Manuel Skye fucks Seth Santoro in “Check In / Check Out” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Manuel Skye tops Seth Santoro in "Check In / Check Out" Special Offer

Seth Santoro rides Manuel Skye’s big cock at

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Denis Vega tops Nicolas Brooks in “Star Fuck” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Denis Vega bangs Nicolas Brooks in "Star Fuck" writes:

“Think of your favorite porn star, the man you jerk off to again and again and again. What would you do if you met him in person, alone, dressed in the sharpest suit imaginable? Well, that’s the situation Nicholas Brooks finds himself in in Star Fuck, when he serves a gin and tonic to none other than Menatplay’s ultimate star fucker, Denis Vega.

The sex in this flick starts quickly and doesn’t disappointment. After Nicholas furiously slurps on Denis’s hard cock, Denis bends him over and gives him the tongue fucking of a lifetime. A true porn professional dressed in a sexy dark gray suit, Denis uses his tongue to probe Nicholas’s hole fast and deep, getting his manpussy slick and ready for the insane ramming to come.

And Nicholas is no timid bottom. He takes an aggressive fuck better than anybody, hopping on Denis’s cock for the ride of a lifetime. His thick, juicy ass was made for riding hot cocks like Denis’s. He smashes down on Denis’s dick as hard, fast, and deep as any man would who got the chance to fuck the stud of his dreams. And just when these muscular men can’t stand it anymore, they each shoot huge loads of cum all over each other.”

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Enzo Rimenez and Dato Foland fuck each other in “The Elite” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Dato Foland and Enzo Rimenez flip fuck in "The Elite"

Watch Enzo Rimenez teach Dato Foland how to be a gentleman, in a not very gentlemanly way at

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Jean Franko tops Gabriel Lunna in “Jock to Gent” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Jean Franko fucks Gabriel Lunna in "Jock to Gent"

Muscle hunks Gabriel Lunna and Jean Franko have a smoking hot locker room fuck at

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Logan Moore fucks Dani Robles in “Style and Blow” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Logan Moore fucks Dani Robles in "Style and Blow" writes:

“It may be hard to believe, but Logan Moore and Dani Robles, two of Menatplay’s most popular studs, have never starred in a film together — until now.

Over the years we’ve seen Logan and Dani model dozens of refined suits, accessorized with fancy OTC socks and polished dress shoes. We’ve seen them fucked every way imaginable: in showers, on medical exam tables, in pools, in cars, in beds, in movie theatres, on card tables, and on desks.

Together, Logan and Dani have shot gallons of cum on the MAP set. Now the versatile Dutch wonder and the Spanish power-bottom are finally busting their nuts together. And you don’t want to miss it!”

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Hugo Castellano tops Emir Boscatto in “Power Tool” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Hugo Castellano fucks Emir Boscatto in "Power Tool" writes:

“It’s too darn hot. Despite the heat, dedicated employee Emir Boscato has a job to do. Yet when the air conditioning in his office malfunctions, handsome Menatplay newcomer Hugo Castellano arrives, eager to assist any way he can. A man can’t work when it’s too hot, right?

And when it’s scorching hot, a horny stud has to take matters into his own hands. That’s exactly what Emir does. As Hugo tinkers with the AC, Emir, a corporate perv dressed in a dashing blue suit, pulls out his hard cock and gives it a thorough jerking while he eye-fucks Hugo.

But blue collar stud Hugo is no fool: he wants his giant cock in Emir’s mouth just as much as Emir does. Watch Hugo whip this white collar daddy’s ass for all it’s worth and tongue Emir’s hole before he pounds him good and rough the way he deserves it. Rest assured, Emir’s wide-open hole can take it!

Their manic workplace fucking makes them sweaty and even hotter, but the only shower these horny men are going to get is a cum shower all over. Power Tool proves that no matter how hot it gets at work, it can always get hotter!”

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Nick North tops Andy Star in “Deal Breaker” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Nick North tops Andy Star in "Deal Breaker"

Office stud Nick North rewards coworker Andy Star with a hard pounding at

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Logan Moore and Teddy Torres fuck each other in “Raise” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Logan Moore and Teddy Torres bang each other in "Raise" writes:

“Menatplay are right on the money this week with a white-hot MOORE / TORRES pairing and some serious tuxedo action, worthy of the most twisted ‘Bond-fantasy’.

A tension packed game of poker turns into a winner-takes-all face off, as Logan raises the stakes again and again, until Teddy has nothing left to bet… or does he?

As we’ve already learned Logan is the type of man who knows what he wants, and in this case what he wants is Teddy hairy hole.

However this time round, a simple one-way fuck just won’t do and Teddy can clearly see in Logan’s eyes how bad he wants it. So he flips Logan around, pulls down his tux trousers and gets to work on that amazing ass, readying him for a deep and passionate pounding.

Just watch the looks between these men as Logan lies on his back getting his hole rammed and you’ll see the chemistry they exuded that day.

This might be Teddy’s first time on Menatplay but he’s already causing waves of excitement, and our members are asking for more of him.. just like Logan was at the end of this epic fuck.”

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Xavi Duran bangs Nicolas Brooks in “Summoned” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Xavi Duran fucks Nikolas Brooks in "Summoned"

Nicolas Brooks gets his beefy muscle ass fucked by Xavi Duran at

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Ricky Blue fucks Dirk Caber at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Dirk Caber bottoms for Ricky Blue

Hot newcomer Ricky Blue fucks muscle daddy Dirk Caber at!

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