Tom pops Jacob’s ass cherry at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Tom barebacks Jacob's virgin ass

This truly is a special Corbin Fisher scene. Tom and Jacob, two insanely hot guys, have at it in Costa Rica.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re seeing Jacob get fucked for the first time!

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Colt fucks Taylor bareback at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Colt barebacks Taylor

Corbin Fisher writes:

“We all knew Colt had tremendous potential the first time we laid eyes on him – he’s hot as all hell, has an incredible body, a big dick, a great ass, and an even greater attitude; he’s young, hung, horny, and fun-loving!

Once we saw him in action with a girl, the evidence of his having such huge potential just grew – this young stud knows how to fuck, and that body and dick of his look amazing in action!

The real test of how well Colt would do at CF and whether he’d fulfill that potential, though, was if he’d give some guy/guy action a shot and how he’d do with that.”

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Kent fucks Truman bareback at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Kent barebacks Truman

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Confession – the instant we wrapped up filming Truman getting fucked for the very first time by Kenny, I started thinking about who we could have fuck him next!

Truman’s ass is flawless, and looks incredible on the receiving end of a guy’s hard dick; Truman’s facial expressions and noises while experiencing the sensation of getting fucked were so hot, we simply had to get him making those again and right away!”

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Jacob fucks Brant bareback at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Jacob barebacks Brant

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I really do have to say I’m quite thrilled with how well Jacob’s taken to things, and how much he so clearly loves getting in to some hot action in front of the cameras.

He’s so hot, with such a hot body, it really would have been a shame had we not gotten to see him get in to all kinds of mischief with his fellow CF studs, and had we not gotten to enjoy the sight of him drilling another guy’s ass, sucking dick, and getting fucked.”

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Aiden pounds Tom bareback at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Aiden creampies Tom

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Both Aiden and Tom have been with CF long enough to know their way around another guy, as well as the cameras. So they were perfect candidates for some POV action – pairing two guys up with one another and letting them capture the hot action as they have at it!

In this day and age, it’s probably not the least bit uncommon for videos like this to get filmed – hot guys holding a camera and aiming it down to film as they’re getting their cock sucked, or burying that dick inside a tight hole.

Instead of it being some completely homemade video on a cell phone camera with their girlfriends, though, we get a first-person view of what it’s like to pound Tom’s hot hole and get impaled by Aiden’s big dick!”

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Colt busts a nut at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Colt rubs one out

Corbin Fisher writes:

“We’ve been filming guys for 11 years (we filmed guys for a whole year to build up some material before launching the site 10 years ago) and have had countless guys in front of our cameras. Even after all the incredibly hot men that have come through our doors, I still find myself weak in the knees with certain new ones, and Colt would be one of those!”

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Marc fucks Kellan raw at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Marc barebacks Kellan

Corbin Fisher writes:

“You’ve likely noticed by now some really hot stuff was filmed on our little journey up to Tahoe. These trips really do bring something out in the guys – they’re in the mood for some fun, having a great time, bonding with one another, and that carries in to the action they get in to on camera.

I think it worked out perfectly that Marc had been away for awhile, and the Tahoe trip brought him back in to the mix and put him back together with the guys – a whole new, hotter, hornier, more eager Marc showed up!

As for Kellan, he’s always hot, horny and eager! While he never really needs any encouragement to get wild and intense on camera, he surely got caught up in the Tahoe mindset as well!”

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Kenny barebacks Truman’s virgin ass at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Kenny pops Truman's ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Truman’s settled in quite nicely at CF, and is already building up a big following! That buff body, hot face and boyish demeanor certainly don’t hurt and make him a great fit here. He’s also proven himself to be very open, very easygoing, friendly, and gets along with the other guys well. I can honestly say Truman’s a pleasure to have around!

If anyone wasn’t sold on Truman initially, they certainly were after we all got to see him in action with Brayden! He looked hot as hell as he pumped Brayden’s ass with that hot cock of his, and Truman showed off he has what it takes to be a real star here!

Now, though, Truman takes things to the next level as he gets that hot ass of his fucked!”

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Trenton barebacks Marc at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Trenton barebacks Marc

Corbin Fisher writes:

“CF fans have been pretty excited about Marc’s being back and appearing in a bunch of new videos, and count me among those thrilled he’s returned!

Not only has Marc returned after a bit of a break, but he’s also looking hotter than ever! The Tahoe trip was Marc’s first with us, and I think it’s safe to say he thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tahoe really is a great place to shoot some hot action – tons of secluded spots to sneak off to and film some stuff, and beautiful scenery all around. In the case of Trenton and Marc here, they took advantage of one of those secluded spots to get in to some heavy making out and even some hot sucking.

A bunch of the guys were out on a hike, but I guess Trenton and Marc just couldn’t wait any more so detached themselves from the group to get it on with one another.”

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Connor barebacks Brayden at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Connor bangs Brayden raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Are you even reading this description, or did you begin to frantically download the video the instant you saw it had Connor? I could probably write anything here, since I suspect most everyone immediately started downloading this video and doesn’t care what’s written here – it has Connor! Connor fucking Brayden!”

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