

Visually these Two make a great couple, toned and athletic bodies and nice dicks.

While Colin was with us for quite a while, Peter is one of the guys who is just ‘Flirting with Porn’.”

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Paul Mekas fucks Johnny Bloom at BelAmiOnline

Bel Ami: Paul Mekas fucks Johnny Bloom writes:

“Paul Mekas is back with us for this episode, paired up with Johnny Bloom.

Johnny is trying to impress Paul with his ability to do push ups and sit ups and weights, but in the end the thing that impresses most is his ability to suck Paul’s dick.”

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