Ashton McKay bangs Dante Colle raw in “Restricted Pleasure” at Bromo

Bromo: Ashton McKay creams Dante Colle in "Restricted Pleasure" Special Offer writes:

“Sit down and shut up cuz you’re in for a treat. Strapped to a chair and blindfolded, Dante Colle is at the complete mercy of his horny captor Ashton McKay.

There’s no way Dante’s jock strap can contain his excitement as Ashton begins to use his hot body for his personal pleasure.

Ashton moves Dante to the bed, hands bound, face down & ass up so he can finish this hard & raw business of cum-fueled domination.”

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Ashton McKay drills Tobias in “Raw Studs” at Bromo

Bromo: Ashton McKay fucks Tobias' eager hole hard in "Raw Studs" Special Offer writes:

“Ashton McKay and Tobias can’t keep their hands off each other’s hot bodies. It’s a rush to see the sparks fly between them, as they feverishly go to town sucking, rimming and fucking raw.

When you witness Tobias’s asshole quiver in anticipation, you’ll want to jump through the screen yourself to join this bareback madness! Can you make it all the way to the end?

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Pierce Paris bangs Griffin Barrows hard and raw in “Dippin’ Balls” at Bromo

Bromo: Pierce Paris fucks Griffin Barrows hard and raw in "Dippin' Balls" Special Offer writes:

“Pierce Paris is rock hard and ready to play with his obedient fuck toy Griffin Barrows. Paris more than proves his worth as a power fucker, starting things off with a tonsil smashing throatfuck session.

Paris treats his ‘toy’ to a sweaty bareback ass pounding from every imaginable angle until both he and Griffin blow their massive loads.”

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Pierce Paris barebacks Teo Carter in “Cock Dependent” at Bromo

Bromo: Pierce Paris pounds Teo Carter raw in "Cock Dependent" Special Offer writes:

“For Pierce Paris, nowhere is off limits when it comes to getting off. When he spots Teo Carter during a long wait at the doctor’s office, he wastes no time initiating a specialized bareback exam just for him.

Hypnotized by Pierce’s big dick, Teo is open and eager to receive a raw probing, even at the risk of being discovered at any moment!”

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Leon Lewis gets fucked raw by Michael Roman and Damien Stone in “Whore Alley, Part 4” at Bromo

Bromo: Michael Roman and Damien Stone slam Leon Lewis raw in "Whore Alley, Part 4" Special Offer writes:

“We’re back in Whore Alley for a full blown beef buffet!

Muscle studs Michael Roman and Damien Stone are practically setting fire to the pavement when Leon Lewis crash lands into their world. Leon barely has time to catch his breath before the boys treat him to a bareback spit roasting for the ages.

You’ll savor the power & intensity of this sweaty back alley fuckathon.”

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Tomm pounds Jeffrey Lloyd bareback in “Caught on Purpose” at Bromo

Bromo: Tomm pounds Jeffrey Lloyd raw in "Caught on Purpose" Special Offer writes:

“There’s nothing like a locker tussle to get the juices flowing. When muscle top Tomm catches big dicked Jeffrey Lloyd snooping around, he knows exactly how to handle him.

Spoiler alert: the eventuality of this throat-fucking, ass pounding, cum smearing good time is that Tomm turns Jeffrey into his filthy bareback slut. And isn’t that what we’re all hoping for?”

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Jeremy Spreadums gets pounded raw by Damien Stone in “Whore Alley, Part 3” at Bromo

Bromo: Damien Stone fucks Jeremy Spreadums bareback in "Whore Alley, Part 3" Special Offer writes:

“Damien Stone may have entered Whore Alley not knowing what to expect, but he will leave as a fully initiated man. He happens upon Jeremy Spreadums on all fours, savoring a cream pie but begging for more.

Can Damien tame Jeremy’s insatiable bubble butt? Watch as he takes on the challenge, relentlessly pounding our beloved cum slut with brute force, until they are both glistening with sweat under the alley lights.”

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Jordan Levine bangs Jay Austin raw in “Whore Alley, Part 2” at Bromo

Bromo: Jordan Levine pounds Jay Austin raw in "Whore Alley, Part 2" Special Offer writes:

“Off duty cop, Jordan Levine, loves fucking street sluts so much that he’s back for more.

He waits impatiently in Whore Alley, until Jay Austin falls right into his lap. Faced with such a dominant beast, Jay can’t help but drop to his knees and start sucking. Jordan makes use of all Jay’s holes before the tables turn and he takes a massive facial from his fuck toy.”

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Ricky barebacks Dom Ully in “Chancing on Cock” at Bromo

Bromo: Ricky fucks Dom Ully raw in "Chancing on Cock" Special Offer writes:

“Ricky is methodical in his hunt for fresh man meat. Dom Ully gives a good chase, but nothing can stop Ricky from tracking down this delicious prey and devouring him right there in the forest. Check out this heart pounding pursuit culminating in a display of raw sexuality.”

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Jordan Levine pounds Zane Anders bareback in “Whore Alley, Part 1” at Bromo

Bromo: Jordan Levine drills Zane Anders raw in "Whore Alley, Part 1" Special Offer writes:

“Jordan Levine is an off duty cop looking for action. Where better than Whore Alley? There he finds Zane Anders defacing public property with a filthy proposition. Who knows if Zane is prepared to receive such a relentless pounding, however he gets exactly what he deserves as Jordan serves up his own brand of raw vigilante justice.”

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