Tegan Zayne takes JJ Knight massive cock at FalconStudios

Falcon Studios: Tegan Zayne bottoms for big-dicked JJ Knight
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In this update at FalconStudios.com, JJ Knight gives his gigantic cock to furry Tegan Zayne, and the sexual chemistry is so intense it drives them both to epic, spurting cum shots that you have to see to believe!

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Diego Reyes, Gabriel Cross, Skyy Knox and Paddy O’Brian’s orgy in “Secret Affair, Part 3” at Men.com

Men.com: Diego Reyes, Gabriel Cross, Skyy Knox and Paddy O'Brian's orgy in "Secret Affair, Part 3"
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Men.com writes:

“Couple Paddy O’Brian and Diego Reyes continue their cheating ways — together. Gabriel Cross and Skyy Knox share their beautiful bodies and delicious dicks with the newly ex-boyfriends, engaging in a hot four-way.”

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Joey D fucks Brett Dylan at ColbysCrew

Colby's Crew: Joey D fucks Brett Dylan

Brett Dylan bottoms for muscle hunk Joey D at ColbysCrew.com!

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Austin Wilde creams Corbin Colby at GuysInSweatpants

GuysInSweatpants: Austin Wilde creampies Corbin Colby

GuysInSweatpants.com writes:

“We just found a video of Corbin Colby and Austin fucking bareback that never got posted, and here it is!

The boys were doing a webcam show, and decided to record it… because who wouldn’t want to re-experience all of this?! They easily have 16 or 17 inches of dick between them…and Corbin’s ass? Well, that beautiful thing speaks for itself.

They both LOVE eating ass, so they spent a lot of time buried in each other’s holes.

After fucking for awhile, Corbin hopped on Austin’s cock to ride it, and Austin was so turned on that he blew his load inside him!

They were so turned on though, Austin flipped Corbin over, and they kept going! Corbin eventually threw Austin on his back, tongue fucked his ass for awhile, then sucked another load out of his cock!”

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Dato Foland and Hector de Silva fuck each other in “Russian Roulette” at MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay: Dato Foland and Hector de Silva in "Russian Roulette"

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“If you’re ever fortunate enough to come up against Russian stud Dato Foland know one thing – you can never be too sure which way it’s gonna go.

His deep Russian accent would have you believe you’re gonna be feeing his hard cock pumping inside you before too long. But don’t be deceived, he loves to ride a nice thick dick too, as we’ve seen a few times here on Menatplay, so depending on how he’s feeling on the day you could get a surprise.

In this encounter leather-gloved Russian mobster Dato, who, having caught Señor de Silva in the midst of stealing sensitive data from his laptop strings him up and toys with his handsome prize. Blindfolded and hands tied above his head Hector can only guess at the outcome of this interrogation.”

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Aspen fucks Griffin Barrows and Xander Brave in “Twink Peaks, Part 3” at Men.com

Men.com: Griffin Barrows, Xander Brave and Aspen's threeway in "Twink Peaks, Part 3"
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Men.com writes:

“The mystery surrounding Twink Peaks thickens, as do the hot cocks of the men wrapped up in it. Aspen is taken in for questioning by Twink Peak’s Sheriff Xander Brave and Special Agent Griffin Barrows.

After learning he is the lead suspect in Noah Jones disappearance, he’s given a chance to prove himself innocent… and these lawmen know exactly what they want.

Aspen’s delicious dick stuffs Xander and Griffin full, pumping deep inside them with the force of his sculpted hips.”

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Dean Phoenix fucks Gabriel Cross in “Professor Fantasy” at NextDoorStudios

Next Door Studios: Dean Phoenix fucks Gabriel Cross in "Professor Fantasy"
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NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“As soon as he exited the tarmac, exchange student Gabriel Cross knew Professor Dean Phoenix’s tutelage would be an experience he’d likely never forget.

His attraction was instaneous, and when he accidentally spies Dean mumbling his name in the shower, Gabriel realizes his education will not just be in the classroom.

Dean’s repuation for molding minds is legendary, but Gabriel soon finds out Dean’s head game is not just scholastic in nature, as he swallows Gabriel’s rock hard cock before extending his mentorship completely to a very receptive student.

Gabriel takes Dean’s instruction and anything else Dean can throw at him, as Dean pounds him on the basics and shows him a trick or two.

As they both lay exhausted and satisfied, Gabriel contemplates spending an extra semester abroad.”

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Sergeant Miles fucks Ace Era bareback in Lucas Entertainment’s “Gentlemen 19: Hard At Work”

Lucas Entertainment: Ace Era gets pounded by Sergeant Miles in "Gentlemen 19: Hard At Work"

In Lucas Entertainment’s “Gentlemen 19: Hard At Work”, dominant top Sergeant Miles propositions Ace Era to earn a bonus.

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Jordan Levine fucks Lucky Daniels hard and raw in “Warehouse Chronicles: Smoking Lounge” at Bromo

Bromo: Jordan Levine slams Lucky Daniels raw in "Warehouse Chronicles: Smoking Lounge"
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Bromo.com writes:

“Jordan Levine is so pleased with the offering Lucky Daniels brings him that he gets instantly hard. Like the obedient bottom he is, Lucky does anything to please beefy top Jordan, even if it means becoming a piece of furniture.

In this high intensity scene, Jordan ends up teaching Lucky a lesson in taking big raw cock like a champ.”

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Blake Riley rides JJ Knight’s big dick in Falcon Studios’ “Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2”

Falcon Studios: Big-dicked JJ Knight fucks Blake Riley in "Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2"
FalconStudios Special Offer

In Falcon Studio’s “Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2”, Henchman (JJ Knight) comes across the mysterious Biker (Blake Riley) and their anonymous session leads to them cumming hard across each other’s faces and bodies.

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