Brandon Jones gets pounded by William Seed in “Winter Games, Part 1” at William Seed pounds Brandon Jones in "Winter Games, Part 1" Special Offer writes:

“Brandon and William are getting ready for the winter games in their respective sport and cross paths in the locker room after training. Both men decide to help each other out with an extra sweat session that involves lots of dick sucking and ass hole stretching.”

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Colby Jansen fucks Brandon Jones in “He Shoots, He Scores!” at ColbysCrew

Colby's Crew: Colby Jansen fucks Brandon Jones in "He Shoots, He Scores!" writes:

“If there is one thing that a rainy day can do, it’s to elevate – no, agitate, every hot jock’s pent up sexual frustrations. With his girlfriend out of town and a good hockey game on TV, Colby Jansen is no exception.

Sporting his Buffalo Sabers t-shirt, this hot-blooded hunk is ready to watch his favorite team play. He answers the door and greets the first of several guys who he invited over to watch the game.

An early (and obviously very eager) Brandon Jones shows up. He has a plan, and he’s hoping to execute it before any of the other guys arrive…

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Brandon Jones pounds Alexander Gustavo in Falcon Studios’ “Cockstar”

Falcon Studios: Brandon Jones hammers Alexander Gustavo in "Cockstar"

Brandon Jones brings Alexander Gustavo to new heights of orgasmic sensation in Falcon Studios’ “Cockstar”.

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Brandon Jones bottoms for Nick Sterling in “Hotel Hook-Up” at NakedSword

NakedSword Originals: Nick Sterling pounds Brandon Jones in “Hotel Hook-Up"
Special Offer from writes:

“This is the perfect match between a stalky, dreamy eyed rough fucker and a huge, uncut phallic beast!

You’d never know from the white sheets that this scene could get so dirty. With multiple sex positions and ass fucking that’ll have you biting the pillow, don’t wake the neighbors in this nighttime hotel exploit.”

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Brandon Jones and Chris Bines flip fuck in Falcon Studios’ “Turn It Up”

Falcon Studios: Brandon Jones and Chris Bines fuck each other in "Turn It Up" writes:

“Chris Bines and Brandon Jones’ matching briefs are stretched to transparency by ball, buns and bursting cocks. They kiss and grope, further stretching and torturing the fabric of those undies until they finally come off.

With no further flesh barriers, Chris leans down to inhale Brandon’s cock, sucking until the juices run down the shafts and over Brandon’s nuts. Chris’ back is angled so that his slightly furry buns wave an inviting notice. Brandon notices. He grabs Chris’ hairy pecs in both hands, wraps his tongue around Chris’ cock like a flagpole in the wind, then spins Chris around and drives his tongue into those buns.

An invitation to ‘fuck me good’ results in Brandon’s cock plowing the depths of Chris’ hole.

Brandon’s ass has needs, too, so they flip and fuck again. When Brandon shoots thick gobs of cum across his flat stomach, Chris scoops it up, uses it to lube his cock, and jacks an even thicker load all over Brandon’s face.”

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Falcon’s “Turn It Up” at NakedSword

NakedSword: Falcon Studios' "Turn It Up"
Special Offer from

Falcon Edge writes at

“The heat has been turned all the way up by these guys. They break a sweat by sucking, riding, and being ridden. There is nothing that can cool them down, and no one is going to turn them down.”

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Mike De Marko gets fucked by Brandon Jones and Dylan Knight in “Horseplay” at HotHouse

Hot House: Brandon Jones and Dylan Knight tag team Mike De Marko in "Horseplay" writes:

“There’s nothing like a bit of sweaty summertime soccer to get temperatures and dicks rising. Brandon Jones, Mike De Marko and Dylan Knight start kicking the ball around for a bit of fun, and before long they’re down to their jockstraps.”

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Falcon Studios’ “Best Buddies” at NakedSword

NakedSword: Falcon Studios' "Best Buddies"
Special Offer from

Award-winning director, Tony Dimarco assembled an all-star cast headlined by Ryan Rose and Billy Santoro.

In the finale of Falcon Studios’ “Best Buddies”, Billy and Ryan realize their unfulfilled sexual desires for each other in an intense flip-flop, but not before fans get to enjoy hot scenes featuring hot, popular studs Nick Sterling, Brandon Jones, Bobby Clark and Logan Vaughn.

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Ryan Rose pounds Brandon Jones in Falcon Studios’ “Best Buddies”

Falcon Studios: Ryan Rose pounds Brandon Jones in "Best Buddies"

Falcon Stuios writes:

“Christening his new place is the perfect excuse for Ryan Rose to invite Brandon Jones over for a hot afternoon tryst. Once in the bedroom they can’t wait to start peeling off the clothes.

Brandon is smooth and pale, with a body that promises lots of flexibility for fucking.”

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Brandon Jones and Marco Gagnon’s hot flip-fuck at CockyBoys

Cocky Boys: Brandon Jones and Marco Gagnon flip fuck
Cocky Boys: Brandon Jones and Marco Gagnon flip fuck writes:

“Brandon and Marco are good friends in Montreal, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love to fool around with each other.

At first, Brandon seemed like the aggressor among the two — he loved talking about how he and Marco first met and how much Marco wanted to be fucked. Marco, on the other hand, was the quiet and mysterious one, smiling shyly when Brandon talked about nailing him for the first time.

Brandon only likes to be the top for special guys, and he was definitely eager to give Marco another good pounding.

After sucking each other’s thick cocks, Brandon began to gently fuck Marco in every way imaginable. And every time Brandon slid it in, Marco’s moans just kept getting louder until he couldn’t take it anymore. Literally!

Marco needed to give Brandon’s ass a hard drilling as well, and Brandon more than willingly fulfilled that wish. It’s difficult to tell who’s the better top or bottom in this hot scene, but surprising Brandon with the fuck of his life is what sent Marco over the edge!”

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