Lucio Saints bangs Toby Dutch in Raging Stallion’s “Gran Vista”

Raging Stallion: Toby Dutch rides Lucio Saints' thick cock in "Gran Vista"

Big-dicked Lucio Saints enjoys Toby Dutch’s cock sucking talents before fucking him multiple ways until they each shoot massive loads in Raging Stallion’s “Gran Vista”.

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Lucio Saints pounds Scott Hunter at TimTales

TimTales: Lucio Saints bangs Scott Hunter writes:

“Muscle hunk Scott Hunter was in town so it would be a shame if we would not have taken advantage of it and do a video! We wanted to give him a very good time so we asked extra hung fucker Lucio Saints to fuck Scott´s tasty muscle butt.

And after Lucio had given him him a big load of cum to eat, Tim stepped in and gave Scott a hot shower of his piss!!!”

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Lucio Saints bangs Alejandro at TimTales

TimTales: Lucio Saints pounds Alejandro writes:

“One of our strongest Tops and one of our best and most sensual bottoms in one scene!

Lucio Saints and Alejandro, making love without boundaries and without even noticing that there was a camera in the room.

A highlight.”

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Raging Stallion’s “Addicted”

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Raging Stallion writes:

“Every day Francesco D’Macho puts himself in harm’s way. You see, he’s Addicted. Not to drugs, sex or alcohol. He’s a voyeur. He stalks hot men, with a camera in one hand and his cock in the other.

He knows from how Damien Crosse and Alex Marte kiss, the way their pants are tented, they intend to fuck. With his shaven head, bright tatts and sinewy arms, it’s hard for Francesco to be inconspicuous, but high-powered binoculars afford up-close views of a hard-bodied flip-fuck.

Francesco wants to catch Sergi Serrano and Scott Carter in the act. Being Addicted drives him to plant cameras in their apartment…and wait. Dark, smooth Sergi is a head taller than pale, furry Scott, but height doesn’t matter when you’re on your knees or on your back. These guys sweat enough to fill a tub.

Francesco grows bolder each time addiction strikes. He hides in the bedroom while Goran thumb-fucks Massimo Blade’s ass prior to a writhing fuck… and leaves a sticky spot on the floor.

Lucio Saints and Tomy Hawk tease each other by cock jousting in boldly colored undies. Each takes the full measure of his lover’s cock in his ass, but Francesco blows his cover… and now he must blow Tommy and Lucio. Being Addicted has its risks.

Directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond raised the heat on their trip to Madrid and now you can bask in it… and maybe bask in a load of your own.”

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David Avila gets double penetrated by Lucio Saints and Tim Kruger at TimTales

TimTales: Lucio Saints and Tim Kruger fuck David Avila writes:

“You like two huge cocks in one hole? You like so much cum on a face that you can almost not recognize it any more? Welcome to Timtales!

In this new episode of uninhibited lust, David Avila is the lucky fellow who get’s heavily double penetrated by Lucio Saints and Tim and in the end receives a cum facial that he won’t forget.”

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Lucio Saints, Tomy Hawk and Francesco D’Macho in Raging Stallion’s “Addicted”

RagingStallion: Lucio Saints, Tomy Hawk and Francesco D'Macho in "Addicted"
RagingStallion: Lucio Saints, Tomy Hawk and Francesco D'Macho in "Addicted"

Raging Stallion writes:

“Lucio Saints and Tomy Hawk are too horny to close the curtain, giving voyeur Francesco D’Macho a chance to jack off the way that makes him hardest: watching hot guys fuck.

His cellphone records the bulges and spreading wet spots in their shorts, so he can watch again on the train ride home.

Lucio and Tomy have matching smooth torsos, 5 o’clock shadows, firm bums and pumped pecs, and Lucio has a defined tan line. He crushes his lips against Tomy’s, then he crushes them against Tomy’s cock, as if sucking the cum out. When it’s Tomy’s turn to give head, Lucio’s cock nearly doubles in size from the suction of his human vacuum pump.

Topping and bottoming are shared in this exciting exchange. Tomy’s body is so hard, the only flesh that moves when he’s pounded is his dick. Lucio jumps aboard that dick for a quick ride, then resumes fucking Tomy.

So it goes: flip and flop, two asses in perpetual motion. Until Francesco moves too close to the window. As quickly as Lucio jumped on Tomy’s cock, he leaps to the window, grabs Francesco and pulls him in.

Is this a voyeur’s dream come true? Lucio and Tomy face-fuck Francesco until they cum in his mouth and on his hairy chest, as he squirts massively onto the floor.”

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Raging Stallion

Damien Crosse, Issac Jones, Lucio Saints, Marco Sessions and Donato Reyes fuck in “Justified” at

Download Video: MP4 writes:

“Justified is a 5 man orgy that begins with Damien Crosse meeting Marco Sessions in a hallway. After a brief makeout sessions, the door opens and they join Issac Jones, Lucio Saints and Donato Reyes for a hot and heavy fuck session.”

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Adrian Toledo gets pounded by Lucio Saints in “Follow The Light” at

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Hunky Spaniards Lucio Saints and Adrian Toledo suck and fuck in this smoking hot scene!

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Lucio Saints fucks David Avila at TimTales writes:

“Lucio Saints and David Avila, definitely a perfect match. Lucio is a powerful hardfucker, very passionate, incredible Stamina, unlimited Sexdrive. Just the kind of man David needs.

David likes to be taken by someone who is strong enough to take care of a muscle guy like him.

David and Lucio are made to have sex with each other, watch the video and you will know…”

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Lucio Saints pounds Diesel O’Green at TimTales writes:

“Big bad Lucio is taking his turn on muscle twink Diesel O’Green in this hot episode.

Diesel is only 21 years old but his body is that of a muscle hunk. Totally amazing! Lucio apparently likes that a lot ;-)

He is giving it hard to the young strongman who loves Lucio´s big hard latin cock and is quite obviously experienced enough to know how to take a good hard asspounding.”

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