Luke Milan fucks Quentin Gainz in “Naked Housekeeper” at NextDoorStudios

Next Door Studios: Luke Milan fucks Quentin Gainz in "Naked Housekeeper"

Quentin Gainz gets fucked by Luke Milan and his big cock at

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Dimitri Kane takes Luke Milan’s big dick in “Every Last Inch” at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Luke Milan fucks Dimitri Kane in "Every Last Inch" writes:

“Dimitri is out enjoying the view on the lake when Luke comes up asking him for directions to the dorm rooms. It just so happens that Dimitri lives there and is headed that way right now. They both head off to the dorms and Luke gets invited in and immediately they both begin to kiss and rub each other’s bodies.

It was an unexpected encounter but Dimitri hasn’t been laid in some time and Luke is a hung of a man ready to pounce his tight ass.”

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Luke Milan fucks Mike Gaite in “My Sister’s Husband” at NextDoorBuddies

Next Door Buddies: Luke Milan fucks Mike Gaite in "My Sister's Husband"

Luke Milan’s wife is out and her brother, Mike Gaite, comes over for some fucking at

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Luke Milan, Chris Bines and Kaleb Klark in Falcon Studios’ “Alpine Wood, Part 2”

Falcon Studios: Luke Milan, Chris Bines and Kaleb Klark in "Alpine Wood, Part 2"

Luke Milan and Chris Bines get hot over a game of pool when passerby Kaleb Klark adds a spark that ignites their smoldering lust. Kaleb gets a blow job then Chris and Luke nail each other.

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Jimmy Durano, Luke Milan and Angel Rock suck each other in Falcon Studios’ “Alpine Wood, Part 1”

Falcon Studios: Jimmy Durano, Luke Milan and Angel Rock blow each other in "Alpine Wood, Part 1" writes:

“Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a hot tub: Jimmy Durano, Luke Milan and Angel Rock.

Steam and roiling waters conceal everything but their heads and muscular shoulders as the horny studs cluster in a tight triangle to make out and explore each other’s hard bodies.

Exiting the balmy waters, they wrap white towels around themselves, but their roaring hard ons cause the towels to fall to the floor. Lips gravitate to cocks; hips swivel and grind.

When Luke seals his lips around a cock and applies deep suction, his cheeks grow hollow. He drops to his knees and stuffs two cocks in his mouth at once.”

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RagingStallion: Bryan Cole gets fucked by Luke Milan in “Hole 2”

Raging Stallion: Luke Milan fucks Bryan Cole in "Hole 2"
Raging Stallion: Luke Milan fucks Bryan Cole in "Hole 2" writes:

“Luke Milan is naked, immobilized by plastic wrap binding him to a bed. His humongous dick is hard, but his deeply tanned muscles cannot prevail against the plastic. He’s being watched by a man who is silhouetted behind a plastic curtain. The shadowed voyeur, Bryan Cole, appears to be masturbating. He pushes his way into the room and begins to massage Luke through the plastic.

Bryan is smooth and muscular, with rings in both nipples, a chromium bar through the underside of his penis and a worn jockstrap.

Luke cannot move but his breathing grows heavier as Bryan caresses and tongues the exposed parts of his body, slowly pushing the plastic out of the way. Bryan releases Luke’s cock and sucks it.

Now Luke can move his hips, which rock to fuck Bryan’s face. Bryan removes the plastic covering Luke’s head and sits on his face. Hardcore gay porn is flickering on the closed-circuit TV monitors on the wall.

Bryan backs up until the tip of Luke’s cock is poised to sunder his hole. They connect with a single synchronized movement of their hips. Luke fucks Bryan in three positions, stopping to suck him. They lie in each other’s embrace, their flesh welded by sweat, and jerk out their loads.”

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Raging Stallion

Luke Milan and Tanner Wayne fuck each other in “Sit Tight 2” at FalconStudios

Falcon Studios: Luke Milan and Tanner Wayne flip fuck in "Sit Tight 2"
Falcon Studios: Luke Milan and Tanner Wayne flip fuck in "Sit Tight 2"

Falcon Studios writes:

“Swept away in raunchy kisses, taut Luke Milan and hairy-chested Tanner Wayne don’t make it into the bedroom before Luke’s shorts come off and his shockingly massive meat swings into view. Tanner swallows it whole, deep-throating the monster piece with avid slurps.

Luke pulls Tanner off his cockmeat, and makes a meal of his buddy’s rosy pink ass. Back on his feet, Tanner braces himself against the door frame and Luke pounds his cock into Tanner’s lush ass.

Tanner once again pulls himself off the near relentless ass attack, throws Luke on a sofa, and vigorously slides his stout fuckstick into Luke’s hot hole. The flip is so surprising that Luke’s cum soon shoots over his torso, decorating his nipples and pooling in the hollow of his neck.

With Luke biting his nipple, Tanner whips up his own spunk and lets it fly.

Spent, the couple collapses into a satiated cuddle.”

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Luke Milan pounds Dylan Knight in “Full Release” at HotHouse

Hot House: Luke Milan bangs Dylan Knight in "Full Release" writes:

“Nothing feels better than a full body rub down after a hard practice, especially when your masseuse is Luke Milan. Everybody on the team knows Luke will work over all your muscles, especially the one between your legs.

When Dylan Knight shows up for his massage Luke can’t resist the kid’s huge bubble butt. He goes in on the massive orbs then flips Dylan over to reveal his huge cock and balls nearly bursting out of his jockstrap.

Luke takes Dylan’s fat dick in his mouth and gives him one hell of a juicy blowjob that nearly makes him cum. But Luke’s not letting him off that easy. He moves around to the head of the massage table and whips out his giant man-meat and feeds it to Dylan who gags on all 8 inches.

Luke can’t help but return his full attention to Dylan’s big round ass. He rolls the young athlete on his back, shoves his cock in his tight hole and fucks him hard.

Next Luke kicks back on the table and Dylan hops on his hard cock. The stud bounces up and down until his huge nuts explode and cum shoots all over the room. He hops off so Luke can jack a load out of his own hard cock and the full release session is complete.”

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Luke Milan fucks Rylan Shaw in “Come And Get It” at FalconStudios

Falcon Studios: Luke Milan bangs Rylan Shaw in “Come And Get It”
Falcon Studios: Luke Milan bangs Rylan Shaw in “Come And Get It” writes:

“Here’s to enormous cocks and long afternoons of lazy summer lust. The ferocious kisses of Luke Milan and Rylan Shaw shoot lazy out the door, and get these studs in white hot action that makes the bright living room as hot as the outdoors. Rylan’s jerkin’ at Luke’s bone, and the thing never seems to stop getting longer and wider. And, the even bigger surprise is that Luke matches Rylan’s cock inch for inch — both boys hang super fat and heavy.

They swap messy, spit filled blow jobs, swallowing each other’s massive cocks to the hilt. But a gut-wrenching fuck is stirring in their gonads, and after some saliva-slobbered ass eating, Rylan’s suddenly bouncing on Luke’s super-rigid big bone.

With Rylan’s legs splayed wide, Luke plugs from below. His giant cock spikes into Rylan’s tightly clenching hole. It’s a pounding that makes Rylan’s cum churn up and out of his engorged tool. Luke’s body quivers with tension as he chokes his own sweat-slick cock, and blows his load sky high.”

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ManRoyale: “Milan’s Chambers”

Luke Milan rides Colby Chambers’ big cock in this hot scene at!

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