Big-dicked Dmitry Dickov fucks Cole Money at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Cole Money gets fucked by big-dicked Dmitry Dickov writes:

“Dmitry Dickov was horny and wanted some anal before dropping off Cole Money at the airport.

He turned his personal handy-cam on and stuffed his cock into Cole’s mouth. After being sucked off for a few minutes, Dmitry wanted that hairy asshole. He bent Cole over doggy style and stuck his humongous cock inside of him. Cole could feel the rush and it was amazing.

Dmitry wanted to give Cole something to think about his entire flight home. Lord only knows how he was able to sit when it was all over. Cole asshole would never be the same…”

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Jason Keys, Jerry Cabrera and Sebastian Hook’s hot threeway at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Jason Keys, Jerry Cabrera and Sebastian Hook's hot threeway

Jason Keys welcomes new neighbors Jerry Cabrera and Sebastian Hook with a hot threeway fuck.

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Leo Bosh gets pounded by Michael Evans at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Michael Evans bangs Leo Bosh writes:

“Leo Bosh had to get something off his chest. He’s been crushing on Michael Evans for the longest now, and wanted to put that on the table. Michael admits he’d caught Leo fucking Sean and thought he’d do a much better job then Sean Costin.

Both guys had their own agendas but lucky for us, they both were down to fuck.”

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Max Summerfield and Cole Money bang each other at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Max Summerfield and Cole Money flip fuck

Muscle jocks Cole Money and Max Summerfield flip fuck at!

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Sean Costin fucks Clay Anker

GayHoopla: Sean Costin fucks Clay Anker

Bodybuilder Sean Costin bangs Clay Anker’s tight hole at

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Sebastian Hook bottoms for Derek Jones at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Derek Jones fucks Sebastian Hook

Sebastian Hook rides Derek Jones at

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Cole Money fucks Jimmy Bona’s tight ass at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Cole Money bangs Jimmy Bona

Jimmy Bona’s bubble butt takes Cole Money’s cock at

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Jerry Cabrera fucks Sebastian Hook at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Jerry Cabrera fucks Sebastian Hook writes:

“Over the last month Jerry Cabrera has become one of my favorites. Always has a smile on his face and ever since his solo he’s had numerous questions as to how our sex films work. He told me that he’s never fucked anyone in the ass but he’s fantasized about it for years. “Watching someone really be able to take a dick in their ass is just hot as hell to me!” “It makes me cum harder and faster than anything else!”

I wanted to get him back immediately to let him explore what it was like to bury his uncut dick into a nice ass. The first person that came to mind for Jerry to explore his curiosities with was Sebastian Hook. Sebastian can take a dick like no one else. It’s like he was made for it, with his cute tight little butt cheeks.

They both began to bond over a favorite video game and before you know it, Jerry was balls deep making what he’d always thought about, reality.”

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Andre Temple bangs Max Summerfield at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Andre Temple fucks Max Summerfield

GayHoopla newcomer Andre Temple fucks another guy for the first time – and Max Summerfield is the lucky bottom.

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Clay Anker fucks Leo Bosh at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Clay Anker bangs Leo Bosh

Clay Anker gets his chance to fuck up Leo Bosh’s hole at

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