Landon Conrad and Ryan Rose pound each other in Falcon Studios’ “California Dreamin’ 2”

Ryan-Rose-Landon-Conrad-Falcon-1 writes:

“Landon Conrad wakes with an erection. Bearded and chiseled with hard, hairy muscle, he looks so great, your eyes can’t decide where to look. One hand tends to the demands of his cock while the other roams from balls to nipples and any erogenous zone between. The space beside him is empty, so he pulls on a pair of skimpy briefs and sets off in search of his man, Ryan Rose.

Ryan’s in the kitchen, wearing matching briefs and eating berries. He feeds some to Landon. Landon is about to make Ryan’s day, starting with a trail of berry juice kisses that begins at Ryan’s lips and travels to his nipples, navel and cock. Ryan grasps Landon by the neck and feeds him cock, his smooth body pulsing and Landon gulping with the surges.

Landon bends Ryan over the countertop and spreads the globes of his buns, spearing the crack with his tongue while using his nose to inhale and nuzzle Ryan’s balls. Heat emanating from Ryan’s butt fans the flames of Landon’s desire until he can’t hold off any longer…”

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Landon Conrad fucks Dario Beck in TitanMen’s “Signals”

TitanMen: Landon Conrad fucks Dario Beck in "Signals"
TitanMen $99 Sale writes:

“In the backyard, Dario Beck leans back into the arms of Landon Conrad, who reaches around to rub the dark-haired stud’s hairy chest. Dario rubs Landon’s legs, arching back for a kiss. Landon cradles Dario’s head as they suck face, the two rubbing each other during the sultry smooch.

Landon reaches his hand into Dario’s shorts to stroke his cock, which is soon buried deep into the sucker’s mouth. Landon nibbles his partner’s foreskin, the two soon standing to kiss as Dario’s boner grazes Landon’s tight stomach—the bulge in the jock’s shorts growing.

Landon’s big cock pops into Dario’s face, the two holding hands over Landon’s leg as Dario sucks. Landon turns Dario around to eat his hole and lick his hairy ass, grinding his big dick on it before sliding inside. ”

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Angel Rock fucks Landon Conrad in “Cheaters, Episode 4: Payback’s A Bitch” at NakedSword

Naked Sword Originals: Angel Rock bangs Landon Conrad in “Cheaters, Episode 4: Payback's A Bitch” writes:

“On the highway of love, we can all use an occasional ride. Furious with his lying, cheating dirtbag of a boyfriend Tyson Tyler, Landon Conrad hits the road.

And what luck! The car service he calls sends a Cuban charmer (Angel Rock) to pick him up.”

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Landon Conrad and Riley Coxx fuck each other in “Love For Sale” at Landon Conrad and Riley Coxx fuck each other in "Love For Sale" writes about this scene:

“Landon Conrad is dating a busy escort named Riley Coxx. To get some alone time with his lover, Landon secretly books an appointment. Riley is surprised but doesn’t hesitate to pound Landon’s hole!”

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Dato Foland fucks Landon Conrad in “Deliver Me to Temptation” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Dato Foland fucks Landon Conrad in "Deliver Me to Temptation"
MenAtPlay: Dato Foland fucks Landon Conrad in "Deliver Me to Temptation" writes:

“As we all know by now Landon Conrad looks damn hot in his suit, even when he’s busily working away. But throw in some cocky, arrogance from the beautiful, green-eyed delivery boy – Dato Foland, and you get a bubbling sexual tension that can only lead to one thing.

When Dato unzips his leather jacket Landon’s eye is instantly taken with what is obviously one of the hottest, most ripped bodies we have right now on Menatplay.

And pretty soon the two are soon all over each other, kissing and licking every muscle on their bodies.

Landon quickly gets on his knees to swallow Dato’s thick, uncut, European cock. Before turning him around to taste his delicious ass so eagerly that he barely has time to take of his suit.

But Dato soon sees to that, stripping Landon from his suit eagerly wanting to get his hands on his hot, muscle ass and his dick deep inside his hungry hole.”

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Jimmy Durano and Landon Conrad fuck Marcus Ruhl in “Hard Time” at HotHouse

Hot House: Marcus Ruhl gets fucked by Jimmy Durano and Landon Conrad in "Hard Time"
Hot House: Marcus Ruhl gets fucked by Jimmy Durano and Landon Conrad in "Hard Time" writes:

“Being locked up makes Marcus Ruhl horny and hungry for dick. He offers to suck off Officer Jimmy Durano but the Latin stud refuses. Instead he calls Landon Conrad in to fuck the sexy prisoner’s mouth right through the bars of his cell.

