Big-dicked Peter Annaud barebacks Gino Mosca at Big-dicked Peter Annaud  barebacks Gino Mosca

Gino Mosca takes Peter Annaud’s big peter without any apparent effort at

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Dylan Maguire gets tag teamed by Zac DeHaan and Peter Annaud at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Zac DeHaan and Peter Annaud tag team Dylan Maguire bareback
BelAmiOnline Special Offer writes:

“Dylan Maguire is never one to say no to sex, so when approached by Zac and Peter his only concern is if they are both big enough to satisfy him.

Luckily we all know the answer to that question already, and what results in a high energy encounter that proves Dylan is one of the best all-round sexual performers that we have. Insatiable, and perfectly suited for giving his partners anything that they can desire.”

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Brian Jovovich, Peter Annaud and Jack Harrer in “Offensively Large, Part 6” at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Peter Annaud, Jack Harrer and Brian Jovovich in "Offensively Large, Part 6"
BelAmiOnline Special Offer writes:

“It’s time for another Offensively Large update today, and it is even better than normal in that is a 2 day double scene.

In part 1 we have Brian Jovovich fucking XXL Peter Annaud, and in part 2 they are joined by perennial favorite, Jack Harrer, who turns the tabled on Brian and teams up with Peter to give Brian twice as much as what he gave to Peter in part 1.”

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Peter Annaud fucks Orri Aasen bareback in BelAmi’s “Last Summer in Greece, Part 11”

BelAmi: Peter Annaud bangs Orri Aasen bareback in "Last Summer in Greece, Part 11"
BelAmiOnline Special Offer writes:

“Our last scene in ‘Last Summer in Greece’ is a bit of a extra to the story line and features two of our newer guys, Peter Annaud and Orri Aasen.”

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Marcel Gassion barebacks Peter Annaud at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Peter Annaud barebacks Marcel Gassion
BelAmiOnline Special Offer writes:

“Peter thinks his dick is thick enough to provide a challenge here to Marcel and is very happy to find that when he sinks the entire length of his fat dick into Marcel the only reaction he can see is extreme pleasure.

One thing for sure is that there is no holding back in this episode!”

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Jack Harrer barebacks Peter Annaud at KinkyAngels

KinkyAngels: Jack Harrer and Peter Annaud jerk off and fuck writes:

“Thin is not always in. For years Jack Harrer was quite content having the fattest dick around. Then this would-be usurper, Peter, came along and he is unsure if he is happy or threatened with the competition. What he is sure about is that he loves to suck on a fat dick. This he demonstrates in this cross jerk first part of their scene. A longer edit for those who believe fat is where it’s at.

Yes, fat is in. But in the case of cocks, it requires a bit more lube and determination from the bottom to get it in. In their scene together at Belamionline we saw that Jack was up to the challenge. Will Peter be able to reciprocate? Watch the second half of this scene to find out!”

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Peter Annaud, Ariel Vanean and Marcel Gassion’s bareback threeway at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Peter Annaud, Ariel Vanean and Marcel Gassion's bareback threesome writes:

“There is something about the Mediterranean climate that brings out the horniest aspects of our boys. The sun, the sea, the relaxed atmosphere all combine to make the perfect backdrop for today’s threeway.

In his attempt to work his way through all of BelAmi’s biggest and best dicks Marcel seems to be getting impatient and has moved things up a gear here and decided he would up his tally by two at the same time.

By the time the scene reaches it’s climax Marcel seems very satisfied by his decision, getting both a mouth and ass full of cum.”

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Adam Archuleta barebacks Peter Annaud at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Adam Archuleta fucks Peter Annaud bareback writes:

“This is one of Peter Annaud’s very first time with a boy. Luckily his partner is Adam Archuleta, who is an expert and caring lover.

When Adam pulls off his pants Peter just can’t resist anymore and the sexual energy inside him erupts, turning a training session into a battle of huge power cocks.”

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Peter Annaud barebacks Jack Harrer at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Peter Annaud fucks Jack Harrer bareback writes:

“Once Jack hears news of a boy that may have a dick bigger than his he is very quick to try and find out if it is true or not… and also to try it out.

We first started filming in earnest with Peter during one of our trips to South Africa, and thus it happens that Jack manages to find him laying on the beach and taking in some sun.

In what has to be one of the world’s shortest greeting ‘Hey are you the new guy with the big dick’ kind of thing, Jack sets about seeing how he can handle Peter’s big and fat dick.”

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