Brock fucks Joey raw at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Brock fucks Joey's muscle butt raw
Sean Cody Offer writes:

“It’s been over two years since his solo, but Brock decided to come back to pound some ass… Joey’s ass to be exact!

After Joey showed Brock the joys of paddle boarding, seeing each other half naked and wet got these two muscle hunks in the mood, so back to the house they went so that Brock could show Joey the joys of taking dick!”

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Brysen fucks Joey raw at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Brysen pounds Joey's muscle butt bareback
Sean Cody Offer writes:

“Brysen was bragging all day about his great massage skills, so Joey put him to the test to find out for himself. “I think I’m pretty good! Good enough that I used to use it to get a lot of straight guys in bed, so, we’ll see!”

Brysen couldn’t stop himself from getting as hard as a rock while he was massaging Joey’s muscular body. Having Joey just lie there bare was enough to drive him mad.

The final verdict? Well, Joey’s relaxed muscles and boner were an indication to support Brysen’s claims. The massage was definitely relaxing, but Brysen showed no mercy as he fucked Joey senseless!”

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Joey bottoms for newbie Hector at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Newcomer Hector creampies Joey writes:

“The moment Hector met Joey, we immediately knew that he was definitely his type.

Even being on a hike in the great outdoors didn’t stop him from taking Joey and feeling him up.

Eventually, the sexual tension got so intense that we had to bring it indoors where Hector took it nice and slow and showed his bottom the joys of taking every inch of his thick cock!”

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Kaleb barebacks Joe at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Kaleb barebacks Joe writes:

“It can’t get any better than two fine young men playing around with each other naked at the beach… and having one of them fuck the cum out of the other!

Kaleb couldn’t stop thinking about Joe’s ass, so he gave it the pounding it deserved!

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Frankie pounds Joey raw at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Frankie bangs Joey raw writes:

“Joey has heard a few things about Frankie’s aggressive poundings, but he had to experience it for himself to believe it. “They’re all true, by the way.” Frankie set the record straight. “I hope so!”

After some wrestling in the water, Joey reigned supreme… but back at the house, Frankie dominated his ass, and Joey confirmed that the rumors were true!”

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Joey and Shaw fuck each other raw at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Joey and Shaw flip fuck bareback writes:

“Not only did these two muscle studs get along very well with their clothes on, but also with their dicks hanging out.

Joey and Shaw both wanted to get into each other’s pants so bad that they had to flip fuck to get a little bit of everything.”

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Jakob fucks Joey bareback at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Jakob barebacks Joey writes:

““Let’s see what I’m working with… damn bro!” Jakob was pleasantly surprised with Joey’s ripped body.

Naturally, Joey became a little bashful, but proud nonetheless.

Jakob was telling us how much he enjoyed his first time with a guy on Sean Cody, and Joey saw this as an opportunity to be better than the last… challenge accepted!

I think it’s safe to say that the newbie had yet another great time with one of our experienced bottoms.”

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Randy fucks Joey raw at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Joey rides Randy's thick cock bareback
Sean Cody Offer writes:

“Joey didn’t get enough of Randy’s huge dick in the threesome they had with Jordan a few years back, so they’ve both come together to take care of some unfinished business… Randy was happy to oblige!”

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Howard pounds Joey bareback at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Howard barebacks Joey
Sean Cody Offer

Howard fucks Joey’s big muscle butt hard and raw at!

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Darryl fucks another guy for the first time at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Newcomer Darryl has his first gay fuck with muscle bottom Joey

Sean Cody writes:

“Darryl hasn’t had much experience with guys in the past, so what better way to introduce him to the wonderful world of gay sex than to just jump right into it with our favorite muscle bottom? Joey was happy to fill in the position!

Darryl talked a bit about his only experience with one of his soccer buddies, “We were both taking a shower and we jerked each other off. That’s the most I’ve done. Now, I’m kinda curious about doing more!”

And more he did. All over Joey’s body!”

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