Corbin Fisher’s “College Fuck Buddies Vol. 4” at NakedSword

NakedSword: Corbin Fisher's "College Fuck Buddies 4"
NakedSword Special Offer

Corbin Fisher writes at NakedSword:

“Corbin Fisher’s College Fuck Buddies Vol. 4 features eight ripped, hot, and horny collegiate jock studs together in some epic, hardcore, wild and raw action that’ll leave you breathless!

Colt pounds Kellan, Jacob rides Kennedy, Marc dicks Ellis, and Truman swallows Zeb’s load as these four hardcore pairings reveal just how far these college buds are willing to go to make each other feel good and get their rocks off!”

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Colt creams Max at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Colt decks Max's halls writes:

“Happy Holidays! As you can tell from the bright, sparkling cacti and palm trees, it’s Christmas here in the desert and our two college studs Max and Colt have gone out for a stroll to find a little bit of that Yuletide magic.

Back at the house, they tear off each others wrapping paper and trade a little friendly muscle worship before Colt gags Max with his big candy cane!

Max swallows Colt like a champ, before Colt takes a turn on him, teasing his tight hole and big cock with his tongue until he can’t resist shoving himself inside him! Max has proven himself to be a great top, but he really shows how well he can take a pounding as Colt really decks his halls.

After letting Colt have control for a while, Max switches things up and starts riding him, before Colt rolls him over on his side and fucks Max until they sprays thick ropes of cum all over! Now that’s what we call getting into the Christmas spirit!”

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Colt pounds Neil bareback at CorbinFisher

CorbinFisher: Neil rides Colt's thick cock bareback writes:

““Fuck, yeah!” Neil exclaims after Colt fucks his mouth, before diving down for more.

Colt is the perfect candidate for Neil’s first action scene here at CF: Colt is dominant when he’s on top and Neil’s eager to be used and filled up!

Their size difference works great here—Neil’s slimmer form is ideal for being thrown around and manhandled by Colt and his muscles.

After worshipping Colt’s dick with his mouth, Neil sits on it, moaning and squirming as Colt stretches him out.

Colt really owns Neil, fucking him hard, smacking his ass, and generally showing him who’s boss – and Neil takes it like a champ!”

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Calvin Chambers and Jordan Boss fuck Christian Bay bareback in “I Wanna Watch” at NextDoorStudios

Next Door Studios: Muscle jocks Calvin Chambers and Jordan Boss tag team Christian Bay raw in "I Wanna Watch"
Next Door Studios Special Offer

Calvin Chambers and Jordan Boss fuck Christian Bay’s tight ass bareback at

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Colt fucks Baker bareback at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Colt barebacks Baker writes:

“This episode starts with Colt’s fingers lightly gripping Baker’s neck as they make out, and that really sets the scene well. Colt is definitely in a bossy mood for this video, and it’s lucky for him that Baker’s in a mood to take orders – and his big cock!

Colt makes Baker worship his dick, fucking his hot, wet mouth as a warm-up for taking on his tight ass. After sliding all the way inside him, Colt gives Baker a light slap on his handsome face.

Colt really has his way with Baker and Baker is totally turned on by it. When Colt manhandles Baker into the piledriver position off of the end of the bed, Baker is so turned on that he cums in his own mouth, before swallowing Colt’s load seconds later!”

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Calvin Chambers and Paul Canon tag team Dakota Young raw in “Fresh Brotherhood, Part 2” at NextDoorStudios

Next Door Studios: Paul Canon and Calvin Chambers tag team Dakota Young bareback in "Fresh Brotherhood, Part 2"
Next Door Studios Special Offer

Dakota Young takes Calvin Chambers and Paul Canon’s thick dicks raw at

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Kellan fucks Colt raw at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Kellan and Colt swap loads writes:

“There’s absolutely no denying Colt looks great when he’s fucking a fellow CF stud, and that he has an awesome cock that was totally made to get buried in some other guys’ holes. Colt, however, is also hot as hell to watch while bottoming and I don’t think he would even attempt to deny that he loves it.

He arrived at CF young, ripped, horny and, and eager and quickly discovered he loves the feeling of getting pounded.

Thankfully for us, Colt’s ass looks as great on the receiving end of a dick as his cock looks when he tops! This stud is just hot all around, and entirely versatile.

Even Colt and Kellan agree with that, as the well-placed mirror in the room during this episode gave each the opportunity to watch themselves and see how hot they look in action.

Being able to see themselves seemed to turn both of these guys on even more – Colt was unable to resist begging Kellan to fuck him harder, and Kellan could not resist doing precisely that (and who could?!).”

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Calvin Chambers fucks Paul Canon bareback in “Fresh Brotherhood, Part 1” at NextDoorStudios

Next Door Studios: Paul Canon takes Calvin Chambers' thick cock raw in "Fresh Brotherhood, Part 1"
Next Door Studios Special Offer

Colt of CorbinFisher fame is now a Next Door Studios model named Calvin Chambers! Check out his debut scene, in which he bangs Paul Canon bareback.

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Brayden fucks Colt raw at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Brayden fucks Colt bareback
Corbin Fisher Special Offer

Corbin Fisher writes:

“We’re so used to seeing Brayden get fucked – and love every single second of getting fucked – that it’s easy to forget this young stud makes a stellar top, as well! Brayden’s just one of those guys with such a powerful sex drive he can get in to anything!

Brayden deserves to get serviced and pound some ass, really. He’s gone out of his way to make for many of our most memorable episodes and has overwhelmed so many of his fellow CF studs with incredible sensations and wild times, it was only right we let Brayden get his body worshipped by Colt, and let him bury his hard dick in Colt’s tight ass.

Colt was more than happy to oblige with all this, as well. Like Brayden, Colt has a powerful sex drive and whether he’s on top or on bottom, he loves to have himself some fun. Mind you, Brayden’s hole does get some attention here – when he sits on Colt’s face and Colt rims him deep!”

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Colt fucks Ellis raw at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Colt fucks Ellis bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“In all honesty, I think Ellis felt like he won the jackpot in that he gets to be the lucky one on the receiving end of some big, hard dick though as Colt goes wild on his ass.

Don’t think that Colt minded being the top here, however! This young stud has an incredible cock, knows how to use it, and isn’t going to turn down an ass as hot as Ellis when it’s right there in front of him.

Indeed, his enthusiasm for what’s to come is evident right from the start, as he swallows up Ellis’s cock like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do.

With Colt giving Ellis such a stellar blow job, Ellis simply has to return the favor with some incredible sucking of his own, before he presents himself face down and ass up for Colt to get in to his hole.

The fucking that follows is fast-paced and furious – two studs getting totally caught up in and consumed by how great they’re each feeling. Ellis blows a big load while Colt pumps his hole, then stays there with his legs in the air so Colt can drench his well-fucked hole in cum.”

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