Kieran Benning creams Joaquin Arrenas at Kieran Benning creams Joaquin Arrenas writes:

“The following scene is a very free form affair, especially considering it comes from director Marty Sevens. Maybe it is because the two guys he was directing were just horny and experienced enough to perform without his instructions.”

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Marc Ruffalo fucks Joaquin Arrenas bareback at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Marc Ruffalo barebacks Joaquin Arrenas writes:

“Today we have Joaquin’s training scene with Marc Ruffalo. It was set up so that the boys could meet the day before the scene and get to know each other a bit, but it seems that they were both eager to be fresh for the scene and had an early night (in the same bed of course) instead.

After watching the scene I think you will agree that it is not so easy to spot that Joaquin is the newbie and Marc the trainer as they both give an outstanding show. Our cameraman Marty decided to be a bit loose with his directions today and let the boys take the lead in the scene and just film whatever it was that they wanted to do and the results are quite good.

Luckily we will get to see a lot more of Joaquin in the future as one of the new members of our regular team.”

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Andre Boleyn barebacks Joaquin Arrenas raw in “Summer Break, Episode 7” at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Andre Boleyn fucks Joaquin Arrenas bareback in "Summer Break, Episode 7" writes:

“After a stroll around the gardens, it is the bathroom that Andre and Joaquin choose as the venue of choice for having sex today. Andre has been eyeing off Joaquin for quite some time, so our expectations for this scene were quite high.

Both dark haired guys are fairly intense lovers and although Andre has the edge with experience, Joaquin manages to match him in almost every regard.

Freshman Joaquin is the bottom for today’s scene and is clearly enjoying every moment of it.”

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Big-dicked Joel Birkin fucks Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvin bareback at Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvin take Joel Birkin's 10-inch dick bareback writes:

“For those who are wondering whether today’s scenes are a double-day set or two separate scenes George has an explanation: In 1994 the late Chuck Holmes, founder of Falcon Studios shared some porn wisdom with me. He said, “George, dick sells, and big dicks sell better”.

I innocently protested, “But some customers are telling me that they don’t care about dick size. ”He resolutely responded, “Then they are lying”.

Skip to 2017 when Luke presents to me a scene with Jarrod and Joaquin. I said, “But both boys have rather small dicks”. He innocently protested “But many of our customers claim that they don’t care about dick size”. I resolutely responded, “If that’s what they claim they are lying.”

So, to stay on the safe side I instructed him to film another part with Joel Birkin included.”

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Bastian Dufy fucks Joaquin Arrenas raw at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Bastian Dufy barebacks Joaquin Arrenas writes:

“Two of our Freshmen guys are joining us here on BelAmi today as Marty Stevens films Bastian Dufy and Joaquin Arrenas in this energetic love making session.

Of all the new guys, Bastian has to be one of the best at sucking dick (not that he does not excel at most other things sexual as well), giving Joaquin a taste of proper deep throating before also showing him what he can do with his big and thick cock as well.

With boys like this as our new generation, we can be assured of many more years of pleasure at BelAmi.”

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