Danny Palick fucks Marcus Ruhl in “Bad Breaker” at Men.com

Men.com: Danny Palick fucks Marcus Ruhl in "Bad Breaker"
Men.com: Danny Palick fucks Marcus Ruhl in "Bad Breaker"

Men.com writes:

“Danny Palick did some shit electrical work for Marcus Ruhl. Before the problem is fixed, Marcus has something else in mind – getting fucked hard by a hot handyman!”

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Jocks Studios’ “More Than Ready” at NakedSword

NakedSword: Jocks Studios' "More Than Ready"
NakedSword: Jocks Studios' "More Than Ready"

JocksStudios.com writes:

“A tough, physical game of football gets these nine studs filled with testosterone and `More Than Ready` for out-of-control, energized sex.

Director Andrew Rosen tops all previous efforts to date giving you the 411 on the sexual aftermath of athletic exertion.

Daring Alex Graham makes a move on an sweaty Logan Vaughn, and when Bobby Clark listens in on an accidental call from them, he can`t resist joining in.

Tony Bishop and Dylan Hauser need no reason other than a chance meeting to get into a passionate encounter and a down-and-dirty growling good time.

Rub-a-dub-dub Conner Patricks and Danny Palick in a hot tub — they soak to recover from the game, but they go into overtime, engaging in an intense session that ends with them soaking each other in cum.

Football moves inside as Tyler Alexander and Jake Steel play strip table football, causing them to lose their clothing and their inhibitions. These irresistible hunks fill each others holes in an amazing flip-flop scene.

With horny, toned jocks fingering hot holes, sucking succulent balls, and pounding perfect asses, `More Than Ready` will have you stroking hard and shooting for the end zone.”

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Danny Palick and James Ryder fuck Ray Diaz in “Mountain Tops, Part 2” at FalconStudios

FalconStudios: Danny Palick, Ray Diaz and James Ryder in "Mountain Tops, Part 2"
FalconStudios: Danny Palick, Ray Diaz and James Ryder in "Mountain Tops, Part 2"

Falcon Studios writes:

“You suspect that Ray Diaz and James Ryder are hoping for company, when they spread blankets on the ground in the middle of a meadow, strip and start making out. Ray’s energy, which is that of guy needing his hole filled, drives the steamy outdoor action. They lie out in the sunshine, their boners standing tall for everyone to see, and there’s a figure in the shadows, at the edge of the clearing.

We know it’s a guy from the light reflecting off a set of washboard abs. He unzips his pants and starts jacking as he approaches the couple on the ground. Ray is so busy deepthroating James he’s unaware of the third man, Danny Palick, but James catches Danny in his peripheral vision when he throws his head back.

Ray and James welcome Danny with their mouths, taking turns sucking his long, down-curved dong and making a tube with their mouths for him to fuck.

Looking up, the camera reveals Danny’s wide muscular shoulders and farmer’s tan. James has the treat of sitting on Ray’s face before he and Danny takes turns fucking Ray’s tight, brown buns.

With all of them on the edge of orgasm, Ray lies on his back, opens his mouth and waves his tongue to catch the rain of jism.”

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Danny Palick fucks Josh Long’s hairy ass in “Pool Intruder” at Men.com

Men.com writes about this hot scene:

“Gorgeous Danny Palick comes home to discover a sexy stranger (Josh Long) naked in his pool. Hoping that Josh doesn’t spy his boner, Danny pretends to be upset so that he can make the situation an opportunity to fuck a straight pool intruder!”

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Danny Palick fucks Chase Young in “Model For Me” at Men.com

Men.com writes:

“Chase Young is a photographer cruising for potential models to shoot in his campus studio. Hunky Danny Palick fits the bill perfectly and it doesn’t take too much coaxing to get him back in the studio for a quick shoot and a some really hot action!”

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