Jessy Ares fucks Bruno Bernal in “Him, Part 4” at Jessy Ares bangs Bruno Bernal in “Him, Part 4” writes:

“Jessy Ares has developed real feelings for his programmed companion. Bruno Bernal reminds Jessy of the pleasures of real human touch.

Bruno works Jessy’s dick and balls with his mouth, and then returns the favor by jamming his cock deep down Jessy’s throat.

Jessy wets Bruno hole with his tongue before Bruno takes a seat on his meaty dick. Bruno blows his big load while he has his cute butt fucked doggy style.”

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Denis Vega, Jessy Ares and Max Toro’s threeway in “Sex, Lies and Surveillance, Part 4” at Denis Vega, Jessy Ares and Max Toro's hot threeway in “Sex, Lies and Surveillance, Part 4” writes:

“Jessy Ares has been secretly observing and recording a couple in his building have sex. He finally decides to join Denis Vega and Max Toro for a three-way fuck session.

Jessy buries his cock deep in Denis’ tight ass. Denis also has Max’s huge dick in his mouth as he is being fucked.

Max has his turn railing Denis before taking a seat on Jessy’s eager cock. Max shoots his load while riding Denis’s perfect cock. Jessy and Denis blow their hot loads on Max’s chest.”

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Jessy Ares bangs Nick North in “Him, Part 3” at Jessy Ares bangs Nick North in "Him, Part 3" writes:

“Jessy Ares sings in Italian for a sophisticated operating system whose only purpose is to cater to his every need and desire. The OS takes it upon itself to invite over Jessy’s past lover, Nick North, as it can clearly sense Jessy’s immediate need for hard cock.

Jessy is all over Nick’s hot cock and smooth balls while Nick works his tongue in and around Jessy’s hole. Jessy fucks Nick’s sweet, flexible ass, before delivering Nick a nice, hot facial.”

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Jessy Ares bangs Flex Xtremmo in “Under the Influence”

MenAtPlay: Jessy Ares pounds Flex Xtremmo in "Under the Influence"

Muscle hunks Flex Xtremmo and Jessy Ares fuck at

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Gabriel Vanderloo rides Jessy Ares in “Him, Part 1” at Jessy Ares fucks Gabriel Vanderloo in "Him, Part 1" writes:

“Jessy Ares is a manager and editor of porn who befriends a revolutionary operating system designed to meet his every need. Jessy opens up to his new companion about the intense love he used to make to his ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Vanderloo.

They would suck each other’s hard, fat dicks, and then Jessy would moisten Gabriel’s hole with his wet tongue. He would then bury his cock deep in Gabriel’s perfect, willing ass.”

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Jessy Ares bangs Damien Crosse in “Executive Brothel, Part 1” at Jessy Ares pounds Damien Crosse in “Executive Brothel, Part 1” writes:

“Jessy Ares needs to find a way to bring escorts into his company’s building late at night to help relieve the stress of some top executives.

Jesse enlists the help of trustworthy building maintenance worker, Damien Crosse. Damien agrees to help, but not before he sits on some executive cock.

Jessy goes to town railing Damien’s ass, making Damien’s stiff cock bounce with every thrust.”

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Ricky Ares and Jessy Ares bang each other in “Last Goodbye” at Jessy Ares and Ricky Ares fuck each other in "Last Goodbye" writes:

“Lovers Jesse Ares and Ricky Ares are moving and they want to give their house one last proper goodbye. The couple sees no better way to do so than by having scorching hot sex passionately and intensely in their former abode.

As they take turns fucking each other it is clear they know just the right way to pleasure one another.”

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Jessy Ares bangs Theo Ford in “Here And Now” at Jessy Ares bangs Theo Ford in "Here And Now" writes:

“An accidental discovery of his boyfriend’s phone, Theo Ford cannot help but let his curiosity take over and take a look at what his boyfriend has been up to. He soon regrets checking the phone when he discovers that his boyfriend has been cheating on him.

Luckily for Theo, Jessy Ares is there to express sympathy, but he is also there to offer Theo the chance to get revenge on his philandering boyfriend.

With an empty gym providing privacy for the hook up, both men decide to take advantage and fuck around.”

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Jessy Ares fucks Gabriel Vanderloo in “Break Point” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Jessy Ares pounds Gabriel Vanderloo in "Break Point" writes:

“A game of billiards is the perfect excuse to get a good eye full of a man’s suited ass!! All that bending over the table, lining up your cue and stretching forward really puts your behind on full display.

No surprise then that in a game between Jessy Ares and Gabriel Vanderloo, Gabriel can’t keep his eye on the ball cause that meaty full butt of Jessy’s is just too big a distraction. To even the odds up a little Gabriel tries to flirt with and distract Jessy making him mess up his aim.”

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Colby Keller, Dato Foland, Gabriel Clark and Jessy Ares fuck Paddy O’Brian in “Howl, Part 4” at Paddy O'Brian bottoms for Colby Keller, Dato Foland, Gabriel Clark and Jessy Ares in "Howl, Part 4"

Paddy O’Brian is gangbanged by Colby Keller, Dato Foland, Gabriel Clark and Jessy Ares in the spectacular conclusion of’s “Howl” series.

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