Massimo Piano and Lucas Fox flip fuck in “The Genie, Part 1” at Massimo Piano and Lucas Fox fuck each other in "The Genie, Part 1" writes:

“Massimo Piano discovers an old lamp and rubs it just the right way for a Genie to appear and grant him anything he wishes.

His first wish draws in Lucas Fox to fill his tight hole with his hammer of a cock and makes Massimo believe in true magic.”

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Lucas Fox fucks Drae Axtell in Lucas Entertainment’s “Bareback Auditions 07”

Lucas Entertainment: Drae Axtell rides Lucas Fox’s raw cock in "Bareback Auditions 07"

In Lucas Entertainment’s “Bareback Auditions 07”, Drae Axtell puts his bilingual skills to use as he interviews Lucas Fox about his sex life – but why talk about fucking when Lucas can show Drae how good he is at it?

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Javi Velaro and Lucas Fox flip fuck raw in Lucas Entertainment’s “Fuck n Cuck”

Lucas Entertainment: Javi Velaro and Lucas Fox bang each other raw in "Fuck n Cuck" writes:

“Ace had his fun, so now it’s Lucas Fox’s turn. Lucas tells Ace to wait at home and jerk off while thinking about Lucas going out and being with another man. The hookup is Javi Velaro, and he’s a horny guy who loves having a tall dominant hunk to service.

Javi totally gives himself to Lucas: they sensually kiss and touch before Javi gives up his hole to Lucas’ raw top cock.

The fucking is incredible from the beginning: at 04:55 Javi Velaro is bent over taking dick deep and hard! Lucas gets a tickle in his own butt, and he bends over for some of Javi’s raw cock, too.”

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Ace Era gets fucked raw by Ralph Novak and Lucas Fox in Lucas Entertainment’s “Fuck n Cuck”

Lucas Entertainment: Ralph Novak and Lucas Fox creampie Ace Era in "Fuck n Cuck" writes:

“Lucas Fox doesn’t like sharing his toys, but it’s been a fantasy of his boyfriend Ace Era to have Lucas take on the role of a cuckold and watch his man take a stranger in the ass. It took a lot of convincing, but Ace and Lucas finally find a man to help them play out the fantasy.

While Lucas sits by and plays with his dick, he watches Ralph Novak man-handle Ace’s ass and makes him his bottom bitch. Ace can’t restrain himself for long – he loves Lucas’ huge throbbing cock, and he sucks on it while Ralph pounds him from behind.

After awhile when Lucas comes inside Ace. (who puckers it out into Ralph’s hand for proof of purchase) Lucas enjoys some sloppy seconds and breeds his man ass to completion.”

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Lucas Fox fucks Robbie Rojo in “The Parlor, Part 1” at Lucas Fox fucks Robbie Rojo in "The Parlor, Part 1" writes:

“Robbie Rojo and Lucas Fox worship each other’s long cocks before Robbie’s asshole welcomes Lucas inside.

He works that Rod with his tight behind, milking every last drop of cum from those irresistible balls.”

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Lucas Fox fucks Diego Reyes in “Fallen Angel, Part 3” at Lucas Fox fucks Diego Reyes in "Fallen Angel, Part 3" writes:

“Lucas Fox works Diego Reyes into a horned frenzy with his relentless pounding. Diego’s prostate doesn’t stand a chance as Lucas hammers his cock into him, sending their hot loads spewing.

Diego may be a fallen angel but he knows that human relationships are worth the risk.”

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Lucas Fox and Paddy O’Brian fuck Andy Star and Ely Chaim in “Hat Trick, Part 3” at Andy Star and Ely Chaim get fucked by Lucas Fox and Paddy O'Brian in "Hat Trick, Part 3" writes:

“Paddy and his three lovers — Lucas Fox, Andy Star, and Ely Chaim — finally work up the courage to all fuck around together. With boners raging and cum flowing, it is sure to be something they partake in often.”

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Paddy O’Brian fucks Lucas Fox in “Hat Trick, Part 2” at Paddy O'Brian fucks Lucas Fox in "Hat Trick, Part 2" writes:

“Paddy O’Brian has three different lovers to attend to, all competing for more time with his massive cock. Lucas Fox swings by to suck on Paddy’s strong rod and take it deep up his delicious ass. Lucas rides that cock to an orgasmic conclusion, all while keeping quiet to hide it from his other lover.”

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Raging Stallion’s “Gran Vista” at NakedSword

NakedSword: Raging Stallion's "Gran Vista"
Special Offer from

From the Spanish countryside setting with the epic view of the tree-filled valley, to the godlike muscular bodies of the men by the perfectly clear blue water of the enormous swimming pool, everything in Raging Stallion’s ‘Gran Vista’ is breathtakingly grand in scale.

This movie delivers passionate man on man sex like you’ve never seen it before.

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Lucas Fox pounds Donato Reyes in Raging Stallion’s “Gran Vista”

Raging Stallion: Lucas Fox bangs Donato Reyes in "Gran Vista"

Donato Reyes surrenders his hole to the handsome, statuesque Lucas Fox for a rimming before they fuck with animalistic intensity in Raging Stallion’s “Gran Vista”.

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