Andrew Lewix barebacks Ryan Volta at CocksureMen

CocksureMen: Andrew Lewix fucks Ryan Volta raw

Ryan Volta gets his hole creamed by euro hottie Andrew Lewix at

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Andrew Lewix fucks Erik Spector raw at CocksureMen

CocksureMen: Andrew Lewix barebacks Erik Spector writes:

“Muscle jocks Andrew Lewix and Erik Spector get right down to bareback sex. They come in to the room touching and kissing. Andrew pulls up his t-shirt and Erik kisses his way down the muscular torso. He pulls out Andrew’s cock and sucks. They take off their clothes revealing their amazing bodies. After sucking each other Andrew rims and then prods Erik’s hole with his finger.

Erik gets on all fours and Andrew rams him raw cock in. Later Andrew sits down and Erik straddles him to go for a bareback ride. Andrew pounds Erik’s ass from below. Erik lays on the couch sideways, with his left leg up in the air, eager for Andrew’s raw cock to bareback his ass.

Andrew Lewix fucks Erik like a jack rabbit until he pulls out and squirts on his ass. Andrew pushes his wet raw cock back in, seeding Erik’s hole. Erik Spector strokes fast and hard spraying his junk all over his rock-hard abs. Andrew bends over and they end with a kiss.”

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Billy Santoro and Seth Treston fuck each other bareback at CocksureMen

CocksureMen: Billy Santoro barebacks Seth Treston writes:

“Stud Billy Santoro and sexy Seth Treston make out in the gym locker room. The clothes come off fast as Billy assures Seth they are all alone. The two hunks take turns blowing each other. Seth struggles to deep throat Billy’s hard cock, gagging frequently. Billy takes on Seth’s cock with ease, even licking his balls.

Seth leans against a stall so Billy can eat his ass. Billy eats like a pig, sloppily pounding Seth’s hole with his tongue.

He gets Seth’s ass wet and pounds his raw hole bareback. Billy pulls out and bends over the locker bench so Seth can eat him out, too. Seth munches on Billy’s ass while milking Billy’s cock.”

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Justin Coxx breeds Armond Rizzo at CocksureMen

CocksureMen: Justin Coxx creampies Armond Rizzo writes:

“Justin Coxx and Armond Rizzo make out on the couch. They take their shirts off and stand up to feel each other’s hard bodies. They kiss and Armond sucks Justin’s chocolate nips as he makes his way down to the cock.

Armond sucks Justin’s thick pipe all the way down, getting him nice and hard. Armond removes his clothes and they sit on the couch. Justin deep throats Armond’s uncut cock. He plays with the thick foreskin while he sucks.

Armond lays back and props his legs up, opening his ass for Justin. Justin eats his warm hole, spitting and licking hungrily. Armond turns around and prepares to be penetrated.”

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Ian Murphy fucks Armond Rizzo raw at CocksureMen

CocksureMen: Ian Murphy pounds Armond Rizzo bareback writes:

“Scruffy and hung Ian Murphy and muscular Armond Rizzo make out in the local dive bar. Armond rubs Ian’s throbbing hard-on through his jeans. He kisses Ian’s hairy chest and makes his way down. Armond pulls out Ian’s huge cock and sucks. He manages to fit it all the way down his throat and sucks Ian’s balls too. The two men kiss before Ian tongue fucks Armond’s anxious hole.

Ian slides his raw pipe deep into Armond’s muscular ass one inch at a time. Armond moans loudly as Ian stretches his hole. Ian pounds Armond’s ass bareback over the bar stools. He pulls out and Armond sucks Ian’s cock clean before going back at it.”

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Mike De Marko gets fucked by Connor Maguire at CocksureMen

CocksureMen: Connor Maguire fucks Mike De Marko
CocksureMen: Connor Maguire fucks Mike De Marko writes:

“Medical students Connor Maguire and Mike De Marko are patiently waiting on Dr. Cruise to practice for exams. They decide to practice some procedures on each other while they wait. Mike tries to find Connor’s heart rate, but not in the place you’d think. Connor needs to practice for the prostate exam and Mike happily volunteers.

Mike pulls down his scrubs and Connor fingers his hole with a gloved hand, examining the prostate. Connor puts on a different kind of glove and slides his thick cock into Mike’s tight ass. Mike realizes he’s being fucked and can’t help but crack a smile.

Connor pounds his hole and, from the look on Mike’s face, he definitely found the prostate.

The two students get completely undressed and Connor blows Mike against the counter. Mike’s thick pecker is so huge Connor can barely fit it in his mouth. They kiss as their throbbing hard-ons bump each other. Connor lays on the bed and Mike goes to work sucking his long rod.

Mike swallows Connor’s cock with his ass and rides him on the hospital bed. He bounces hard on Connor’s pipe, letting his cock flail.

Mike turns around and sits on the cock. Connor holds Mike’s ass and pounds from the bottom. He stands up and fucks Mike doggystyle on the bed. Mike lays on his back and Connor plows his hole deep. Mike De Marko releases a thick load on his abs while being fucked. Connor Maguire pulls out in time to cum on Mike’s hairy thigh. Looks like they’ll both get an A+!”

