CockyBoys’ “A Man & His Boy” at NakedSword

NakedSword: CockyBoys' "A Man and His Boy"

CockyBoys writes at NakedSword:

“Director Jake Jaxson sure has a way with words when it comes to his DVD titles. Featuring lusty sex between many of our jock beauties on the roster.

So now he’s put together “A Man & His Boy” for fans which captures some of the steam between CockyBoys Exclusives Pierre Fitch, Allen King, Angel Cruz, Ricky Roman & Gabriel Clark. Plus UK star JP Dubois, Tryp Bates and scruffy hunk porn star Colby Keller.”

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Nick North fucks JP Dubois in “Delivering The Goods, Part 3” at Nick North fucks JP Dubois in "Delivering The Goods"
Join for $1 only! writes:

“JP gets back to work to find his boss Nick North waiting to confront him about his extra-curricular activities in the office that he thought only they were into. An apologetic JP gets down on his knees and gets to work on the boss’s cock so he can make it up to him.”

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Mark Sanz bottoms for JP Dubois in “Delivering The Goods, Part 1” at Mark Sanz rides JP Dubois in "Delivering The Goods, Part 1" writes:

“JP and Mark get back to the office after a long day of deliveries tired and horny and to their surprise overhear the boss fucking in another room. They decide it’s time for them to also take a well deserved break and relieve some stress with an impromptu fuck session.”

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Flex Xtremmo and JP Dubois flip fuck in “Truth or Dare, Part 3” at Flex Xtremmo and JP Dubois bang each other in "Truth or Dare, Part 3"
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“The webcam boys have their time in the spotlight—Flex and JP Dubois show off for the camera, starting with a blowjob and leading to Flex penetrating JP from behind. He thrusts in and out, filling both men with pleasurable desire.

JP mounts Flex and rides him, bouncing up and down to get that cock as far inside him as possible. He then loosens Flex up with a rim job before plunging his member deep into the dark-haired hottie.”

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Killian James fucks JP Dubois in “Sexperiment – Episode 3: Ass Worship” at NakedSword

NakedSword Originals: Killian James fucks JP Dubois in "Sexperiment - Episode 3: Ass Worship"
Special Offer from writes:

“JP Dubois lies face down. He doesn’t even look to see who’s fucking his ass because he doesn’t care. NakedSword Exclusive Killian James doesn’t want anything except a hot hungry hole to fuck.

It’s a perfect pairing. Killian knows his way around an ass – he uses his tongue, his fingers, sex toys and his cock like a true ass-master.

In a daring Sexperiment, you’ll share every inch of JP’s uncut cock and go deep inside his tight hole with Killian as he breaks the third wall and narrates his way through the entire scene – it’s fucking hot!”

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Ryan Rose and JP Dubois bang each other in Falcon Studios’ “Ripped”

Falcon Studios: Ryan Rose and JP Dubois flip fuck in "Ripped"

‘Ripped’ studs JP Dubois and Ryan Rose bang each other in this hot update at

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Jessy Ares fucks JP Dubois in “Gay of Thrones, Part 7” at Jessy Ares fucks JP Dubois in “Gay of Thrones, Part 7” writes:

“JP Dubois offers Jessy Ares a handsome reward for agreeing to fight for him, but Jessy wants something else in return. He prefers to have JP choke on his cock before drilling his tight, sweet hole.”

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JP Dubois rides Rocco Steele’s massive cock in “Eat, Prey, Fuck – Part 3” at JP Dubois takes a ride on Rocco Steele's massive cock in "Eat, Prey, Fuck - Part 3" writes:

“Rocco Steele is starting to feel at home in Europe and he is really beginning to find himself. After a phone call to Luke, Rocco goes to the restroom where he meets JP Dubois.

After a few quick words, JP is on his knees pleasing Rocco’s thick cock. Fucking JP’s mouth isn’t enough for him though, so he moves on to stretching his tight hole.”

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Lance Luciano fucks JP Dubois in “Guys Like Us: Down To Business” at FalconStudios

Falcon Studios: Lance Luciano fucks JP Dubois in “Guys Like Us: Down To Business” writes:

“When two Alphas occupy one room the battle begins for dominance. JP Dubois starts the competition with his piercing eyes and sly smile. He tests the waters with a slow caress down his button down shirt until his hand is resting on his cock tempting his prey.

Lance Luciano, drop-dead gorgeous in black, shows his interest by groping himself back and unbuckling his belt. One-upsmanship leads to both men showing off their big uncut cocks. JP stretches his foreskin so much it’s gotta hurt, then steps over the table and plunks him meat squarely in Lance’s hand.

Their tongues connect next. Fascinated by what JP was doing with his foreskin, Lance aligns their hard ons and docks them, sliding his foreskin over JP’s cock, then reversing the process.

JP challenges himself to swallow Lance’s cock while Lance reaches around to slip a finger into JP’s hole. Lance ups the ante by sliding in two, then feeds Lance the juices.

The fingers are soon replaced by Lance’s cock, and the juices continue to flow. JP is a pro and he twists and turns his cock every which-way as Lance drills him.

They separate briefly for Lance to have a taste of JP’s foreskin, then reconnect with JP straddling Lance from above, grimacing as he shoots all over his belly, then kneeling with open mouth to drink Lance’s load.”

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Adam Herst slams JP Dubois in “Hard Time” at HotHouse

Hot House: JP Dubois gets pounded by Adam Herst in "Hard Time" writes:

“While reviewing the security camera footage from the night before, Officer Adam Herst discovers that JP Dubois was fucking around with another inmate. The angry cop threatens to send JP to the hole but when the frightened prisoner promises to do anything to avoid solitary confinement Herst has a better idea. He orders Dubois to strip out of his orange jumper and bend over his desk with his huge bubble-butt in the air.

Herst forces JP to spit on his wooden nightstick and shoves it deep in the young stud’s tight hole. The anal attention makes Herst’s cock rock hard so he strips naked and shoves his thick dick down JP’s throat.”

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