Robbie and Conrad flip fuck bareback at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Robbie and Conrad fuck each other bareback
SeanCody Special Offer
SeanCody Trial Offer writes:

“It was extremely difficult to get any words out of Conrad and Robbie while they were sitting half naked together on the bed… they were all over each other!

The chemistry between these two hotties was very intense, and it showed even more when their clothes came off.

Conrad was eager to get started, ‘Any more questions? This guy really, really wants me right now.’

They both wanted each other pretty badly, so we abandoned the interview and just let them go at it. Of course, they had to have it all, so a flip-fuck was in order… talk about passion!”

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Dean barebacks Conrad at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Dean fucks Conrad bareback writes:

““My favorite thing about Conrad is his beautiful hazel eyes. You just get lost in them.”

Dean started off nice and sweet, but when the time came for the real fun, he pounded away at Conrad’s tight hole until he was covered in cum!

Being the veteran that he is, Dean wanted to make sure Conrad was conformable and eased into all of this nicely. Conrad has a few films under his belt already, but certainly not as many as Dean, so he definitely thought he would benefit learning a thing or two from an experienced hottie.

Needless to say, Dean sure gave Conrad a lesson he won’t soon forget.”

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Daniel barebacks Conrad at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Daniel bangs Conrad hard and raw writes:

“Conrad was definitely a little nervous taking on the wild Daniel, but being the adventurous type he is, he was up for the challenge!

Daniel tried to ease him into it, but it wasn’t long before the beast came out… and nobody was complaining, especially not Conrad.

He asked eagerly, “Are you gonna dominate me?” Daniel went right for it, “Yes!”

Needless to say, Conrad’s ass was plowed hard, and he was left begging for more as Daniel drenched him with his crazy loads!”

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Conrad fucks Philip bareback at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Conrad barebacks Philip writes:

“Conrad was ready to jump Philip’s bones after seeing that ass of his. “I heard that ass is tight.” Philip confirmed it, “It’s pretty tight!” Conrad’s face lit up, “That’s exciting…I like that!”

Needless to say, he owned Philip’s ass and our hungry bottom loved every second of it!”

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Newbie Conrad fucks Shaw bareback at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Newcomer Conrad barebacks Shaw writes:

“Conrad is back, and as excited as ever to fuck some ass. Since we know he’s an ass guy, we paired him up with somebody with a great bubble butt!

He wasted no time getting started with Shaw, and went right for his shirt to reveal his muscular physique.

Shaw responded by getting a sneak peek into Conrad’s shorts… at this point, the sexual tension was really crazy, so we had to let them just go at it!”

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Conrad rubs one out at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Conrad rubs one out writes:

““I really like to eat ass. That’s one fetish I have. Whenever I’m stroking it, I just think about the person sucking my dick while I eat their ass.” Conrad came clean.

“When did you realize this?” He was straight forward, “When I tried it.”

It seems as though he tries everything once to see if he likes it or not. That certainly is a plus. Pair that with a great dick and there you have it!”

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