Andrei Karenin barebacks Derek Raser’s muscle ass at BelAmiOnline

BelAmiOnline: Andrei Karenin barebacks Derek Raser's muscle ass
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“Everybody certainly has their type, and for Andrei it is definitely the more muscled type that really turns him on, so Derek Raser makes a perfect partner for him.

Both guys have fantasic bodies and a level of fitness that allows them all the energy they need to satisfy their partner in bed.

Derek is normally a little more quiet and shy than the outgoing Andrei, that is until his clothes come off and the action begins.”

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Brian Jovovich pops Antony Lorca’s ass cherry at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Brian Jovovich fucks Antony Lorca's virgin ass bareback
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“Antony is desperate to join the team that was about to head off to Cape Town filming, but to be able to go, he has to promise that he is ready to bottom as well as just top.

To ensure that he is, he enlists the help of Brian Jovovich to take care of his training in that respect. Even if this was his first time on camera, he hands in a performance that makes us suspect that maybe he had been practicing in private as well.”

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Hoyt Kogan barebacks Yuri Alpatow at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Hoyt Kogan barebacks Yuri Alpatow
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“Here’s a pairing that I’ve been waiting to see for a while. Hot Hungarian, Yuri Alpatow together with the one and only Hoyt Kogan.

It does not matter that the guys can barely understand each other, intentions have more than one way of being expressed, and there is no doubt here what either of the boys want.

Hoyt puts Yuri through his paces in every which way imaginable in this scorching scene that fittingly ends in one big hot mess…. all over Yuri.”

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Milan Sharpe fucks Peter Annaud bareback at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Milan Sharpe barebacks Peter Annaud
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“We are scooting back a little today to when Peter Annaud had just joined us and presenting this early scene with Milan Sharpe.

It is interesting to be able to see how much Peter’s personality has opened up from the slightly shy boy that we see in today’s scene when compared to his most recent scenes.”

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Andrei Karenin barebacks Christian Lundgren at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Andrei Karenin fucks Christian Lundgren raw
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“Today we have another of Christian’s Accidental Lovers, Andrei Karenin.

A night out on the town may have put Andrei to sleep as soon as they got home, but it certainly made him as horny as hell the next morning!

This is a high energy encounter between two expert lovers as their primitive urges take over and we move from serene ‘wake up’ sex, to some of the most frenetic love making we have seen for a while.

Whatever Andrei can give Christian takes and then asks for more. Maybe Christian have just discovered the best hangover prevention ever.”

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BelAmiOnline: Roald Ekberg barebacks Raphael Nyon

BelAmi: Roald Ekberg barebacks Raphael Nyon
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“He may have been with us for just a year and a half, but Raphael Nyon certainly knows how to take control of a situation. Today he is paired up with Roald Ekberg, and despite the lack of a common language, the two have no problem communicating their desires to each other.

What starts our with a massage ends up as steamy and sweaty sex with Raphael in the drivers seat and setting the pace as he wants it. Roald, as usual is up for anything his partner asks of him, pulling out just in time to shoot his load all over Raphael’s satisfied ass.”

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Rick Lautner tops Rhys Jagger bareback at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Rick Lautner barebacks Rhys Jagger
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“Sleepy head Rhys is woken up in the nicest possible way by Rick, who after finishing his morning ablutions, is horny and can’t wait for Rhys to wake up on his own.

Rick is on top for this encounter, although it could have gone either way, as both are terrific versatile performers.”

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Marcel Gassion and Orri Aasen fuck each other raw at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Marcel Gassion and Orri Aasen flip fuck bareback
$2 Trial at writes:

“Sometimes it is nice to swap things up a bit and move out of the bedroom. Orri and Marcel today take it all the way and do their best to steam up the kitchen completely.

We all know Marcel as a very talented bottom, but in today’s flip flop scene he shows that he knows how to use his dick as a top as well.

Please don’t ask why the boys had a fridge full of dildos… Some things in life are destined to forever remain a mystery.”

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BelAmi’s “There Is Something About Jack” at NakedSword

NakedSword: BelAmi's "There Is Something About Jack"

BelAmi writes at NakedSword:

“Is it his great body, his mischievous personality or his big dick?

It really doesn’t matter, as we all agree that there is something about Jack that makes him irresistible.”

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Helmut Huxley tops Jason Bacall raw at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Helmut Huxley barebacks Jason Bacall writes:

“What could be better than going to the gym with Kevin? Well, if you are Helmut, dreaming about what you would like to do with Jason is a more preferable activity.

Helmut has been a favorite of yours for some time already, and it seems that, from amongst the newer generation of guys, Jason is at the tope of the pack in your minds as well, so we are homing that you will enjoy this steamy encounter a lot.”

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