Derek Casey rubs one out at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Derek Casey jerks off
GayHoopla Special Offer writes:

“When I first met Derek Casey, I wasn’t sure what to think. He was quiet but well spoken, interested and intrigued with everything we did as a studio.

Several questions later and feeling much more comfortable, he opened up. When I say opened up, I mean his legs. Derek Casey had one of the hottest jerk off videos I’ve ever filmed.

As I was filming, I kept noticing his other hand inching towards his hole. As soon as his fingers entered his ass, the intensity of this video explodes. This was a hot solo!”

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Sean Holmes fucks Collin Simpson at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Sean Holmes returns to fuck Collin Simpson
GayHoopla Special Offer writes:

“Sean Holmes is finally back. It has literally taken me years to get Sean Holmes on board to partake in some hardcore action. What better partner to start him off with then Collin Simpson.

Schedules are normally crazy and tight and the guys don’t get that long to hang out prior to filming. In this case, Collin Simpson & Sean Holmes had plenty of time to chill out and get to know each other. It was cool to find out they had many similar interests and really hit it off. I tell you all this because the chemistry in the scene is unreal.

These guys were both made for sex and this scene will prove it. Sean Holmes make a strong opening debut in his hardcore fuck with Collin Simpson. Not sure if I’m more excited about this, or the orgy.”

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Collin Simpson, Tyler Smith, Alex Griffen, Forrest Marks and Zach Douglas’ hot orgy at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Collin Simpson, Tyler Smith, Alex Griffen, Forrest Marks and Zach Douglas' hot orgy
GayHoopla Special Offer writes:

“Wow! This scene is finally here. This scene wasn’t ever supposed to be filmed… but the guys band together and insisted. Collin Simpson, Alex Griffen, Zach Douglas, Tyler Smith, & Forrest Marks all got along so well during this weekend, they thought a group orgy would be a perfect way to end things.

I can’t really pin-point who was the superstar here because they all came in ready to show off. The energy was insane as all the guys shared themselves with the other.

I think my favorite part was seeing Zach Douglas take a load to the face or Collin Simpson getting rimmed and blown at the same time. This scene is easily worth an entire full membership.”

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Max Summerfield fucks Caden Carli at GayHoopla

GayHoopla:  Max Summerfield fucks Caden Carli
GayHoopla Special Offer writes:

“Do you recognize the top? Max Summerfield is back with a full beard, and it’s hot as fuck. I can’t decide if I like the fur or clean cut face better on Max, but it’s a hot look for sure.

Caden Carli, one of my favorite guys to work with, requested to work with Max the first time he was out, so I needed to make it happen. We got down to business pretty quick opening the scene with Caden blowing Max, because that’s the way Caden always pictured it.

Max loves to play alpha male so when I told him to make sure he fucked Caden hard, he did. This will be another hot video for sure.”

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Austin Wilde fucks Logan Cross raw at GuysInSweatpants

GuysInSweatpants: Austin Wilde fucks Logan Cross hard and raw writes:

“This one was a long time coming. There’s no better fuck than when an insatiable power bottom gets fucked by an insatiable power top!

For those of you who don’t know Logan, we asked him a couple questions, one of which was “boxers or briefs?”, as he got naked wearing neither of those.

Logan has a perfect little bubble butt that was begging for Austin’s cock.

Austin licked and caressed Logan’s hole with his tongue until he couldn’t take it anymore. He sat up, spit on his cock, and slid it in nice and slow so his hole could worship it just like his mouth did.

The look of pure pleasure on a bottom’s face when you slide yourself inside him is one you can’t forget. Austin fucked the hell out of him hard and long until they blew their loads at the same time mid fuck!”

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Collin Simpson and Adrian Monroe’s hot flip-fuck at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Collin Simpson and Adrian Monroe's hot flip-fuck
GayHoopla Special Offer writes:

“This flip fuck with Collin Simpson & Adrian Monroe had me a little nervous. This was actually Adrian’s first scene ever filmed with us prior to the one we’ve already released with Caden Carli. Technically, this video is where Adrian kissed, sucked, fucked, and got fucked, all for the first time. (Adrian told us he’s let a guy suck his dick before in the past but never returned the favor.)

Collin Simpson was the perfect candidate to break Adrian Monroe in. Collin was able to calm Adrian’s nerves fast because he has way about him that’s very settling. As soon so Collin’s big ass cock filled Adrian, a sigh of immense feeling went through really all three of us.

Collin took that opportunity to really pound out Adrian because he could take it like a champ.”

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Newcomer Denzel Grisby busts a nut at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Newcomer Denzel Grisby jerks off
GayHoopla Special Offer writes:

“What can I say about Denzel Grisby. This new fresh face has a certain attraction to him that’s different then most our guys. His unique personality is also two thumbs up for us. I can’t be 100%, but I’m pretty sure Denzel lost his virginity shooting this weekend. He didn’t admit to it, but I just have a hunch.

He definitely loves to smile and once the filming was over, Denzel’s smile lit up the room. Denzel was tons of fun to shoot and hang out with. We’re hoping to see more of him in the future.

What do you all think? Feeling the long hair?”

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Gabriel Jordan fucks Forrest Marks at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Gabriel Jordan fucks Forrest Marks
GayHoopla Special Offer writes:

“Gabriel Jordan & Forrest Marks are really two of my favorite guys to work with. Both of them are so easy to work with and love being in front of the camera. I believe this video is almost a year old which completes the spring training saga of videos.”

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Alex Griffen gets fucked by Zach Douglas at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Zach Douglas fucks Alex Griffen
GayHoopla Special Offer

Gym jocks Alex Griffen and Zach Douglas fuck at

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