Bishop Gibson fucks Elder Land raw in “The Covenant” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Elder Land rides Bishop Gibson bareback in "Covenant" writes:

“Elder Land meets once again with Bishop Gibson, the object of his fantasies and desire, to prove his devotion to both him and the Order.

Their covenant is overseen by the boy’s mentor, President Faust, who wants nothing more than to see his young protege perform his duties well.

Things get hot and heated when Elder Land mounts up on his blonde crush, leading all three men to lose themselves in a passionate session of moaning and fucking.”

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President Faust fucks Elder Land bareback in “Endowment” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: President Faust bangs Elder Land raw in "Endowment" writes:

“The Veil is a true test of obedience. The missionaries brought before it cannot see the man that stands behind but must still show they can serve and submit.

Elder Land kneels before the strange white while and sucks the big cock that pokes through, all the while being guided and touched by President Faust.

The older man can’t help but his cock inside him as well, resulting in the boy having to service the two men from both sides.”

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Bishop Gibson barebacks Elder Land in “Atonement” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson barebacks Elder Land in "Atonement" writes:

“Elder Land would do anything for President Faust and the men of the Order. Despite his efforts, he’s can’t stop thinking about being back in their powerful, dominant hands. President Faust has become uniquely infatuated with his submission, and is eager to push the limits of his body and his obedience.”

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Elder Land rides President Faust bareback in “Second Anointing” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Elder Land rides President Faust bareback in "Second Anointing" writes:

“Elder Land’s obsessed over how the handsome leader had taken total control of him. He wanted more, but was scared of what the older man would do. The handsome man was greatly impressed with the boy and wanted to reward him for his submission and make love to him on the sacred altar.”

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President Faust dominates Elder Land’s ass in “Disciplinary Action” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: President Faust dominates Elder Land's ass in "Disciplinary Action" writes:

“Words of Elder Land’s perfect butt has spread around the Brethren. They know the boy cannot say no to the men of the priesthood and that deep down he loves feeling them control him.

President Faust requests another meeting with the boy to put his round ass to the test, seeing what it can take and how the boy responds to true dominance.”

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Elder Land gets serviced by President Faust in “Interview” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: President Faust fingers and blows Elder Land in "Interview" writes:

“Elder Land is confronted about his same-sex attraction by the powerful and dominant President Faust. The sexy man sees the boy’s nervousness and panic and can’t help but be turned on.

He tied the boy’s hands behind his back, teasing out both the truth of his sexual desires and his eagerness to submit.”

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