Donato Reyes, Dario Beck and Alessio Veneziano’s hot threeway in Raging Stallion’s “The Tourist”

Raging Stallion: Donato Reyes, Dario Beck and Alessio Veneziano fuck each other in "The Tourist"

Hustlers Dario Beck and Donato Reyes pick up a john, Alessio Veneziano, for a threesome thick with fur, spit and cum.

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Alex Graham fucks Dario Beck in TitanMen’s “Day Into Night”

TitanMen: Alex Graham fucks Dario Beck in “Day Into Night”
TitanMen $99 Sale

Nighttime heats up on the balcony when Dario Beck is joined by smooth Alex Graham, who slides his big dick inside Dario after their hard swordplay.

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Goran fucks Dario Beck in Raging Stallion’s “Gran Vista”

Raging Stallion: Goran fucks Dario Beck in "Gran Vista"

Hirsute Dario Beck is magnetically drawn to the muscled, inked Goran, who takes advantage of all Dario’s holes in Raging Stallion’s “Gran Vista”.

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Tom Wolfe fucks Dario Beck in TitanMen’s “Morning Wood”

TitanMen: Tom Wolfe fucks Dario Beck in “Morning Wood”
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A kiss on the couch heats up as Dario Beck and Tom Wolfe exchange sucks, Tom then taking charge of the dark-haired hottie in a romantic fuck.

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Abraham Al Malek pounds Dario Beck in Raging Stallion’s “Gran Vista”

Raging Stallion: Abraham Al Malek fucks Dario Beck in "Gran Vista"

Scene 1 from Raging Stallion‘s “Gran Vista” features Dario Beck alongside stunning hunk Abraham Al Malek.

Set poolside, Abraham dives into the pool and swims toward Dario and quickly removes his bulging speedo. Dario’s huge uncut tool stands at attention, ready for Abraham’s expert attention.

Abraham sucks Dario’s cock before moving on to pounding his willing hole. The action and chemistry can’t get more sizzling.

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TitanMen’s “Hardwood”

TitanMen: "Hardwood"
TitanMen $99 Sale writes:

“If you like your sex outside in the fresh air, you’ll love Hardwood: TitanMen in the Great Outdoors a collection of six of the best outdoor hardcore sex scenes from the TitanMen vault. Join TitanMen exclusives Francois Sagat, Dean Flynn and Dario Beck and many more as they suck and fuck in the Great Outdoors.”

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Dario Beck, Hunter Marx and Justin King’s threeway in TitanMen’s “Night Heat”

TitanMen: Dario Beck, Hunter Marx and Justin King in “Night Heat”
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In this scene from TitanMen‘s “Night Heat”, hairy voyeur Justin King joins Dario Beck in feeding their uncut throbbers to Hunter Marx, the two feeders soon getting stuffed at both ends.

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Landon Conrad fucks Dario Beck in TitanMen’s “Signals”

TitanMen: Landon Conrad fucks Dario Beck in "Signals"
TitanMen $99 Sale writes:

“In the backyard, Dario Beck leans back into the arms of Landon Conrad, who reaches around to rub the dark-haired stud’s hairy chest. Dario rubs Landon’s legs, arching back for a kiss. Landon cradles Dario’s head as they suck face, the two rubbing each other during the sultry smooch.

Landon reaches his hand into Dario’s shorts to stroke his cock, which is soon buried deep into the sucker’s mouth. Landon nibbles his partner’s foreskin, the two soon standing to kiss as Dario’s boner grazes Landon’s tight stomach—the bulge in the jock’s shorts growing.

Landon’s big cock pops into Dario’s face, the two holding hands over Landon’s leg as Dario sucks. Landon turns Dario around to eat his hole and lick his hairy ass, grinding his big dick on it before sliding inside. ”

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Conner Habib fucks Dario Beck in TitanMen’s “Resort”

Titan Men: Dario Beck gets fucked by Conner Habib in "Resort"
Titan Men: Dario Beck gets fucked by Conner Habib in "Resort" writes:

“Lounging on the porch, shirtless Conner Habib is approached from behind by fellow furry Dario Beck. Conner reaches his hand back, grazing the big bulge ready to burst from Dario’s jeans. The two kiss, then take turns feasting on dick—each shaft popping out into the other’s face when released.

Conner sensually sucks the dark-haired hottie, who beats his thick, uncut boner on his mouth. Conner’s cock throbs as he gets face fucked, Dario then sucking him back. Conner snaps his dick up when it’s released from Dario’s mouth, then whips it on his face.

Conner works his tongue inside Dario’s hairy hole, pulling Dario’s dick underneath to slurp it. Conner fucks him from behind, wrapping his arm around Dario—resting his hand on the bottom’s pec before griping Dario’s neck, flashing a smile.

Conner fucks him from behind on the ground, the two staring at each other—the top stroking Dario’s cock as he fucks him. Dario gets it on his back, his huge stream of cum soon splitting his hairy bod before Conner dumps a wad on the bottom’s groin.”

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Rogan Richards pounds Dario Beck in “Scruf” at TitanMen

Titan Men: Rogan Richards bangs Dario Beck in "Scruf"
Titan Men: Rogan Richards bangs Dario Beck in "Scruf" writes:

“Lounging by the pool, Dario Beck watches Rogan Richards swim. The muscle man surfaces—water cascading down his huge muscles as he lifts himself out. Dario’s eyes dart to the massive boner that greets him. The swimmer towels off, his smile drawing Dario closer.

The two kiss, Rogan guiding his tall, lean admirer down to his knees. Dario opens wide to take the thick beast in his mouth, the gulp sounds getting louder as Rogan fucks his face.

Moving inside by the couch, Rogan jacks his throbber as he sucks Dario back—nibbling on the foreskin before tonguing the shaft.

Rogan eats out Dario’s hairy hole before shoving his cock inside, his beast disappearing as he goes balls-deep. Rogan’s abs tighten as he fucks, the bottom moaning. On his back, Dario jacks his boner as he gets fucked, his ass hair wet with sweat. Rogan works it in slow before picking up the pace, his body gyrating and grinding with hypnotic rhythm.

Dario stops jacking, his big load released in a hot, stroke-free stream before the two kiss.”

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