Kris Evans, Julien Hussey, Jean-Daniel and Rhys Jagger’s raw All-Star Fourway (Part 1) at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Kris Evans, Julien Hussey, Jean-Daniel and Rhys Jagger's All-Star Fourway (Part 1) writes about this hot scene:

“We have our own version of the fab four this week as our featured update. Jean-Daniel, Kris, Rhys and Julien team up for this group session filmed in our Budapest studio by Luke Hammill.

It’s a bit confusing to describe here who fucks who in each part so we’ll let it be a surprise for you as you watch it.

As we have several of our ‘cumshot kings’ in action here you can expect there to be a lot of it flying around at the end of each part… and none of the boys disappoint, but Kris’ dominance as our strongest shooter is definitely being challenged these days by Rhys Jagger.”

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Johnny Bloom fucks Rocco Alfieri bareback at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Johnny Bloom fucks Rocco Alfieri bareback

BelAmiOnline has two dark haired beauties for you: Rocco Alfieri and Johnny Bloom are together for a little worker / boss role play…

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Hoyt Kogan ‘Pin-Up’ at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Hoyt Kogan ‘Pin-Up’

Check out BelAmi uber-hottie Hoyt Kogan in this beautiful pin-up photoset and video.

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Jason Clark fucks Tom Pollock bareback at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Jason Clark barebacks Tom Pollock writes:

“Tom Pollock has decided to pay a visit to our Budapest studio and there he met Jason Clark. Since the first meeting between these two boys there was always chemistry that never got to be worked out, until now…

As both models are truly versatile, Tom and Jason got to show off their best to each other in this explosive scene now playing.”

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Dario Dolce fucks Claude Sorel raw at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Dario Dolce barebacks Claude Sorel writes:

“We are all so used to seeing Dario Dolce in ‘power bottom’ mode that we can sometimes forget how good he is as a top, so today we decided to pair him up with another equally talented bottom, Claude Sorel, to allow Dario to remind us how well he can perform.”

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Zac DeHaan barebacks Gary Danton at BelAmiOnline

Bel Ami: Zac DeHaan fucks Gary Danton raw writes:

“Zac DeHaan thinks that he has been left alone for the morning in their house in Cape Town, but luckily for him it is not quite the case. No sooner than he starts on a little exercise of self-pleasure than he finds out that he has company.

Gary Danton has also decided to stay in for the day, and it is lucky for us that he did.

Gary is a sensual and tireless lover and together with Zac makes a surprisingly good combination.”

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Vadim Farrell barebacks Kevin Warhol at BelAmiOnline

Bel Ami: Vadim Farrell barebacks Kevin Warhol

We have seen this enticing coupling before when Kevin Warhol was topping Vadim Farrell, and today has the same boys, but in the reverse positions…

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Tim Campbell barebacks Yannick Modine at BelAmiOnline

Bel Ami: Tim Campbell fucks Yannick Modine bareback writes:

“Back when Yannick was still young and inexperienced we decided to pair him up with one of our models who is more ‘well versed’ in the ways of love.

The lucky guy just happens to be Tim Campbell so we will get to see what Tim has to teach young Yannick… right after he has a shower that is.”

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Colin Hewitt barebacks Robin Michaux at BelAmiOnline

Bel Ami: Colin Hewitt fucks Robin Michaux bareback

Check out Robin Michaux as he bottoms for Colin Hewitt in this condom-free outdoor encounter at

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Scott Bennet judges Jamie Durrell and Jeff Mirren’s sexual talents at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Scott Bennet judges Jamie Durrell and Jeff Mirren's sexual talents

Jamie Durrell and Jeff Mirren argue about who is better in the sack. Jamie is good at giving blowjobs, while Jeff likes to take it up the butt.

They decide that they need the services of a very experienced Scott Bennet to make the final judgment.

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