Austin Wilde creams newcomer Chandler at GuysInSweatpants

GuysInSweatpants: Austin Wilde creams newbie Chandler's tight ass writes:

“Chandler is an 18 year old cutie who came to us from Tennessee. This is his first time ever getting filmed having sex on camera, and what better way to spend it than getting fucked and bred by Austin?

Chandler was hoping for a shoot with Austin, and Austin loves breaking in his new boys, so this it was a perfect match.

Watching Chandler suck on Austin’s huge cock is enough to make you cum in itself, but luckily it didn’t stop there!

Austin tongue-fucked Chandler’s hole until it was lubed up enough to slowly slide each inch of his veiny cock into it… then they fucked nonstop like animals.

The smiles on Chandler’s face as he lay there taking Austin’s cock is the cherry on top of this fuck fest! Not to give too much away, but let’s just say: Chandler may have left the house this day day with some of Austin’s load still in him. Enjoy ;)”

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Brandon Cody fucks Dante Colle raw in “Brandon’s Bareback Return” at Brandon Cody fucks Dante Colle raw in "Brandon's Bareback Return" Special Offer

Brandon Cody’s back and he’s bareback! Watch him get it in and on with Dante Colle at

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James Manziel gets fucked by fit jock Price Hogan at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Newcomer Price Hogan has gay sex for the first time with James Manziel
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18-year-old Price Hogan has his first gay hardcore scene with James Manziel at

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“Numero 6” at LatinLeche

Latin Leche: "Numero 6" writes:

“It’s another good day for the horny cameraman! This guy has no fear going up to the first straight guy he sees and probing him for details about his sex life. Turns out he’s an unemployed straight guy with a girlfriend. Seems like he could use some money!

When the man behind the camera pulls out his handful of cash, the guy agrees to answer his questions, even go with him back to his place!

The promise of more and more money gets him to let the cameraman touch him all over. Not only does he have a beautiful, tight body, but he’s got a perfect, thick cock!

This straight guy will do anything for a little extra money… even take a big, raw cock up his tight, hairy hole!”

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Hector, Deacon and Asher’s raw threesome at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Hector, Deacon and Asher's raw threeway
SeanCody Special Offer
SeanCody Trial Offer writes:

““They are really sexy… they make me feel things.” Hector started touching himself with the thought of fucking around with Sean Cody’s sexy couple, Deacon and Asher.

He had a bit of a surprise in store for them to start the day off on the right foot… a double-sided dildo!

Of course, our hot couple was excited about it… but also eager to have Hector fuck them… and to fuck Hector; a good ol’ free for all!”

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Price Hogan jerks off at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Teen jock Price Hogan rubs one out
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Young stud Price Hogan shows off his hot body and busts a huge nut at

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Phoenix Fellington fucks Beaux Banks in “Masterclass, Part 3” at Phoenix Fellington fucks Beaux Banks in "Masterclass, Part 3" Special Offer

Phoenix Fellington and Beaux Banks bring you the third installment of’s “Masterclass”.

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Troy barebacks Elian at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher: Troy bangs Elian raw
Corbin Fisher Special Offer writes:

“Elian is quickly becoming one of our rising stars here at CF and one of the things we love about him is how willing and eager he is to be both a dominant top and a power bottom, depending on who he’s paired with.

In this scene, watching his big cock slap up against his abs while he rides Troy is a sight to behold – he loves every second of getting pounded and seems like he’s on the edge the whole time!

For his part, Troy, our All-American football jock, knows how to show a guy a good time and really plows hot, Latin stud Elian all over the bed until they’re both covered in hot cum. Elian goes down on him one last time and then shares the taste of Troy’s cock with him, before these two get ready for their next adventure!”

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President Faust pounds Bishop Gibson raw in “Atonement” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: President Faust bangs Bishop Gibson raw in "Atonement" writes:

“President Faust is a patient man, but he’s also stern when he has to be. The one thing he won’t abide is even a hint of disobedience, whether it’s in the boys he’s inducting into the Order or the fellow priesthood leaders.

He’s seen the way his stable of missionaries fawn over Bishop Gibson and he’s certain that he’s fucking them without his permission. This cannot stand.

He’s called in Bishop Gibson to atone in an effort to remind him who’s really in charge. For President Faust, he knows the best way is to put him through the priesthood stretcher.”

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Roald Ekberg fucks Nils Tatum raw at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Roald Ekberg barebacks Nils Tatum
BelAmi Special Trial Offer writes:

“This is one of our scenes filmed during our ‘Summer Break’ production but didn’t quite make it into the schedule then, so we hung onto it for a little while.

Nils is still fairly fresh to filming here, so it helps that he has a very experienced partner in Roald Ekberg.

Inexperienced or not, Nils’ performance is first rate and these two do make for a perfect couple.”

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