Nate Donaghy creams Ariel Vanean at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Nate Donaghy creams Ariel Vanean writes:

“Since Christmas was such a great time here on BelAmi, we decided to extend it well into the new year and make sure you all get off to a great start in 2018.

To that end, we have another exotic scene for you today from Mykonos. This time we have Ariel and Nate in front of the camera.

The blue skies and pleasant weather always put the boys in a great mood, and a great mood makes for great sex. Ariel is on the bottom here enjoying every thrust of Nates big dick until he shoots his load all over himself.”

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Nate Donaghy fucks Sven Basquiat raw at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Sven Basquiat rides Nate Donaghy's big dick bareback writes:

“It seems that for Sven, sex is a magical gift that has to be accepted anytime it is offered… even when you don’t have so much time.

Today’s scene is Sven’s first proper outing here on BelAmiOnline and we are happy that it is such a firecracker of a scene. Director Luke Hamill has tried hard to give us a break from our normal format here, so you should be prepared for something a little less traditional.

His partner today is Nate Donaghy, and the chemistry between the two literally jumps off the screen.”

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Nate Donaghy barebacks Bjorn Nykvist at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Nate Donaghy fucks Bjorn Nykvist bareback writes:

“It the world of BelAmi sometimes things happen a little differently than in the real world, for example, in the BelAmi world it is OK to order your cleaner to be tall, blond and have a big dick. If only we could do that in the real world as well!

Our ‘cleaner’ today happens to be Bjorn Nykvist and happily, the subject of the cleaning is not so much the apartment, but Nate Donaghy.”

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Nate Donaghy barebacks Jamie Durrell at Nate Donaghy barebacks Jamie Durrell writes:

“Nate’s freckled shyness nicely combines with Jamie’s cheery intensity to make a sweet and tender scene.

This was filmed as part of last year’s Greek production and is the only scene with Nate as he had to leave early for a family emergency.

This scene falls in the “romance” category, so those who wish to see wild hard fucking should look elsewhere.”

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Nate Donaghy fucks Bastian Dufy raw at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Nate Donaghy fucks Bastian Dufy bareback writes:

“Today we officially start the hardcore part of January’s special ‘Freshmen on BelAmi’ where we get the opportunity to fully introduce the newest ‘generation’ of models properly.

I can think of no better start than this scene with 2 guys that you have already met a couple times before, Nate Donaghy and Bastian Dufy.

I don’t know if it was Nate’s plan here to take so long getting ready that Bastian would lose the desire to go out for the evening, but it certainly had that effect and Nate gets what he wants…

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