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Charlie Harding pounds Mike Dozer bareback at CocksureMen

CocksureMen: Charlie Harding barebacks Mike Dozer
CocksureMen: Charlie Harding barebacks Mike Dozer writes:

“Muscle hunks Charlie Harding and Mike Dozer make out in the locker room. They kiss and Mike licks Charlie’s pits and nipples. He pulls Charlie’s rock hard pole out of his shorts, stroking it playfully. The passion continues as Mike works his way down Charlie’s muscles, reaching his cock. Charlie pounds his prick down Mike’s throat making him gag several times.

Mike bends over and Charlie preps his ass, eating it and tonguing it as Mike moans. Charlie thrusts his bare cock deep into Mike’s ass, then goes back to rimming his hole. They are both very verbal as Charlie barebacks Mike’s hole. Charlie is far from gentle. Charlie pulls out and Mike sucks his big cock again.

Then it’s back to more bareback ass pounding. Mike flips on his back and Charlie rims him again before barebacking the wet hole. Charlie gets on his back and Mike goes for a raw ride. He bounces up and down, taking Mike’s raw prick bareback.

With Charlie’s rod proding him Mike shoots his load onto Charlie’s thigh. Charlie rams Mike again doggy-style then shoots his load all over Mike Dozer’s bubble butt. Charlie barebacks Mike again, seeding him with his hot cum. Mike turns around and sucks the last drop out of Charlie Harding’s cock.”

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Logan Vaughn gets fucked by Angel Rock at CocksureMen

Cocksure Men: Angel Rock fucks Logan Vaughn
Cocksure Men: Angel Rock fucks Logan Vaughn writes:

“Muscular Angel Rock and sexy Logan Vaughn make out passionately. They pull off each others shirts and Logan checks out Angel’s hot body. Logan licks Angel’s hairy pits and they kiss. They take their pants off and grab at each other aggressively. Angel pulls off Logan’s socks and begins caressing his sexy feet. He pulls Logan’s briefs off and eats his juicy ass.

They fuck doggy style and Angel pounds Logan’s tight hole. They take turns sucking each others cocks before changing to a sixty-nine position.

Logan rides Angel’s thick meat and bounces his hairy ass ecstatically. He lays on his side so Angel can penetrate even deeper in his hungry hole. Angel Rock fucks the cum out of Logan Vaughn, making him bust all over himself. Angel pulls out in time to release his cum all over Logan’s chest.”

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Cameron Kincade barebacks Andrew Collins at CocksureMen

Cocksure Men: Cameron Kincade barebacks Andrew Collins
Cocksure Men: Cameron Kincade barebacks Andrew Collins writes:

“Andrew Collins is in for a great awakening because Cameron Kincade has morning wood. Cameron playfully wakes Andrew up with hugs and tender kisses. He jacks Andrew’s stiff cock before deep throating it to the base.

Cameron moves up to the headboard so Andrew can suck his sweet dick. Cameron lifts Andrew’s legs in the air and eats his hairy ass. He plays with Andrew’s tight hole, getting it wet and ready for his raw cock. Cameron enters Andrew in one thrust and plows his tight hole bareback.

Andrew teases Cameron’s dick by slowly sliding all the way up and then pushing the bare cock back in. They lay on their side so Cameron can slam Andrew with his raw meat. The two smile at each other playfully.

Andrew strokes his cock and rides on top, spewing a thick load across Cameron’s hairy abs. Andrew feeds Cameron his cum and he swallows it all.

Cameron barebacks Andrew doggy style, filling his hole perfectly with his raw dick. Cameron Kincade pounds Andrew Collins’ manhole bareback before pulling out to shoot his load. Cameron licks his own cum off of Andrew’s ass and the two hop in the shower to rinse off.”

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Armond Rizzo rides Derek Parker’s raw cock at CocksureMen

Cocksure Men: Derek Parker barebacks Armond Rizzo
Cocksure Men: Derek Parker barebacks Armond Rizzo writes:

“Derek Parker’s stiff cock is poking against his gym shorts as he passionately kisses Armond Rizzo. Armond licks Derek’s chest and then his abs. Armond gets on his knees and kisses Derek’s cock through his shorts. Armond pulls down Derek’s shorts and Derek’s rock hard cock pops out. He deep throats Derek’s cock and gags.

Derek bends Armond over the couch and spreads his ass cheeks apart to show his smooth tight hole. Derek presses his face up against Armond’s smooth bubble butt and digs his wet tongue into his hole.

After getting Armond’s hole wet and slippery, Derek shoves his hard cock into Armond’s ass bareback. Derek ruthlessly pounds his raw cock deep into Armond’s young hole, taking a break only to shove it down his throat again. D

erek sits back on the couch with his stiff pole swaying in the air, Armond squats over it and sits on it bareback. Derek’s raw cock goes deep into Armond’s ass. Armond turns around and rides Derek’s cock while facing him, kissing intensely as Derek’s cock strides in and out of Armond’s ass bareback.
Derek stands up and while still holding onto Armond, he pumps his raw prick in and out.

Derek Parker places Armond down on the couch where he fucks him in the missionary position until he shoots his load all over Armond’s hole, he then shoves his raw dick back inside breeding Armond’s ass.

Armond Rizzo rides Derek’s cock one more time and pops his load on Derek’s abs.”

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