Big-dicked Jack Hunter fucks Leo Luckett in “Secret Spa” at Leo Luckett rides Jack Hunter's huge cock in "Secret Spa" writes:

Leo’s massage turns X-rated when his wife leaves the room. Will Jack get caught in a compromising position for his new business? Let’s hope so!”

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Falcon Studios’ “Intimate” at NakedSword

NakedSword: Falcon Studios' "Intimate"
NakedSword Special Offer

Falcon Studios writes at

“What turns men on and what do they like to do when they’re behind closed doors? Find out when seven hunky studs give an ‘Intimate’ look into their private sex lives.

Pull back the curtain to hear what turns them on the most – from soft to hard, tender to rough – and then watch as they live out their own passionate fantasies.

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Ali Liam fucks Jack Hunter in “Straight Secrets, Part 3” at Ali Liam fucks Jack Hunter in "Straight Secrets, Part 3"

Jack Hunter bottoms for Ali Liam at

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Jack Hunter gets pounded by Damien Stone in Raging Stallion’s “It’s Coming”

Raging Stallion: Damien Stone bangs Jack Hunter in "It's Coming"

In this scene from Raging Stallion’s “It’s Coming”, Jack and Damien are forced to share a sleeping bag. Damien convinces Jack that he will be less scared with a dick in his mouth then he takes it to the next level and pounds the hell out of Jack’s tight ass.

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Jack Hunter fucks Tom Bentley in “After School Stepbrother Fuck” at GayRoom

GayRoom: Tom Bentley rides Jack Hunter's big cock in "After School Stepbrother Fuck"
GayRoom Special Offer

Tom Bentley comes home to find his older step brother, Jack Hunter, stroking his fat cock and ends up with his semen all over his face.

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Jason Vario fucks Jack Hunter in TitanMen’s “Boom”

TitanMen: Jason Vario bangs Jack Hunter in "Boom"
TitanMen Special Offer writes:

““I kind of had a feeling you like dick,” smiles Jason Vario, catching Jack fresh from his fuck.

“Want some more?” He frees his huge meat, a spit strand connecting it to Jack’s hungry mouth (“Fuck, that’s a big dick!”). Jason grabs hold of the sucker’s hair, spreading his lips wide as he plows his mouth. “Choke on that,” moans Jason, his cock disappearing as Jack gulps it up, spit dripping from his chin.

“Good boy,” says Jason, reaching down to play with Jack’s smooth ass. “Let’s see what you got,” says Jason, marveling as Jack drops his jockstrap, “Jesus, big as I am!” Jason sucks him back, his nose planted in Jack’s pubes.

He turns Jack around and eats him, then slams him fast and hard from behind. “Spread your ass for me,” instructs Jason as he goes harder, their sacs flying like crazy.

Jack sits on it, his own dick bobbing up and down, slamming Jason’s quad. The top strokes him as he rides, then gets him on his back. His pecs shaking, Jack squeezes out a big load — then gets a massive facial, nursing on Jason’s cock after they kiss.”

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Big-dicked Jack Hunter fucks Ethan Slade in “Cum Smoothie” at Ethan Slade rides Jack Hunter's big cock in "Cum Smoothie" writes about this scene:

“Jack Hunter adds a secret ingredient to Ethan Slade’s morning smoothie. It’s so delicious that Ethan needs more and decides to get it right from the source: Jack’s massive cock.”

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Logan Moore and Jack Hunter blow each other in Falcon Studios’ “Intimate”

Falcon Studios: Logan Moore and Jack Hunter blow each other in "Intimate"
FalconStudios Special Offer

In this scene from Falcon Studios’ “Intimate”, Logan Moore and Jack Hunter pleasure each other intensely.

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Jimmy Durano bangs Jack Hunter in “Dangerous Days, Part 2” at Jimmy Durano bangs Jack Hunter in "Dangerous Days, Part 2" writes about this scene:

“The men cannot wait any longer for women to show up, helping each other work off the stress of these dangerous days with a suck and fuck.”

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Big-dicked Jack Hunter fucks Alex Taylor in “Jackpot Massage” at GayRoom

GayRoom: Alex Taylor takes Jack Hunter's big dick in "Jackpot Massage"

Jack Hunter massages and plays with Alex Taylor’s body before fucking his tight hole with his 9-inch cock.

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