Dante Colle fucks Addison Graham in Falcon Studios’ “Hidden Palms”

Falcon Studios: Dante Colle fucks Addison Graham in "Hidden Palms"
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In Falcon Studios’ “Hidden Palms”, Dante Cole is catching some rays in the pool when Addison Graham makes the hot day even hotter. Addison’s ass feels so amazing that Dante blows two loads all over the young stud.

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Dante Colle fucks Roman Todd in “Midnight Kiss” at Men.com

Men.com: Dante Colle fucks Roman Todd in "Midnight Kiss"
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Men.com writes:

“Roman and Dante ring in the new year with a steamy kiss that eventually leads to an even hotter fuck session.”

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Zeus Michaels fucks Dante Colle in “Trust Issues, Part 1” at Men.com

Men.com: Zeus Michaels fucks Dante Colle in "Trust Issues, Part 1"
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Men.com writes:

“Dante Colle’s husband can’t trust him to stay home and be a good boy so he ties him up on the staircase when he leaves for work. Lucky for Dante, Zeus stops by and brings a package, as well as his, straight to his door.”

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Ashton McKay bangs Dante Colle raw in “Restricted Pleasure” at Bromo

Bromo: Ashton McKay creams Dante Colle in "Restricted Pleasure"
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Bromo.com writes:

“Sit down and shut up cuz you’re in for a treat. Strapped to a chair and blindfolded, Dante Colle is at the complete mercy of his horny captor Ashton McKay.

There’s no way Dante’s jock strap can contain his excitement as Ashton begins to use his hot body for his personal pleasure.

Ashton moves Dante to the bed, hands bound, face down & ass up so he can finish this hard & raw business of cum-fueled domination.”

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Dante Colle fucks Max Wilde in “Boys Trip, Part 2” at Men.com

Men.com: Dante Colle fucks Max Wilde in "Boys Trip, Part 2"

Men.com writes:

“Max sets off to find Dante so he can release some raw sexual energy. Dante is happy to oblige; he eats that ass then pumps him to a hot cumclusion.”

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Diego Sans fucks Dante Colle in “Boys Trip, Part 1” at Men.com

Men.com: Diego Sans fucks Dante Colle in "Boys Trip, Part 1"

Men.com writes:

“Diego Sans is off on a boy’s trip and runs into Dante Colle who makes sure his first day is hot and steamy.”

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President Ballard barebacks Brother Calhoun in “The Calling” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: President Ballard fucks Brother Calhoun raw in "The Calling"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Brother Calhoun is called before President Ballard to answer questions about his sexual history. He’s terrified to reveal the truth of his recent experiences. The powerful president is eager to press the boy on his homosexual acts and discover what he’s hiding.”

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Elder Garrett, Brother Calhoun and Brother Strang’s bareback threeway in “Brother’s Oath” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Elder Garrett, Brother Calhoun and Brother Strang's bareback threeway in "Brother's Oath"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“When Brother Calhoun and Elder Garrett go to approach Brother Strang about his aggressive behavior, they think they have the upper hand. However, it soon is revealed that they are powerless to their own sexual urges. The bearded leader quickly turns the two boys on each other, leading them to fuck right then and there!”

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Dante Colle fucks Charles King’s tight hole raw at GuysInSweatpants

GuysInSweatpants: Charles King takes Dante Colle's loads

GuysInSweatpants.com writes:

“In perfect Dante Colle fashion, Charles gets blessed with not only one of Dante’s hot loads, but two. We found out this was only Charles’ second time bottoming, and first time on camera! Lucky us ;)

We also learned that Charles gives the hottest, wettest blowjob we’ve ever seen…and he doesn’t forget the balls.

It took Dante a little easing to get it in, but once it was, and Charles’ hole was tightly wrapped around his bare cock, he loved it.

Dante pumped out his first load while plowing Charles doggy style, then threw him on the bed to fuck another out while making Charles blow his huge load all over the place! Talk about an intense fuck that leaves these two studs exhausted and satisfied.”

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Thomas barebacks Ryder at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Thomas fucks Ryder raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Fans can’t seem to get enough of Thomas. With his mischievous smile, athletic body, and meaty cock – there’s a lot to like! Good thing too, because Thomas is having a blast hooking up with one hot stud after another – and has no plans of stopping anytime soon!

Not when he’s discovering new and empowering ways to get off and have some of the strongest orgasms of his life!

Today Thomas assaults Ryder in more ways than one, first with his mouth – then with that big dick of his! Ryder now joins the growing list of sexy studs to learn how good newbie Thomas can fuck!

They can all tell you, it’s a very sexually satisfied group to be in.”

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