Chris Harder gets pounded by Brent Corrigan in “Vegas Hustle, Episode 2: Star Struck” at NakedSword

NakedSword Originals: Brent Corrigan fucks Chris Harder in "Vegas Hustle, Episode 2: Star Struck"
Special Offer from writes:

“At the end of his performance at the Hustlaball, sexy go-go stud Chris Harder heads to the dressing room and comes face-to-face with his porn-crush, Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan!

Brent compliments Chris on his show but the real show is about to begin. Chris gets down to worship Brent’s fat cock then stands up and fucks the superstar’s face.

Brent takes charge by turning the Chris over, licking his hole and fucking his ass hard.

The intense session seems to last for hours ending with Brent feeding his load to his #1 fan. In a daze, Chris wonders if the whole thing was a dream, but a message scrawled on the bathroom mirror proves it was true.”

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Falcon Edge’s “Krossfire” at NakedSword

NakedSword: Falcon Edge's "Krossfire"
Special Offer from

Falcon Edge writes at

“Get caught up in the ass-pounding, mouth-filling, cum-splattering action of ‘Krossfire’!”

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Jed Athens and Alexander Gustavo bang each other in “#Workout, Episode 4: Morning Wood” at NakedSword

NakedSword Originals: Jed Athens and Alexander Gustavo flip fuck in “#Workout, Episode 4: Morning Wood”
Special Offer from writes:

“Jed Athens and Alexander Gustavo spot each other during a morning run in Dolores Park. They’re both so horny they race home to start the real #Workout. They bust through the door and it’s ON!”

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Tanner Shields fucks Colt Rivers in NakedSword’s “#Workout, Episode 3: Ultimate Bench Press”

NakedSword Originals: Tanner Shields fucks Colt Rivers in “#Workout, Episode 3: Ultimate Bench Press”
Special Offer from writes:

“Tanner Shields and Colt Rivers meet at the gym for an intense #Workout. Colt has heard that Tanner’s biggest muscle is in his pants and he wants it in his mouth. They take turns sucking cock until Colt bends over and offers up his big round furry ass.

Tanner fucks a load out of Colt on the bench press then stands up and jerks off into Colt’s hungry wet mouth.”

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Hot House Video’s “Trunks 7” at NakedSword

NakedSword: Hot House Video's "Trunks 7"
Special Offer from

Hot House Video writes at

“Get ready to work up a sweat with the men in Trunks 7, the world’s hottest gay poolside sex series!

Award-winning director Steven Scarborough has assembled a new cast of stunning musclemen who pack their trunks with giant cocks and big round bubble-butts to show off under the blazing hot Palm Springs sun.

Join cover man Trenton Ducati as he leads a horny, sex-crazed cast including Jimmy Durano, Ty Roderick, Alex Andrews, Boston Miles, Brenden Cage, and Parker London. Strip down and dive into the glistening, sweaty action in Trunks 7!”

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Adam Ramzi fucks Brandon Moore in “#Workout, Episode 1: Gym-Tastic Loads” at NakedSword

NakedSword Originals: Adam Ramzi pounds Brandon Moore in “#Workout, Episode 1: Gym-Tastic Loads”
Special Offer from writes:

“Adam Ramzi and Brandon Moore have been watching each other #Workout in the Steamworks’ gym for a while. When Adam offers to spot Brandon it’s no surprise that his cock pops out of his shorts and down Brandon’s throat.

Adam slams his huge cock into Brandon’s enormous round ass and they fuck all over the gym equipment.

Brandon blows first then Adam pulls out and shoots his load into his #Workout buddy’s mouth.”

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James Hamilton, Ryan Rose and Duncan Black in “A Wicked Game, Episode 4: Fucked To Be Tied” at NakedSword

NakedSword Originals: Ryan Rose, Duncan Black and James Hamilton in “A Wicked Game, Episode 4: Fucked To Be Tied”
Special Offer from writes:

“James Hamilton is going to pay Ryan Rose and Duncan Black a little visit – and it’s not going to end well. Once inside, the young lovers are bound and gagged for a good fucking.”

“Hamilton first turns his attention to Ryan. He drools gobs of thick spit into Ryan’s perfectly puckered hole and jams his finger in, taunting Duncan the entire time.

Hamilton strips, revealing his chiseled frame and a huge, thick dick. He smacks his captives in the face and only removes their gags so he can shove his cock in their mouths.

He strips Ryan naked and rolls him over so he can fuck his ass. He aggressively fucks Ryan in several positions, then Hamilton pulls out and shoots his load coating his tightly tied tough boys.”

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Valentin Petrov and Ty Royal bang each other in “A Wicked Game, Episode 3: Reading Between The Blinds” at NakedSword

NakedSword Originals: Valentin Petrov and Ty Royal flip fuck in “A Wicked Game, Episode 3: Reading Between The Blinds”
Special Offer from writes:

“There’s trouble in paradise and his name is James Hamilton. The twisted voyeur makes it a habit of spying on his neighbors Valentine Petrov and Ty Royal. Unaware that they are being watched, the chiseled hunks embrace in passionate make out session.

Ty pulls out his hard dick and feeds it to Valentin. Valentin services his boyfriend until he can’t take it anymore. The two hung studs 69 then Valentin rolls Ty over on his shoulders and dives into this ass with his tongue.

Lubed and ready Ty hops on Valentin’s perfect dick and rides him like a champ, then Ty rolls Valentin over and fucks his ass.

They go at it until they both explode, never realizing that they’re being watched by the neighborhood psycho.”

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Falcon Studios’ “Easy Inn” at NakedSword

NakedSword: Falcon Studios' "Easy Inn"
Special Offer from

Falcon Studios writes at

“‘Easy Inn’, normally it’s a quiet getaway, but this weekend it’s overrun by horny guys with big dicks, willing asses and fucking on their minds.

Director Tony Dimarco shows you what happens when six studs have nothing to do… except each other.”

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Duncan Black gets pounded by Ryan Rose in NakedSword’s “A Wicked Game, Episode 2: Stormy Seas”

NakedSword Originals: Ryan Rose pounds Duncan Black in “A Wicked Game, Episode 2: Stormy Seas”
Special Offer from writes:

“After being together for a year, Ryan Rose and Duncan Black are newly married. To celebrate, the young lovers head out to sea on their yacht for the day.

After a swim, Duncan climbs back on board to find Ryan lying back stroking his hard cock. Duncan goes down on Ryan who eventually stands up and fucks Duncan’s face like a jackhammer.

Duncan wants Ryan’s cock in his ass so he bends over the back of the boat and opens his hole. Ryan plows Duncan from stem to stern until he pulls out and shoots his load all over Duncan’s adoring face.

As the sun sets they head back to the marina for the end of a perfect day.”

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