Jonah Fontana fucks Ian Greene in NakedSword’s “The Ten Spot”

NakedSword Originals: Jonah Fontana fucks Ian Greene in "The Ten Spot"
NakedSword Special Offer writes:

“Bonafide “Tens” Jonah Fontana and Ian Greene hook up and Jonah knows just where to go – The Ten Spot. Ian asks to many questions so Jonah tells him to stop talking and put his dick in his mouth.

Ian proves to be a world-class cock sucker which only makes Jonah more eager to fuck Ian’s hot ass.

Once Ian’s hole is wet with spit Jonah sticks his hard cock in and nails him hard on the legendary Ten Spot couch.

After a brutal fuck-down, Jonah pulls out and shoots a hot stream of jazz three-feet into Ian’s hungry pie hole.”

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BelAmi’s “Dirty Blonds” at NakedSword

NakedSword: BelAmi's "Dirty Blonds"
NakedSword Special Offer

BelAmi writes at NakedSword:

“Get dirty with BelAmi’s blondest and naughtiest boys…

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Brandon Wilde rides Woody Fox’s big dick in NakedSword’s “The Ten Spot”

NakedSword Originals: Woody Fox fucks Brandon Wilde in "The Ten Spot"
NakedSword Special Offer writes:

“Watching the guys have sex in the Ten Spot has an affect on Woody Fox. He can’t wait to show Brandon Wilde his rock hard 10-inch cock.

Brandon gets on his knees to worship the meaty member then stands up to continue peeping on the guys next door. Woody sees Brandon’s juicy bubble-butt and goes in for a hot rim job.

Over on the bed Woody basically makes Brandon his fuck-doll, pounding him every which way until Brandon shoots his load into his own mouth. Woody kicks back and jacks his giant uncut cock until gobs of thick white cum.”

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Falcon Studios’ “About Last Night” at NakedSword

NakedSword: Falcon Studios' "About Last Night"
NakedSword Special Offer

Falcon Studios writes at

“The studs are all asking ‘About Last Night’. Find out just what happened when this bachelor party squad got lit and let it all hang out with super-hung husband-to-be JJ Knight.

The bachelor party gets rolling on a party bus and it doesn’t take long before this crazy night in Vegas gets seriously sexed up. These horny, ripped men throw caution to the wind and let loose for the sake of cocksucking, ass-rimming, hole-pounding action!”

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Big-dicked Calvin Banks fucks Micky Jr in NakedSword’s “The Ten Spot”

NakedSword Originals: Micky Jr. rides Calvin Banks big dick in "The Ten Spot"
NakedSword Special Offer writes:

“For years guys have been hooking up and taking their tricks to The Ten Spot, a legendary fuck pad located in San Francisco’s Castro District.

Today sexy Falcon Exclusive Woody Fox lives in the apartment next door and runs the operation, where everyone is welcome as long as they leave $10 on the bed on the way out.

Some people wonder why it’s so cheap but there’s something they don’t know: Woody has a secret fetish that makes it all worthwhile.

If you’re lucky you’ll find out what it is at The Ten Spot.”

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BelAmi’s “Skin on Skin 6” at NakedSword

NakedSword: BelAmi's "Skin on Skin 6"
NakedSword Special Offer

BelAmi writes at NakedSword:

Skin on Skin 6 features some of our favorite Bel Ami boys having no holes barred condom free sex.

Dreamy cover model Mick (American Lovers Part Two) Lovell barebacks for the very first time in an amazing flip-flop fuck scene with Manuel Rios.

Just looking at Mick and Manuel makes me go weak in the knees, so watching them use those horse hung cocks to fuck each left me light headed.

Oh, and there are a couple of other scenes in there, too – I just haven’t gotten to them yet because I keep replaying this one. If you are a fan of Bel Ami, not much else needs to be said. If you are not, what’s wrong with you?!”

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Treasure Island Media’s “Fill ‘er Up” at NakedSword

NakedSord: Treasure Island Media's "Fill 'Er Up"

Treasure Island Media writes at

“You’re climbing-the-walls horny. You want me to strip you naked, pin you down, stick my hard dick in you and fuck you deeply. You want to be used completely. FILL ‘ER UP.

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Jack Hunter and Brent Corrigan fuck each other in NakedSword’s “Ultra Fan: Scene 4 – We Did This All for You”

NakedSword Originals: Brent Corrigan and Jack Hunter flip fuck in "Ultra Fan: Scene 4 – We Did This All for You"
NakedSword Special Offer writes:

“Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan races to the truck parked outside his house to rescue his trusted Assistant, Jack Hunter. There he finally learns the reason he’s been put to this ultimate test and his Ultra Fan is revealed – but the real revelation is the feelings that Brent has had for Jack all along.

The Ultra Fan challenges may be over but now Brent must face his biggest challenge of all: getting all of Jack’s giant hard cock in his mouth.

Luckily Jack has no problem taking all of Brent’s big bone up his ass. And Brent eagerly returns the favor by opening his hole for Jack, who shoots his load all over the superstar’s furry hole then eats it… AND SCENE.”

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Brent Corrigan, Dorian Ferro and Dominic Pacifico in NakedSword’s “Ultra Fan: Scene 3 – I’ve Cum Twice Already”

NakedSword Originals: Brent Corrigan, Dorian Ferro and Dominic Pacifico's hot threeway in "Ultra Fan: Scene 3 - I've Cum Twice Already"
NakedSword Special Offer writes:

“Will Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan’s Ultra Fan every be satisfied? After performing every task and now consumed with fear for his trusted assistant, Brent is ordered to invite two fans over for a three way.

Falcon Exclusive Dorian Ferro and Dominic Pacifico show up and the action begins. With his live cam in hand, Brent supervises as Dorian takes both dicks in his mouth then rolls over to be the middle man. Dominic uses his fat uncut cock like a battering ram and sucks a mean dick.

Brent alternates his role as active participant and director making him think he might be ready to return to adult films – but there is one very important thing he must do first and time is running out…”

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