Johnny Rapid gets fucked by bodybuilder Braden Charron in “Message Intercepted” at Braden Charron fucks Johnny Rapid in "Message Intercepted" writes:

“Braden Charron sneaks a peak at Johnny Rapid’s phone, and realizes that he wants to fuck him. He’s been wanting to do the same for a while, so in no time Johnny has Braden’s bronzed cock in his mouth.

They guys take turns sucking each other off before Braden gets himself inside Johnny, fucking him until both men shoot their hot loads onto Johnny’s stomach.”

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Rod Pederson bottoms for Johnny Rapid in “Stealing Johnny, Part 2” at Johnny Rapid fucks Rod Pederson in "Stealing Johnny, Part 2" writes:

“With the PR stunt a success and the ransom money flowing in, the boys hope to continue shooting with Johnny. However, Johnny has other plans to continue his kidnapping story — this time in the form of fucking hot go-go boy Rod Pederson in front of the camera.”

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Cooper Reed fucks Johnny Rapid in “The Tank” at Cooper Reed fucks Johnny Rapid in "The Tank" writes:

“It’s Cooper Reed’s first time in the slammer—luckily his cell mate is Johnny Rapid, who has no problem welcoming the prison virgin with his huge cock and eager ass. It’s going to be a long night for these naughty cocksuckers, utilizing every position their tight cell will allow.”

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Johnny Rapid fucks Paul Canon in “Stealth Fuckers, Part 12” at Johnny Rapid fucks Paul Canon in "Stealth Fuckers, Part 12" writes:

“Johnny Rapid has had it with his girlfriend. She won’t put out and just spends all his cash while out with her best friend. Johnny find out that Paul Canon is in the exact same boat so the two boys decide to have some fun while the girls are out. Johnny plows Paul’s perfect ass until they both cum all over.”

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Jack King bangs Johnny Rapid in “The Jack Off Tape” at Jack King fucks Johnny Rapid in "The Jack Off Tape" writes:

“When Jack King catches his younger bro’s friend watching a video he made of himself jacking off he almost flips out. Jack is as straight as they come but Johnny convinces him to let him suck his dick and then ride it like a champ.”

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Johnny Rapid fucks Nick West in Bromo’s “Johnny Goes Bareback… Again! (Part 3)”

Bromo: Johnny Rapid fucks Nick West in "Johnny Goes Bareback... Again! (Part 3)" writes:

“What a better way to introduce newcomer Nick West and the perfection that he is, than to have him deep-throat Johnny’s thick cock.

Good thing Nick’s into being roughed up. Johnny pins him down to play and spank his hot ass, then proceeds to plow Nick bareback.

Making him moan and revel in his intense pleasure until they blow some of the hottest loads we’ve seen in a while.”

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Johnny Rapid fucks Jack Hunter in “Stealth Fuckers, Part 10” at Johnny Rapid bangs Jack Hunter in "Stealth Fuckers, Part 10" writes:

“When Johnny Rapid and Jack Hunter wake up after partying in their hotel room the night before they realize they should probably clean the trashed room. The only problem is that Johnny is experiencing some morning wood and Jack has always wanted a taste of his juicy cock.

Jack reaches for Johnny’s dick and soon the boys are fucking while housekeeping roams the room.”

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Owen Michaels fucks Johnny Rapid in “I’m Leaving You, Part 4” at Owen Michaels fucks Johnny Rapid in “I’m Leaving You, Part 4” writes:

“Johnny Rapid is looking for his ex-boyfriend but he finds the hot Owen Michaels instead. Johnny shoots a big load as he is drilled upside down.”

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Alexander Motogazzi gets pounded by Johnny Rapid in “Johnny Goes Bareback… Again! (Part 1)” at Bromo

Bromo: Johnny Rapid bangs Alexander Motogazzi in "Johnny Goes Bareback... Again! (Part 1)" writes:

“Johnny’s at it… Again! Back for more uninhibited raw fun, and this time with the handsome Alexander Motogazzi. After an afternoon of frolicking at the beach, these two hotties make their way home to explore each other’s bodies.

From the moment Johnny takes complete control and roughly holds Alexander’s head down to when he rams his rock hard dick raw deep inside Alexander’s bubble butt, you know this will be one intense fuck fest.”

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Armando de Armas bangs Johnny Rapid in “I’m Leaving You, Part 3” at Armando de Armas pounds Johnny Rapid in "I'm Leaving You, Part 3" writes:

“Johnny Rapid only has the sexy Armando De Armas on his mind as he chokes on his beautiful cock. Johnny bounces his cute ass up and down on Armando’s rock hard dick until he shoots a massive load all over himself.”

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