Landon Conrad and Derek Atlas flip fuck in Raging Stallion’s “Cockquest”

Raging Stallion: Landon Conrad and Derek Atlas fuck each other in "Cockquest"

Derek Atlas and Landon Conrad are two muscle studs who decide to have it both ways in an epic flip-fuck in Raging Stallion’s “Cockquest”.

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Johnny V gets pounded by Landon Conrad in Raging Stallion’s “Auto Erotic, Part 1”

Raging Stallion: Landon Conrad pounds Johnny V in “Auto Erotic, Part 1”

Muscled studs Landon Conrad and Johnny V have a high octane exchange that sends the sexual RPMs into overdrive.

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Landon Conrad bottoms for Christian Wilde in “Men Collector, Part 3” at Christian Wilde fucks Landon Conrad in “Men Collector, Part 3” writes:

“A minor hostage situation developed after Christian Wilde was done fucking Tyler Sweet. Police officer Landon Conrad negotiates a deal to free the hostage and get one-on-one with the crazy fucker.

A former relationship is alluded to before the guys get naked and Landon gives up his ass for that crazy cock!”

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Jarec Wentworth fucks Landon Conrad in “Predator, Part 4” at Jarec Wentworth fucks Landon Conrad in "Predator, Part 4"

Jarec Wentworth’s big cock gives Landon Conrad the best ass fucking he’s had in a very long time!

The final episode of’s ‘Predator’ series is also the hottest… Landon and Jarec have undeniable chemistry.”

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Landon Conrad and Andrew Stark flip fuck in Raging Stallion’s “Balls Deep”

Raging Stallion: Landon Conrad and Andrew Stark bang each other in "Balls Deep"

Landon Conrad and Andrew Stark are two alpha-males sparring with each other for sexual dominance in Raging Stallion’s “Balls Deep”.

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Landon Conrad fucks Rylan Knox in Falcon Studios’ “Intensity, Part 1”

Falcon Studios: Landon Conrad bangs Rylan Knox in "Intensity, Part 1" writes:

“Rylan Knox can’t even make it to the bed before Landon Conrad starts thrusting inside him. Rylan steadies himself in the doorway and arches his back to take full advantage of Landon’s impressive endowment.”

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Landon Conrad, Logan Vaughn and Paul Wagner bang Johnny Rapid in “Houseboy, Part 3” at Johnny Rapid gets fucked by Landon Conrad, Logan Vaughn and Paul Wagner in "Houseboy, Part 3" writes about this hot scene:

Paul Wagner invites a few sexy friend over for dinner. But before the main course, houseboy Johnny Rapid offers up some tempting appetizers: his dick and his ass. Landon Conrad, Logan Vaughn and host Paul Wagner get off using all Johnny’s tight young holes.

Continue » Landon Conrad and Logan Vaughn fuck each other in “Not Divorced Yet” Landon Conrad and Logan Vaughn fuck each other in "Not Divorced Yet"

Horny and hot Logan Vaughn finds Landon Conrad dealing with his collapsing marriage. When the guys end up in Logan’s hotel room, it doesn’t take long before Landon is naked with a big dick fucking his ass!

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Landon Conrad pounds Seven Dixon in Raging Stallion’s “Full Blast!”

Raging Stallion: Landon Conrad pounds Seven Dixon in "Full Blast!" writes:

“Landon Conrad and Seven Dixon are kissing, their hands reaching out for cocks and balls, their tongues seeking each other’s mouths. Seven pushes Landon onto a couch and takes what he wants. Muscles flex and collide. He smothers Landon’s face with his ass, he inhales Landon’s hard cock, then submits to a pounding of ferocious intensity.

Sweat drips; mixed with spit and lube, it becomes a lust potion. Seven’s abs clench and ripple as his orgasm gathers force, erupting in clots of spunk that spatter across his torso.

Landon steps back. His balls are pulled up so tight in his scrotum that the shaft of his cock looks twice as long. Seven grabs Landon’s hairy nipples and pinches hard, triggering fountains of cum that he tries to catch in his mouth.”

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Landon Conrad pounds Rikk York in “Dirty Talk” at PrideStudios

MenOver30: Landon Conrad slams Rikk York in "Dirty Talk"
$1 Trial at writes:

“Landon is off work and checking out a popular gay chat site and starts talking with one of the models who just happens to be Rikk. They begin with lots of dirty talk over the phones, teasing one another and eventually Landon tells him to get his ass over to where he is.

Once they connect in person the dirty talk exceeds all expectations and they can’t handle the energy pulsing between them. Landon pushes Rikk into the warehouse and vigorously they start making out and he pushes Rikk down to his knees.

Rikk gulps his massive cock and balls each and every time while Landon face fucks him.

Landon finally gets a taste of that sweet ass they’ve been talking about all day and he face dives in licking and spitting to get it nice and lubed up for his thick dick.

Once his throbbing dick is inside Rikk it’s no holds barred as Landon uses him as his personal fuck toy.

Towards the end they let loose all the pent up energy in the form of milky sweet cum and then Landon wakes up and realizes he can hear Rikk on the phone still asking if he should come on over.. it was all a fucking dream, but a damn good one.”

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