Joaquin Santana’s raw gangbang with Vadim Romanov, Fostter Riviera and Koldo Goran at TimTales

TimTales: Joaquin Santana's raw gangbang with Vadim Romanov, Fostter Riviera and Koldo Goran writes:

“After graduating his first bareback threesome with two BBCs, Joaquin wanted more. So when two cocks isn’t enough, three massive raw cocks will do!

Timtales Exclusives Koldo Goran, Fostter Riviera and Vadim Romanov give Joaquin the ride of his life. It’s officially Joaquin’s first gangbang and he’s right in his element!

Greedy as he is, Joaquin takes all of their cock and more! Double penetration at it’s finest here. It really was a battle between the three tops to breed that beautiful little hole.”

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Fostter Riviera and Vadim Romanov double fuck Louis Ricaute raw at TimTales

TimTales: Louis Ricaute's DP session with Fostter Riviera and Vadim Romanov writes:

“Louis Ricaute experiences a double penetration for the first time in his life! And guys, bear in mind that Louis’s hole is the tightest of the porn industry. So two cocks up there is quite the challenge!

But Russian huge cock Vadim Romanov and Timtales Exclusive Portuguese thick dick Fostter Riviera wanted to test that super tight hole. And boy they did!

Louis Ricaute’s first DP session ended up being a total success! Don’t miss it :)

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Santiago takes Devon Lebron and Fostter Riviera’s enormous cocks raw at TimTales

TimTales: Santiago rides Devon Lebron and Fostter Riviera's massive cocks bareback writes:

“When is too much cock too much? Well, I guess you could ask Santiago. He takes two massive raw cocks at once in this threesome scene.

Timtales Exclusives Devon Lebron and Fostter Riviera are breeding that poor hole to its limit.”

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Fostter Riviera creams newcomer Fabio Toba at TimTales

TimTales: Newcomer Fabio Toba gets his hole creamed by Fostter Riviera and his 9-inch cock

Newcomer Fabio Toba bottoms raw for Fostter Riviera and his big, thick cock at

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Fostter Riviera and Koldo bang Hugh Hunter raw at TimTales

TimTales: Hugh Hunter gets pounded raw by Koldo and Fostter Riviera writes:

“Hugh Hunter got the ride of his life with these two young loaded stallions. Koldo and Timtales’ exclusive Fostter Riviera couldn’t be more excited to team up and test this bottomless hunk with their thick raw meat.

After the shoot, I asked Hugh who was the best fucker between the two. He told me that while Koldo fucks harder and like a jackhammer, Fostter is a hit-the-spot, gut-ramming top. Quite the perfect teammates!

From hard pounding to passionate fucking, Hugh got stretched up wide and left with a cum-oozing hole. ”

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Adam Killian leads a nine-man bareback orgy at LucasEntertainment

Lucas Entertainment: Adam Killian leads a nine-man bareback orgy

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“If only all trips to a German bathhouse could end up like this. Adam Killian, Valentino Medici (a Lucas Entertainment Exclusive), and Tomas Brand pay a visit and show off by making out and sucking each other off when Fostter Riviera and Ivan Gregory join in with the fun.

At this point we have five guys when the sixth, Logan Moore, shows up and starts making out with Valentino before moving south and sucks his huge uncut Latin cock; Ivan’s cock doesn’t go without attention, as Lars Svenson moves into too and swallows the hard cock between Ivan’s muscled legs.

Meanwhile, Tomas works on Fostter while Marco Sessions eats out Tomas. It doesn’t take long for the bareback fucking to start: Tomas, Valentino, and Logan daisy-chain each other while Marco Milan takes Adam and Ivan’s raw cocks up his ass at the same time!”

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Fostter Riviera, Ivan Gregory and Marco Session fuck raw at LucasEntertainment

Lucas Entertainment: Fostter Riviera, Ivan Gregory and Marco Session fuck raw writes:

“I hope these boys brought water, because if Marco Sessions plans on working a load of cum from Ivan Gregory’s cock in a sauna, they need to keep their fluids up as much as possible!

Marco, an ever cock-hungry bottom bitch bobs his head on Ivan’s cock before straddling him reverse cowboy and taking a ride. Meanwhile, poor Marco Sessions only wanted to sweat out some stress by relaxing in the sauna, and these two guys are boning right next to him. Well, when in Rome: Marco takes Fostter’s cock in his mouth while Ivan rails him some more.

But watching Marco take cock made Ivan’s own ass hungry, so both Marco and Fostter double penetrate Ivan, who can barely handle it but love it every minute!”

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Fostter Riviera fucks David Avila bareback at TimTales

TimTales: Fostter Riviera pounds David Avila raw writes:

“It seems you all enjoyed Fostter’s first appearance on Timtales because you asked us to bring this sexy and hung bareback fucker back as soon as possible.

So here he is and this time he takes care of David Avila’s muscle ass and makes sure he gets a good fuck and a big load up his hole at the end.”

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Fostter Riviera slams Italo raw at TimTales

TimTales: Fostter Riviera fucks Italo raw writes:

“The debut video of our new man Fostter Riviera.

If you like big bareback cock on a young man you find what you like in this update. Fostter gives to Italo, our always ready, insatiable power bottom. A pairing that really worked perfect.

Fostter got so turned on by Italo´s fantastic ass that he came three times within just a few minutes.

That man knows how to fuck! Enjoy!”

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