Antony Lorca fucks Gregg Meyjes bareback at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Antony Lorca barebacks Gregg Meyjes
BelAmi Special Trial Offer writes:

“Over the time that we have been working with Gregg (his first scene is from March 2014) his scenes have consistently rated highly amongst BelAmi fans. Today we have Gregg back in a scene with dark haired and handsome Antony Lorca.

We start the scene with Antony finishing off his set of 1000 sit-ups (and given that body, I’m inclined to believe him) when his strenuous exertions attract the attention of Gregg, who has a much better idea of how to continue the work out.”

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BelAmi’s “Lust for Boys 2” at NakedSword

NakedSword: BelAmi's "Lust for Boys 2"
NakedSword Special Offer

BelAmi writes at NakedSword:

“Some boys began their porn adventure elsewhere, but found their way to Bel Ami. Who has ‘future star’ written all over him? You can be the judge as you watch Lust For Boys 2.

Sit back and relax as these uncut boys take you on one of the hottest bareback adventures from Bel Ami!”

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Gregg Meyjes fucks Felix Gaul bareback at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Gregg Meyjes barebacks Felix Gaul
BelAmi Special Trial Offer writes:

“Morning wood is quite a common thing for our boys, and the truth is that they remain horny throughout most of the day.

Gregg and Felix make it as far as breakfast time before having to rush off for some ‘morning relief’ with each other.”

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Gregg Meyjes and Jeff Mirren flip fuck bareback at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Gregg Meyjes and Jeff Mirren flip fuck bareback writes:

“Since our Prague studio and office are so close together, we quite often have Jeff coming in on ‘errands’ from Luke while he is in production, so we get to see a very funny and charming side to him that often doesn’t show in sex scenes.

Day we meet up with the boys when Jeff convinces Gregg to take a short time off of his work in a hotel reception and go up and ‘inspect’ one of the free rooms. I’m sure if we gave away the name of the hotel, bookings would go up just on the chance of being ‘checked in’ by Gregg.”

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Danny Defoe barebacks Gregg Meyjes at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Gregg Meyjes rides Danny Defoe bareback
BelAmi Special Trial Offer writes:

“It was in March last year when we last saw Gregg, but we’re happy that he is back today with our Hungarian freshman, Danny Defoe.

We start off here with some fun on the beach before the boys head inside for some more private fun of their own.

You can expect to see a lot more of Danny in the future, and we also have several more scenes with Gregg coming your way this year.”

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Rocco Alfieri fucks Gregg Meyjes raw at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Rocco Alfieri barebacks Gregg Meyjes writes:

“You have all met Gregg before, but today’s video was actually an early scene with us and for the occasion we paired him up with the charming Rocco Alfieri.

Before this day Rocco had only ever seen some pictures of Gregg and was quite looking forward to meeting him and seeing if he was as cute in real life as he was in pictures.

From the look of things I would guess that Rocco was not disappointed.”

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