Collin Simpson fucks Jason Keys’ tight ass at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Collin Simpson bangs Jason Keys writes:

“Collin Simpson is back as a brilliant top fucking Jason Keys. Jason slobbered all over Collin’s thick cock staring him right in the eyes.

Collin was almost ready to fuck but wanted to first give that asshole a spit shine wash. Jason has got much better at taking a cock and took all 9 inches of Collin in his tummy.

We couldn’t decide he we liked Jason riding that big dick or Collin bending Jason over doggy and fucking him senseless.

Collin Simpson… Gayhoopla’s very own golden boy.”

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Derek Jones bottoms for newcomer Brady Corbin at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Brady Corbin fucks Derek Jones writes:

“Brady Corbin fucks Derek Jones in his GayHoopla debut. He’d never been with a guy before but admitted he thought Derek Jones was super hot. He wasn’t 100% comfortable yet going to entire distance but he let Derek Jones eat his sweet fresh ass.”

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Neal Peterson gets pounded by Clark Bates at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Clark Bates pounds Neal Peterson writes:

“Clark Bates was on a mission to destroy Neal Peterson’s ass. He wanted to be the best fuck Neal has ever had.

Of course Neal’s amazing blowjob had Clark rock hard quickly. Clark was all horned up and slid it into Neal’s loose ass and never looked back. He pounded away so hard, we literally had to cancel Neal’s next scene scheduled for the following day.

If you’re into seeing a beautiful masculine man go to pound town, watch Clark Bates beat it up.”

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Nick Paul fucks Neal Peterson at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Nick Paul bangs Neal Peterson writes:

“After watching a hot video behind Dmitry Dickov, Nick Paul & Neal Peterson started to get touchy feely. After a little tongue twisting, Neal took Nick into the room for some alone time.

Neal has been wanting to taste Nick’s ass for the longest but hadn’t known Nick’s never been rimmed before. Nick fucking loved it.

He preferred that more then getting blown as soon as that tongue hit. Nick was so turned on, he just had to pound out Neal. Nick said he was super into Neal’s body type and wanted to break his submissive ass in half.

We loved watching these two so turned on by each other. HOT VIDEO!”

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Alex Griffen gets pounded by Kyle Dean and Sean Costin at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Alex Griffen bottoms for Kyle Dean and Sean Costin

Kyle Dean and bodybuilder hunk Sean Costin fuck Alex Griffen for his first actual hardcore scene with GayHoopla.

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Zach Douglas fucks Collin Simpson at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Collin Simpson bottoms for Zach Douglas writes:

“When GayHoopla gives you what you asked for… Collin Simpson is back taking Zach Douglas’ big cock.

Collin Simpson has been quite the pro lately showcasing his bottoming skills.”

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Kyle Dean fucks Derek Jones at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Kyle Dean pounds Derek Jones

‘Coch’ Derek Jones bottoms for muscle jock Kyle Dean at

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Gabriel Jordan bangs Neal Peterson at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Gabriel Jordan fucks Neal Peterson

Gabriel Jordan fucks Neal Peterson until he blows all over his ass at

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Zach Douglas fucks Jason Keys at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Zach Douglas bangs Jason Keys writes:

“Zach Douglas is back to fuck Jason Keys, but did his dick get bigger? Jason asked us prior to the shoot how big was Zach, and we said he’s pretty average. This was until Jason got Zach rock hard and I was completely thrown off. Did Zach’s dick grow since his last shoot?

To add to a penis enlargement, Zach seems to be much more experienced in the bedroom since we last filmed him. He’s much more passionate and caring with his sexual partner. That doesn’t mean he didn’t take the chance to rock Jason’s tight hole when bent over.

Zach Douglas hasn’t missed a step since his return, in fact, we think he’s almost running! Can’t wait to see more out of the cock grower!”

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Nick Paul fucks muscle hunk Sean Costin at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Fit jock Nick Paul bangs bodybuilder Sean Costin writes:

“Nick Paul has always thought about hooking up with a dude, just never had the opportunity. We found this out during his solo shoot out here when we started talking more about the hardcore content.

Ideally, he wanted to top and dominate another man. He loved playing the alpha seductive dominate role when being sexual active.

We knew there was nothing more manly then the incredibly sexy Sean Costin for Nick’s first scene.

When Nick first met Sean, he sure was intimated by his massive frame. As soon as the two locked lips, Nick was hooked. He was quite happy with his first experience and likely will come back for more.”

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