Kieran Benning creams Joaquin Arrenas at Kieran Benning creams Joaquin Arrenas writes:

“The following scene is a very free form affair, especially considering it comes from director Marty Sevens. Maybe it is because the two guys he was directing were just horny and experienced enough to perform without his instructions.”

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Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery tag team Nils Tatum bareback at Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery tag team Nils Tatum bareback writes:

“It is hard to resist either Helmut or Jerome, but when they team up and turn their seductive prowess on Nils, ‘hard to resist’ becomes ‘impossible to resist’.

This scene is unusual in that it is the first collaberation in many years between both our main director-cameramen, Marty and Luke, and the results hightlight the best of both of their styles.”

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Jean-Luc Bisset barebacks Jordan Faris at Jean-Luc Bisset fucks Jordan Faris bareback writes:

“It is always a challenge for our directors to sculpt an opening for a scene when neither of the boys has a common language. Marty’s solution here was to ask Jean-Luc to perform a strip tease for Jordan.

The result may look like a cheap strip club, but since I’m sure many of you have been to one that you will survive it and it does get both guys in the right mood.

Although usually a bottom, here we get to see Jean-Luc showing us again that he is quite a decent top as well.”

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Jeff Mirren barebacks Ben Radcliffe at Jeff Mirren fucks Ben Radcliffe's tight ass bareback writes:

“Ben appears terrified at the scene’s beginning. His nerves were not due to the impending sex but were the result of the beginning interview.

When the sex starts, and you see that he’s as intense as any “old” pro, it’s evident that he’s afraid of speaking, not fucking.

While Ben may look very young, he is 19 years old.”

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Dylan Maguire barebacks Felix Gaul at Dylan Maguire fucks Felix Gaul raw writes:

“For Christmas we decided to give you a special treat with Dylan Maguire. We selected his scene with Felix Gaul as it displays a remarkable sexual chemistry between them both.

According to our internal reviewers, this is Felix’s best scene, archieving an A+ Rating, so we hope that you agree and will enjoy this scene.”

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Justin Saradon fucks Nino Valens raw at Justin Saradon barebacks Nino Valens writes:

“We have chosen two of your favourite models from 2017 here with Justin Saradon and Nino Valens. Since the only common language spoken here is English, it is one of few clips we have that didn’t require translation.

The sexual intensity in this clip is high and both boys reach climax together with Justin holding on just long enough to let Nino cum with Justin still inside him.”

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Andre Boleyn bottoms for newcomer Benoit Ulliel at Benoit Ulliel barebacks Andre Boleyn writes:

“To start with, there are a couple things to tell you about Benoit Ulliel: First, he is a very accomplished and talented dancer. Secondly, he works very hard doing manual labour in a factory. If you like him, let us know so that we can offer him more work thus allowing him to focus more on dance and less on labour.

As a change up to our usual training we have him starting out as the top, with Andre Boleyn as the lucky bottom. We keenly await your feedback.”

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Serge Cavalli and Enrique Vera flip fuck bareback at Serge Cavalli and Enrique Vera fuck each other bareback writes:

“At Bel Ami we often try to pair more experienced models with our Freshmen. In this flip-flop scene Serge and Enrique force us to re-think that practice as they demonstrate that passion, lust and enthusiasm more than compensates for lack of experience.

This scene has a genuine sexual drive and both boys give us first-class performances as tops and also as bottoms. Marty, who filmed this scene, was particularly thrilled with the results.”

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Newcomer Kirk Gauguin barebacks Christian Lundgren at Newcomer Kirk Gauguin barebacks Christian Lundgren writes:

“Here is Dehanoia’s note about this scene: ‘‘Little bit of a cheesy opening where Kirk confesses that he has never slept with a guy before. Christian definitely the driving force in this clip, foreplay and kissing are good, some excellent deep throat also from Christian.’

This is Kirk’s first scene for us and, considering this, he shows a lot of promise. Christian’s huge cumshot at the end indicates his agreement.”

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Helmut Huxley, Claude Sorel and Joel Birkin’s raw threeway at Helmut Huxley, Claude Sorel and Joel Birkin's raw threeway

Part one of this scene features an abundance of spurting sticky white cream – suntan lotion! It begins with Claude Sorel sunbathing as Helmut helpfully applies lotion. This lotioning leads to horniness and inevitably to sex

In part two Joel Birkin comes in, who certainly loved the idea of enjoying Claude’s perfect ass.

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