Bishop Hart barebacks Elder Zachary in “Initiation” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Elder Zachary rides Bishop Hart bareback in "Initiation" writes:

“Elder Zachary’s attraction to Bishop Hart couldn’t be denied, leading the handsome leader to bring him immediately into the Order.

Cleaning up the cum from the boy’s body, he led him to a ceremonial room to bless his body and initiate him into the Higher Priesthood’s induction process.

Bishop Hart couldn’t take his hands off the boy as he consecrated him from head to toe. No longer wanting to deny his desires and eager to give himself to the handsome man, Elder Zachary sucks his first cock before getting his virgin boy hole fucked and bred by Bishop Hart.”

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Bishop Hart jerks off Elder Zachary in “The Interview” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart jerks off Elder Zachary in "The Interview" writes:

“Elder Zachary’s boyish face and body have attracted the men of the Order, eager to see what kind of recruit he could make. Bishop Hart has been charged with testing the boy’s desires and seeing if he’s a good candidate for service.

Before Hart even touches him, he can see that the boy is becoming aroused. The missionary firmly says he’s not attracted to men, but his body says otherwise.

After tying him up and teasing his cock, Elder Zachary’s denials soon become drowned out by the sound of his moans… and him begging the bishop to cum.”

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Bishop Gibson barebacks Elder Land bareback in “Temple Shower” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson fucks Elder Land raw in "Temple Shower" writes:

“Elder Land has been dreaming about Bishop Gibson since he first entered his mission. Now that he’s been initiated into the Order, the handsome bishop is happy to fulfill those fantasies.

The bearded man takes the young boy into the shower where he first imagined his naked body. The two kiss and suck each other before turning on the steamy, hot water.

Bishop Gibson slips his cock inside the boy’s tight hole, showing him that can be reality is better than fantasy!”

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Elder Campbell takes President Lee’s thick cock raw in “Second Anointing” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: President Lee fucks Elder Campbell's tight twink hole bareback in "Second Anointing" writes:

“Elder Campbell’s innocent face and determined spirit has truly won over the men of the Order. President Lee, especially, is infatuated with the young missionary’s capabilities for submission and obedience.

With his power and authority, he’s chosen to bring Elder Campbell in for the sacred Second Anointing. The handsome muscle daddy massages, blesses, and kisses the young boy before giving him his hard cock and seed. The two make passionate love to each other, sealing Elder Campbell for eternity.”

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Elder Kimball and Elder Gardner Jr. get pounded by big-dicked Brother Hales in “Breaking the Rules” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Elder Kimball and Elder Gardner Jr. take Brother Hales's big cock raw in "Breaking the Rules" writes:

“Elder Gardner and Elder Kimball have been having a lot of fun getting fucked and sucking cock for the Order. They know they’re doing something special and secret and that excites them.

But it’s started to have an effect on their regular missionary work. More and more, the boys have started to skirt their responsibilities: sleeping in, arriving late, and sometimes skipping work all together.

Brother Hales has been asked to check in on them and to administer discipline if necessary. Hales is eager to whip the boys into shape with his big, thick, daddy dick.

He knows he can pound them so hard that they’ll be reminded of their duty to obey and never want to misbehave again!”

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Bishop Hart and Elder Ingles blow each other in “The Interview” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart and Elder Ingles blow each other in "The Interview" writes:

“When asked about it, newcomer Elder Ingles vehemently denies his same-sex attraction. He’s been around other men naked, and even been aroused, but claims this is not a sign of anything damning.

Nevertheless, Bishop Hart knows when a boy is attracted to him, and Elder Ingles can barely answer a question without gazing at his crotch.

He interrogates the nervous boy before giving him the ultimate test of his sexuality: stripping him down and having his way with him.

The freshman missionary can’t hide his true feelings when his giant cock is in the older man’s mouth!

Bishop Hart strokes him right to the edge, making him beg for more!”

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Elder Campbell, President Lee and Bishop Hart in “Atonement” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Elder Campbell gets his hole stretched in "Atonement" writes:

“Now that Elder Campbell has made his covenant with Bishop Hart, he belongs to him in a way that he couldn’t have imagined. The older man has commanded his fantasies for so long, but now he controls his body as well.

Hart loves nothing more than flaunting his authority, especially on his new dedicated submissive.

The handsome priest brings Elder Campbell to the temple to push the limits of his body and to prove once more just how loyal he is to the Order.”

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Bishop Hart fucks Elder Campbell bareback in “The Covenant” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart fucks Elder Campbell raw in "The Covenant" writes:

“Elder Campbell has shown to be not only incredibly handsome and pure, but a loyal servant as well.

In this chapter, the Brethren have decided that he should make his covenant with Bishop Hart, someone who knows well how to use a good servant.

Elder Campbell is nervous, but eager to not disappoint the handsome man of his dreams.”

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President Ballard and Bishop Angus fuck Elder Lund bareback in “Atonement” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: President Ballard and Bishop Angus fuck Elder Lund raw in "Atonement" writes:

“After his initiation, it came out that Elder Lund had been speaking with his companion about the Order and what its members do. While both boys are inductees, neither is ever supposed to mention the secret organization to anyone. As a result, both boys must be disciplined.

And President Ballard and Bishop Angus are more than eager to pound the straight Mormon’s hole into submission.”

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Bishop Gibson fucks Elder Land raw in “The Covenant” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Elder Land rides Bishop Gibson bareback in "Covenant" writes:

“Elder Land meets once again with Bishop Gibson, the object of his fantasies and desire, to prove his devotion to both him and the Order.

Their covenant is overseen by the boy’s mentor, President Faust, who wants nothing more than to see his young protege perform his duties well.

Things get hot and heated when Elder Land mounts up on his blonde crush, leading all three men to lose themselves in a passionate session of moaning and fucking.”

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