François Sagat, Paddy O’Brian and Sunny Colucci’s threeway in “Dream Fucker, Part 3” at François Sagat, Paddy O'Brian and Sunny Colucci in “Dream Fucker, Part 3” Special Offer writes:

“Paddy and Sunny decide to experiment and see if they can share a dream with the Dream Fucker. Spoiler alert: it works, and soon the three hunks are working the poles and the holes toward an orgasmic conclusion.”

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Paddy O’Brian fucks François Sagat in “Dream Fucker, Part 1” at François Sagat returns to gay porn, bottoms for Paddy O'Brian in "Dream Fucker, Part 1" (Sneak Peek) writes about this scene:

“Paddy O’Brian drifts off into dreamland and meets the man of his hottest fantasies: Francois Sagat. Francois treats Paddy passionately, the two studs working up a sweat until explosive release.”

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Diego Sans tops Paddy O’Brian in “Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody, Part 4” at Paddy O'Brian bottoms for Diego Sans in "Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody, Part 4" Trial Offer writes:

“Paddy is revealed to be a dirty cursed swashbuckler, the man tales are told of across the seven seas. Diego makes a deal to hand over Johnny to Paddy, in turn, granting him the treasure that was hidden from him 18 years ago. Once untied, Diego gets his way with Paddy’s body.”

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Colton Grey rides Paddy O’Brian in “Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody, Part 2” at Colton Grey rides Paddy O'Brian's thick cock in "Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody, Part 2" Trial Offer writes:

“Diego leads Johnny away from Paddy’s ship. Aggravated by their escape, Paddy mounts a search to retrieve Johnny. He swims to the shore of the nearest island where he encounters Colton Grey and his tribe.

After a pursuit on the beach, Colton gets Paddy exactly where he wants him: pillaging his hot little hole the way only a seaman knows how.”

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Diego Reyes, Gabriel Cross, Skyy Knox and Paddy O’Brian’s orgy in “Secret Affair, Part 3” at Diego Reyes, Gabriel Cross, Skyy Knox and Paddy O'Brian's orgy in "Secret Affair, Part 3" Special Offer writes:

“Couple Paddy O’Brian and Diego Reyes continue their cheating ways — together. Gabriel Cross and Skyy Knox share their beautiful bodies and delicious dicks with the newly ex-boyfriends, engaging in a hot four-way.”

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Paddy O’Brian fucks Skyy Knox in “Secret Affair, Part 1” at Paddy O'Brian bangs Skyy Knox in "Secret Affair, Part 1" Special Offer writes:

“Paddy O’Brian gets intimate with Skyy Knox behind his boyfriend’s back.

Skyy savors every inch of Paddy’s huge cock, taking that beautiful mushroom-head deep down his throat. Paddy works his tongue into Skyy’s cute little hole.

After a close-call with his returning boyfriend, Paddy and Skyy continue to the main event. That thick Irish cock pillages Skyy’s ass until their cum can’t be contained any longer.”

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Lucas Fox and Paddy O’Brian fuck Andy Star and Ely Chaim in “Hat Trick, Part 3” at Andy Star and Ely Chaim get fucked by Lucas Fox and Paddy O'Brian in "Hat Trick, Part 3" Special Offer writes:

“Paddy and his three lovers — Lucas Fox, Andy Star, and Ely Chaim — finally work up the courage to all fuck around together. With boners raging and cum flowing, it is sure to be something they partake in often.”

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Paddy O’Brian fucks Lucas Fox in “Hat Trick, Part 2” at Paddy O'Brian fucks Lucas Fox in "Hat Trick, Part 2" Special Offer writes:

“Paddy O’Brian has three different lovers to attend to, all competing for more time with his massive cock. Lucas Fox swings by to suck on Paddy’s strong rod and take it deep up his delicious ass. Lucas rides that cock to an orgasmic conclusion, all while keeping quiet to hide it from his other lover.”

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Paddy O’Brian fucks Diego Reyes in “Captivated” at Paddy O'Brian fucks Diego Reyes in "Captivated"
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“Paddy O’Brian gifts Diego Reyes with his passionate love and rock hard cock. Tongues entwined, the boys slowly work at arousing each other’s bodies.

Paddy makes sure Diego savors every inch of dick as he plows away at his mouth.

With Diego’s hole wet and wide, Paddy slips in and pounds away at that hot piece of ass.”

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Paddy O’Brian fucks Ken Summers in “Satisfied” at Ken Summers gets fucked by Paddy O'Brian and his thick cock in "Satisfied"
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“Paddy O’Brian and Ken Summers share an intimate moment after an endless make-out session. Ken worship’s Paddy’s rod, savoring every inch of that pulsing thick meat.

Paddy’s perfect cock head pops and pumps into Ken’s tight little hole.

He fucks him from behind before Ken hops on top and rides that massive piece of meat to completion.”

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