Kris Evans fucks Jack Harrer at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Kris Evans fucks Jack Harrer writes:

“We have gone back into the archive a little bit for today’s scene.

You have already seen Kris and Jack together before in ‘Forever Lukas’, but now I have to confess that the scene we showed you back in 2013 was actually a refilming of this one.”

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Rhys Jagger fucks Marcel Gassion bareback at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Marcel Gassion rides Rhys Jagger bareback

Marcel Gassion bottoms for Rhys Jagger at

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Andrei Karenin and Harris Hilton bareback Torsten Ullman at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Andrei Karenin and Harris Hilton tag team Torsten Ullman raw writes:

“Kinky Angel new comer Torsten Ullman is continuing his unstoppable rise at BelAmi. After he had his ass filled with Kris Evan’s beautiful cock, he’s getting fucked today by Andrei and Harris.”

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Vadim Farrell barebacks Phillipe Gaudin at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Vadim Farrell barebacks Phillipe Gaudin

Phillipe Gaudin bottoms for ‘calendar boy’ Vadim Farrell at

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Monsignor Fellatione (Jean-Daniel) rides Brother Massimo (Joel Birkin) in BelAmi’s “Scandal in the Vatican 2 – The Swiss Guard, Episode 7: Big Cock Confession”

BelAmi: Monsignor Fellatione (Jean-Daniel) bottoms for Brother Massimo (Joel Birkin) in “Scandal in the Vatican 2 – The Swiss Guard, Episode 7: Big Cock Confession”

Jean-Daniel rides Joel Birkin’s 10-inch cock bareback at

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“Kinky Angels – Part 4: Jack Harrer” at NakedSword

NakedSword: “Kinky Angels – Part 4: Jack Harrer”

BelAmi writes at NakedSword:

“Kinky Angels is the ultimate uber-twink collection. Fresh, sexy and uninhibited, watch as the youngest generation of Bel Ami models make their debut in Kinky Angels Part 4.”

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Sascha Chaykin barebacks Robin Michaux at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Sascha Chaykin fucks Robin Michaux raw writes:

“It is a little sad to realize that we are coming towards the end of new scenes with any of our models from days past. Although this is not the last scene we have to show you with Sascha, it is the last one that he filmed for us (and one of the first ones for Robin).

Although totally versatile, Sascha was more often a bottom for us here on BelAmiOnline, and as his remaining scenes are flip-flops, this is our last one with Sascha not bottoming in a scene. Hope you enjoy.”

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Adam Archuleta, Tim Campbell and Brian Jovovich fuck each other bareback at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Adam Archuleta, Tim Campbell and Brian Jovovich's bareback threesome

Adam Archuleta, Brian Jovovich and Tim Campbell make a good combination for a threeway, all of them handsome and masculine but with pleasant differences and contrasts in body type and personality.

Tim (the boy next door), Adam (the joker) and Brian (the jock) – all team up as everyone fucks everyone in this two-part fuckfest at BelAmiOnline.

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Rocco Alfieri fucks Gregg Meyjes raw at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Rocco Alfieri barebacks Gregg Meyjes writes:

“You have all met Gregg before, but today’s video was actually an early scene with us and for the occasion we paired him up with the charming Rocco Alfieri.

Before this day Rocco had only ever seen some pictures of Gregg and was quite looking forward to meeting him and seeing if he was as cute in real life as he was in pictures.

From the look of things I would guess that Rocco was not disappointed.”

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Gino Mosca and Manuel Rios flip fuck bareback in BelAmi’s “Scandal in the Vatican 2 – The Swiss Guard, Episode 6: Gino’s Garden of Eden”

BelAmi: Gino Mosca and Manuel Rios fuck each other raw in “Scandal in the Vatican 2 – The Swiss Guard, Episode 6: Gino's Garden of Eden” writes:

“As Brother Massimo gets to know his Captain of the Guard in a Biblical way, Gino, disguised as a priest, is left to wander the grounds of Castello KinkyAngelo and contemplate.

Gino finds a quiet spot where he can meditate on our Lord’s most glorious creations (Brother Massimo’s dick). He promptly catches the eye of an unchaste gardener perfectly played by Bel Ami veteran Manuel Rios.

Soon, the gardener is enjoying Gino’s forbidden fruit and fertilizing Gino’s backside. In turn, Gino, the faux-Priest, plants his cockus-erectus inside the gardener’s gluteus maximus as this classic Bel Ami outdoor flip-flop redefines “heavenly”.”

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