Tom and Jacob bareback Tyler at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Tyler bottoms for Tom and Jacob

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Had it been entirely up to the guys, they’d have spent every moment of every day down in Costa Rica in the water. Whether down at the beach or at our villa’s amazing pool, every single one of the guys who joined us in Costa Rica spent as much time as possible having fun in the water.

We’ve seen some of this in the b-roll accompanying episodes we’ve released from the Costa Rica shoot already, and see even more of it here.

The benefit of filming the guys in the villa pool, as opposed to down at the beach, is that we could film them swimming around in the buff and getting a little frisky! Who needs swimsuits when it’s just a bunch of CF studs with a private pool all to themselves?!

The real fun with Jacob, Tom, and Tyler took place once they pulled themselves out of the pool and made their way to the bedroom, though. It was in there that Tyler found himself on the receiving end of an insanely hot tag-team, as Jacob and Tom took turns drilling his hole and and treating him to quite the fuck.”

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Zeb pops Braxton’s ass cherry at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Zeb barebacks Braxton

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Zeb’s back! Zeb’s back! And… Zeb is back! It’s also worth pointing out that, along with Zeb’s being back, he’s looking even hotter!

He’s looking so hot, in fact, that when it came time to decide just who would break in Braxton and get a dick up his ass for the first time for us, Zeb came to mind immediately.”

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Tom rides Kennedy bareback at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Tom rides Kennedy bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Clearly there’s been something in the air as of late at CF. A number of our more experienced guys come to mind when thinking of which studs have been showing off a whole new level of energy once we get them in to action, and Tom is one of them.

As far as Kennedy is concerned, he was overflowing with sexual energy the instant he arrived at CF, but with this episode Tom proves himself able to draw even more out of the young Kennedy!”

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Colt fucks Truman raw at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Colt barebacks Truman

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Colt and Truman hit it off the instant they met each other at CF. I think they found they had a lot in common, enjoyed hanging out with one another, and could spend hours just chatting and chilling. In fact, Colt and Truman get along so well that we came up with this pairing on the fly, after we were seeing just how well they got along and how much they enjoyed hanging out together.

It might even be safe to say these guys have a bit of a bromance going!”

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Josh, Tyler and Kennedy’s hot bareback threeway at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Tyler, Kennedy and Josh's hot bareback threeway

Corbin Fisher writes:

“We’re releasing this sizzling hot Costa Rica episode fairly early, but I think you’ll agree we could have saved this one for last and used it as the grand finale – it is that hot!

Things start off with Josh taking pics of Kennedy and Tyler out on the beach. Josh is a CF on-location shoot veteran, having been on several of these trips already, while Kennedy and Tyler were abroad for the first time with us.

Josh seems to have been pretty turned on taking pics of the two freshmen, in no small part thanks to his knowing what kind of shenanigans these guys get in to when traveling abroad on these shoots!”

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Kellan fucks Smith raw at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Kellan bangs Smith raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“If I had a nickel for every time we get e-mails asking for Kellan and Smith to appear in some action together, we’d have… well… lots and lots of nickels. Lots. For those of you that have been wanting this, here it is!

A big part of what makes this episode so damn hot for me is seeing Smith on the receiving end of a hot fuck. Here’s a guy who first arrived at CF so long ago, then disappeared for so many months I’d almost become certain we’d never get to see him in action with a guy.

Yet, not only did he return and take that guy/guy plunge, he ended up loving it! “Pound my ass!”, he moans out here – words I still find myself astonished to hear him say!”

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Tom pops Jacob’s ass cherry at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Tom barebacks Jacob's virgin ass

This truly is a special Corbin Fisher scene. Tom and Jacob, two insanely hot guys, have at it in Costa Rica.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re seeing Jacob get fucked for the first time!

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Colt fucks Taylor bareback at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Colt barebacks Taylor

Corbin Fisher writes:

“We all knew Colt had tremendous potential the first time we laid eyes on him – he’s hot as all hell, has an incredible body, a big dick, a great ass, and an even greater attitude; he’s young, hung, horny, and fun-loving!

Once we saw him in action with a girl, the evidence of his having such huge potential just grew – this young stud knows how to fuck, and that body and dick of his look amazing in action!

The real test of how well Colt would do at CF and whether he’d fulfill that potential, though, was if he’d give some guy/guy action a shot and how he’d do with that.”

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Kent fucks Truman bareback at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Kent barebacks Truman

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Confession – the instant we wrapped up filming Truman getting fucked for the very first time by Kenny, I started thinking about who we could have fuck him next!

Truman’s ass is flawless, and looks incredible on the receiving end of a guy’s hard dick; Truman’s facial expressions and noises while experiencing the sensation of getting fucked were so hot, we simply had to get him making those again and right away!”

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Jacob fucks Brant bareback at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Jacob barebacks Brant

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I really do have to say I’m quite thrilled with how well Jacob’s taken to things, and how much he so clearly loves getting in to some hot action in front of the cameras.

He’s so hot, with such a hot body, it really would have been a shame had we not gotten to see him get in to all kinds of mischief with his fellow CF studs, and had we not gotten to enjoy the sight of him drilling another guy’s ass, sucking dick, and getting fucked.”

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