Noel barebacks Kennedy at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Noel fucks Kennedy bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I was recently going through some of Noel’s photos from his first time out to CF, and was struck by just how much hotter he’s gotten each time we’ve seen him. While he’s only been at CF a short while, he gets sexier and sexier every single time he pops up on camera. Granted, this could be in part due to his doing more and more and getting in to hotter and hotter action each time we see him on camera!

Noel’s latest bit of insanely hot action is this episode, where he uses that big, flawless cock on Kennedy’s hole.

Passionate kissing, huge and hard dicks, deep fucking, loud moans, hungry sucking, and powerful loads are what the action here is all about, and Noel proves himself to be precisely what Kennedy was when he first appeared at CF – an insanely hot young man with a voracious sexual appetite and a bright future at CF!”

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Dawson barebacks Austin at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Dawson pumps Austin's hole bareback writes:

“Put two hot, ripped bodybuilders together and iron is the last thing they’re going to think about pumping!

Dawson and Austin explore and enjoy each other’s bodies. Dawson slides a finger, then his cock, into Austin’s tight hole. From doggy-style to a crabwalk position, Dawson never stops drilling until he shoots into Austin’s waiting ass – then fucks the cum into it!

This episode was among CF Select’s all-time most popular. Now, we’re making it available here as a bonus update for our subscribers!”

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Connor drills Zeb bareback at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Connor barebacks Zeb writes:

“Both Connor and Zeb know Tampa well, and returning to our old home made for quite the trip down memory lane for each of these guys. The two got their starts with CF while we were in Tampa, and they remembered the town like they’d just been there yesterday as we made our way around and visited some familiar sights.

A sight we were all eager to see was Connor getting that big dick of his buried in Zeb, though!”

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Jeff barebacks Josh at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Josh rides Jeff bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Josh and Jeff want to relax after a fun day of riding ATVs in Costa Rica. And we know the best way to relax is some good old-fashioned fucking!

These two blond studs suck each others’ cocks, and Jeff eats out Josh’s ass, before Josh sits on his stiff dick. He rides Jeff good and hard, from a reverse-cowboy to doggy-style. And when Jeff shoots, Josh swallows every drop!”

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Connor bangs Jacob bareback at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Connor fucks Jacob raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Jacob’s proven himself to be quite the stellar top stud – a number of the guys at CF have been on the receiving end of one of his passionate, intense fucks and they’ve loved every single bit of it. Jacob’s also loved getting that hot, hard dick of his in to some of the guys’ tight holes and pounding away.

Now, however, it’s time for Jacob to be on the receiving end of a passionate and intense fuck – from none other than Connor!”

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Ethan barebacks James at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Ethan barebacks James

Corbin Fisher writes:

“The rainforest is making Ethan and James hot and sweaty – so the only thing to do is go inside and fuck it out!

Ethan sucks James until he can’t wait to climb on top of Ethan’s dick. When Ethan jackhammers James doggy-style, both guys blast their loads and head for the showers to cool off.”

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Zeb, Rowan and Brayden fuck each other raw at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Zeb, Rowan and Brayden's raw threeway

Corbin Fisher writes:

“If we know anything about Rowan and Brayden, it’s that they’re each insatiable when it comes to sex. As wild and intense as they can be with one another, neither one is able to resist getting a third big-dicked and horny stud involved in the mix – and that’s where Zeb comes in!”

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Connor fucks Quinn raw at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Connor bangs Quinn raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“This is a fitting episode for our #CF10 trip to Tampa. Connor’s an all-time CF favorite, who we discovered while in Tampa. Quinn arrived at CF after we’d made the move to Vegas.

It’s like these two bring together the best of those two eras in CF history for an insanely hot fuck session, with Connor mercilessly drilling Quinn until these two studs swap and swallow some cum.”

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Zeb fucks Noel’s virgin ass at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Zeb pops Noel's ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Noel and Zeb look like they could be brothers. Do with that thought what you will! Either way, we’re about to see Zeb use that big dick of his on Noel’s hole, and see Noel love it!”

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Tanner rides Rowan bareback at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Rowan barebacks Tanner writes:

“Back when Rowan first arrived at CF and we were treated to just how hot this young stud looks in action, I knew I wanted to pair him up with Tanner.

Rowan has the cock, body, and energy to really work over a bottom, and Tanner’s always a fun one to see get fucked.

Further, for those in to uncut guys, you’re getting double the treat here!”

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