NextDoorBuddies: Addison Graham fucks Dante Martin in “Head To Head”

NextDoorBuddies: Dante Martin gets fucked by Addison Graham in "Head To Head" writes:

“For Addison Graham and Dante Martin, work is kind of a mixed bag. On one hand, the guys like what they do, the environment, and the industry. On the other hand, their boss is kind of a sadistic cock. Seems like he gets his rocks off just inventing embarrassing things for them to do on camera, and today is no different from any other.

Upon entering, the guys discover a set of instructions and a table full of weird objects laid out with no rhyme or reason. That is, until Dante reads the instructions and reveals the relation: the boss wants the guys to have a deep throat competition and film it for all the world to see.”

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Paddy O’Brian slams Axel Brooks in “The End, Part 3” at Paddy O'Brian pounds Axel Brooks in “The End, Part 3”

In episode 3 of‘s post apocalyptic series “The End” Paddy O’Brian and company are on land looking for other survivors.

Soon Paddy finds Axel Brooks and takes him back to the bunker. Before the others return Paddy and Axel get naked with Paddy topping Axel’s tight hole.

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Andrew Justice fucks Colt Rivers in “Bears and Cubs, Oh My!” at GayRoom

Andrew Justice fucks Colt Rivers in "Bears and Cubs, Oh My!" at GayRoom writes:

“Colt’s sexy, ripped body gets Andrew’s cock so hard, he can’t control himself. He lotions up Colt’s rock hard muscles, and then shoves his tongue and dick deep into his ass.”

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Landon Conrad fucks Dario Beck in TitanMen’s “Signals”

TitanMen: Landon Conrad fucks Dario Beck in "Signals"
TitanMen $99 Sale writes:

“In the backyard, Dario Beck leans back into the arms of Landon Conrad, who reaches around to rub the dark-haired stud’s hairy chest. Dario rubs Landon’s legs, arching back for a kiss. Landon cradles Dario’s head as they suck face, the two rubbing each other during the sultry smooch.

Landon reaches his hand into Dario’s shorts to stroke his cock, which is soon buried deep into the sucker’s mouth. Landon nibbles his partner’s foreskin, the two soon standing to kiss as Dario’s boner grazes Landon’s tight stomach—the bulge in the jock’s shorts growing.

Landon’s big cock pops into Dario’s face, the two holding hands over Landon’s leg as Dario sucks. Landon turns Dario around to eat his hole and lick his hairy ass, grinding his big dick on it before sliding inside. ”

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Shawn Abir makes his gay porn debut with the help of Austin Wolf at RandyBlue (Part 1)

Randy Blue: Shawn Abir makes his gay porn debut with the help of Austin Wolf (Part 1)
Randy Blue Special Offer

Austin took one look at the hot pics of Shawn Abir, and he demanded to have a scene with him. And Randy Blue is not one to deny Austin of what he desires.

Austin was so eager, that he wanted to film Shawn doing his solo as well. Randy Blue handed over the camera and let Austin take charge.

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Paddy O’Brian slams Trenton Ducati at RagingStallion

Raging Stallion: Paddy O'Brian bangs Trenton Ducati

Raging Stallion writes:

“Paddy O’Brian is naked and alone at a huge pool, where he is fully enjoying squeezing and teasing his cock, pinching his nipples, caressing his balls. He splashes water on himself. It fails to cool him, but when he reaches into the pool again, a chiseled and muscled man emerges in the form of Trenton Ducati.

Paddy reaches out to grasp his catch. Trenton’s mouth latches on to Paddy’s cock, balls, nipples … any skin it finds. Paddy dives into the pool and emerges confronted by a winking hole that demands attention.”

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Michael Evans fucks Cole Money at GayHoopla

GayHoopla: Michael Evans fucks Cole Money writes:

“Just in time for Valentines Day, These two studs finally meet. Cole Money is notoriously a bad ass dominate but he’s been waiting for an apprentice worth passing the torch over to.

Michael Evans felt that he was up for the challenge and definitely proved it.”

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Jake Wilder gets pounded by Tom Faulk and Travis James in “Team USA, Part 2” at Jake Wilder gets fucked by Tom Faulk and Travis James in “Team USA, Part 2”

Three studs from the hockey team get naked in a hotel room. Jake Wilder gets fucked hard and deep by Tom Faulk and Travis James!

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Fernando Torres and Valentino Medici fuck each other raw at LucasEntertainment

Lucas Entertainment: Fernando Torres and Valentino Medici flip fuck bareback writes:

“Valentino Medici has been the object of Fernando Torres’ affection for a long time, and he’s finally landed the man he’s been after.

Fernando looks killer in his briefs – his rock hard body is complimented only by big uncut Latino cock and Valentino loves to use his hands and mouth on it.

Fernando and Valentino both enjoy bottoming, but when they see an ass they love they want to use their throbbing cocks.”

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Cameron barebacks Tanner at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Tanner rides Cameron bareback

Tanner gets creampied by Cameron in this scene at

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