Calhoun and Vander flip fuck bareback at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: Calhoun and Vander take each other's thick cocks raw writes:

“I just can’t come up with enough superlatives for this video. It is definitely a dream match-up.

In one corner, you have Vander, power Bottom and a very dirty boy. He does like to Top too.

In the other corner of the couch, we have Calhoun. Another VERY dirty boy, who has discovered he not only likes topping, but bottoming as well.

These two enter the ring hungry for each other’s cocks.”

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Calhoun creams Wren at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: Calhoun creampies Wren writes:

“Wren has been doing a lot more videos, and I kind of keep stepping up the size of cock he can take. He might have met his match with Calhoun!

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Big-dicked Calhoun fucks Kodi bareback at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: Kodi rides Calhoun's thick dick bareback writes:

“I feel like we have had so many amazing videos with hot energy, that I am running out of superlatives!

Kodi is back to take on Calhoun’s monster cock. We had only one moment where he had to take a quick minute for him to adjust, but the rest of the time Calhoun is pounding Kodi like a sledgehammer.

Kodi works-up quite a sweat too. Hair mussed, sweat pouring off of him, all with a greedy desire to get all of Calhoun’s cock in him.”

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Calhoun and Jason Hillcrest creampie Bennett at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: Calhoun and Jason Hillcrest tag team Bennett raw writes:

“Both Calhoun and Jason requested to work with Bennett. And Bennett was out to prove he could not only suck on some giant cock, but take big cocks in his ass. I figured this would make a perfect video for Monster Cock week.”

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