Durano returns from his rounds to find Ruhl making a pig of himself swallowing officer Conrad’s huge cock. He pulls the filthy cocksucker out of his cell and gets in on the action. He whips out his thick uncut cock and Conrad forces Ruhl’s head down onto the giant man-meat.

The twisted cops take turns force-feeding Ruhl their cocks until Conrad bends him over and fucks his ass. Ruhl never stops sucking Durano’s dick as Conrad pounds his hole until he pulls out and shoots his load. Durano tells Conrad to beat it so he can finish off Ruhl the way he likes it. He pushes the beefy stud back onto his desk and fucks his giant bubble-butt. Ruhl jacks off and drains his nuts, followed by Durano who showers Ruhl with loads of his creamy jizz.”

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Landon Conrad bangs Hans Berlin in Lucas Entertainment’s “Lucas Men”

Lucas Entertainment: Landon Conrad fucks Hans Berlin in "Lucas Men"
Lucas Entertainment: Landon Conrad fucks Hans Berlin in "Lucas Men"

LucasEntertainment writes:

“Landon Conrad is one of the best looking men performing in hardcore gay porn today — in fact, you could say he has a strong resemblance to He-Man, which makes him even hotter.

Out in Los Angeles he runs into Hans Berlin, a handsome porn star who can give as hard as he can take. The muscles in Landon’s frame are extraordinary, and the minute Hans meets him he knows he’s got to feel how powerful Landon’s thrusts are. He wants to know, and so does everyone else!”

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MenAtPlay: Landon Conrad fucks Dan Broughton in “On Site”

MenAtPlay: Landon Conrad fucks Dan Broughton in "On Site"
MenAtPlay: Landon Conrad fucks Dan Broughton in "On Site" writes:

“Landon Conrad makes his long awaited return to Menatplay this week alongside newbie Brit Lad Danny Broughton who reports for his first day back at the construction site. While Danny comes in to change Landon watches the young builder discretely as he strips out of his work gear.

But when its time for Danny to leave Landon asks him to hang around a bit longer. And after lusting over the hot young builder all day Landon finally gets his hands on him – and his lips around his big uncut dick.

Landon devours every inch of the handsome lad, first deep throating his dick, before flipping him over and burying his tongue in his tight ass, eating him out hungrily in preparation for a hard pounding over his desk.

The whole time keeping his suit perfectly done up while he fucks the naked boy and gives his dutiful employee a face-full of hot cum.”

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Paddy O’Brian fucks Landon Conrad in “Shaft Lane, Part 3” at Paddy O'Brian fucks Landon Conrad in "Shaft Lane, Part 3" Paddy O'Brian fucks Landon Conrad in "Shaft Lane, Part 3" writes about this scene:

“Shaft Lane rivals Paddy O’Brian & Landon Conrad finally decide to settle things once and for all and end up in Paddy’s bedroom. Bad boy Paddy tops Landon’s ass hard and deep.”

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Landon Conrad bangs Armond Rizzo in Raging Stallion’s “Magnetism”

Raging Stallion: Landon Conrad fucks Armond Rizzo in "Magnetism"
Raging Stallion: Landon Conrad fucks Armond Rizzo in "Magnetism"

Raging Stallion writes:

“Armond Rizzo is riveting. His raven-black hair and bushy pubes set off a hairless body dense with muscle. He’s busy writhing all over Landon Conrad, like an Olympic gymnast doing the floor exercise and Landon is the floor. Landon himself looks daddyish with a full beard and body hair from end to end.

Armond’s tongue bath of Landon reaches his cock, which points due North. This time Armond lands with his knees on Landon’s shoulders, pausing for a kiss before resuming the blow job. Armond’s ass is positioned for eating, and Landon doesn’t hesitate. Armond’s sculpted ass, his muscular back and the constant swiveling of hips make compelling viewing.

The next maneuver puts Armond on Landon’s lap with a cock in his ass. Armond’s compact stature means his hole is always tight and the walls are stretched wide by the fat cock that’s drilling him. Landon alternately kisses Armond’s lips and his nipples while he fucks him.

Landon’s muscled shoulders tense up to shoot his load in Armond’s mouth. Two fingers in his ass push Armond over the edge, shooting a wad.”

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Raging Stallion

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