Trenton Ducati fucks Britain Westbury in “Repair Man” at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Britain Westbury rides Trenton Ducati's thick cock in "Repair Man"
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Trenton Ducati pounds Britain Westbury’s tight ass at

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Hans Berlin, Cesar Rossi and Chandler Scott’s “Wet Threeway” at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Hans Berlin, Cesar Rossi and Chandler Scott's "Wet Threeway"
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“Hans enters the showers and proceeds to undress and start washing himself. Thinking he is alone he pops a boner as he washes his cock. Chandler & Cesar enter and see Hans with his back to them. They are both excited to see Hans because they have been cruising him at the gym.

As Hans turns around and reveals his big hard cock, he is happy to see them and invites them to join him in the shower.

They are soon on their knees in the shower sharing Hans’s big hard cock in their eager mouths. Hans then drops to his knees and starts sucking both of them.

They turn off the water and dry off and then Hans has them both bend over the bench and he rims their asses. Hans then takes turns fucking both of them and as one is being fucked he is sucking the other’s cock. Cesar then fucks Hans doggy style as Hans sucks Chandler. Hans then lies on his back and Chandler fucks him as he sucks Cesar.

He shoots his load and then both Cesar and Chandler feed their loads to Hans’s open mouth!”

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Michael Roman bottoms for Adonis Couverture in “Wow Doc!” at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Adonis Couverture fucks Michael Roman in "Wow Doc!"
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Muscle hunk Michael Roman gets a special treatment by big-dicked Adonis Couverture at

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Bruno Bernal bottoms for Rego Bello in “Frustrated Lovers” at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Rego Bello fucks Bruno Bernal in "Frustrated Lovers"
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“Bruno is in bed watching porn on his laptop and enjoying his time alone when his lover Rego comes home. We can tell that Bruno is annoyed when he hears Rego, but he continues watching the porn until Rego walks into the room. Rego is annoyed when he realizes that Bruno was about to pleasure himself and questions him about it.

They argue about the lack of romance in their relationship and Rego questions Bruno’s fidelity. Both frustrated, they decide the best way to relieve the stress is to have sex.

Rego knows that Bruno loves to suck his cock, so he starts face fucking Bruno just the way he likes it. After a lot of oral play, Rego moves to Bruno’s waiting ass and he fucks him hard, deep and powerfully until the intensity has built up so much that they both explode with their cum.”

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Michael Roman and Sean Duran flip fuck in “Sean’s Versatile Playroom” at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Sean Duran and Michael Roman flip fuck in "Sean's Versatile Playroom"
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Sean Duran brought Michael Roman to his playroom for some versatile sex – at!

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Colby Jansen and Rego Bello flip fuck in “Let’s Be Versatile Baby” at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Colby Jansen and Rego Bello flip fuck in "Let's Be Versatile Baby"
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“Colby & Rego are sitting in bed discussing their sex life and the fact that they always do the same thing. They want to spice it up a bit and try fucking each other.

They share blowjobs to warm each other up and then Colby goes right for Rego’s big bubble but and he rims his ass deep before fucking him Doggy style. He fucks Rego in a few different positions before Rego proclaims it is his turn to fuck Colby.

Colby rides Rego’s big cock first and then flips onto his back where Rego fucks him so good that they both explode in their own juices. Enjoy!”

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Chris Harder gets fucked by Pheonix Fellington in “Big Cock Stretch” at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Pheonix Fellington tops Chris Harder in "Big Cock Stretch"
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“Pheonix is stretching on a mat in the locker room getting ready for his workout when Chris walks in. Chris immediately takes notice of Pheonix and as he is stretching his big cock falls out of the side of his shorts. Of course this entices Chris even more and soon he is offering to help Pheonix stretch.

As he hands wander up his leg, Chris grabs hold of Pheonix’s massive cock and starts stroking it as it grows in his hand. He is soon sucking the big cock and doing his best to take as much as possible.

Pheonix stands up and face fucks Chris and with each thrust we hear Chris gagging and chocking a little bit. Pheonix then pulls Chris up and they drop their clothes. Pheonix sucks Chris for a while before moving his tongue over to his beautiful hairy ass.

After rimming him, he lies down and Chris lowers himself inch-by-inch down Pheonix’s massive cock. Once he is used to it, he rides it like a champ and then Pheonix starts pounding his hole deeper and deeper.

Now Chris’s hole is as stretched as Pheonix is for his workout. He fucks the cum out of Chris and then blows his own load onto Chris.”

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Mike Maverick fucks Seth Santoro in “Get to Work!” at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Mike Maverick fucks Seth Santoro in "Get to Work!"
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“Seth is sitting in the back room of the warehouse he works at looking at his phone when Mike comes through the door. Annoyed that Seth is not working; Mike calls him out and tells him he needs to stop being lazy and get back to work. Seth ignores him at first and then argues back by saying that Mike just needs to get laid. Awkward moment and then Seth plants a kiss on Mike.

The two kiss for a bit and then Seth drops to his knees and sucks Mike’s hard cock. Mike then sucks Seth for a bit. Seth rims Mike’s beautiful ass next and then Mike says he wants to eat his ass.

After Mike rims Seth he drives his hard cock deep into Seth’s beautiful round ass. He fucks him against the ladder first and then bends him over the work bench and continues fucking him.

He then flips him to his back and fucks the cum out of Seth before pulling out and shooting his own load all over Seth. Enjoy!”

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Colby Jansen fucks Mike Maverick in “Doc, My Ass Is Numb!” at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Colby Jansen fucks Mike Maverick in "Doc, My Ass Is Numb!"
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“Mike has come to see the doctor because he has discovered that his ass is numb as the result of getting fucked recently by a big cock. Dr. Jansen conducts an exam on him and while inserting his fingers discovers that Mike is getting turned on.

The exam takes a more erotic turn when Colby begins massaging Mike’s balls and cock. Soon both are stroking each other and then sucking each other. Colby then lies back on the exam table and Mike climbs on and rides his cock deep into his ass.

Colby then bends Mike over the table and fucks him harder. He then flips him on his back and fucks the cum out of him. They both kiss and before they leave Mike tells his Doc that he will see him back at home and Colby also mentions that he loves playing out these fantasies.”

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Peter Marcus and Chandler Scott flip fuck in “The Glory of Being Versatile” at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Chandler Scott and Peter Marcus flip fuck in "The Glory of Being Versatile"
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“Peter and Chandler are lovers who are looking for some adventure in their sex life. Chandler has heard about this bathroom with a glory hole and brings Peter to check it out.

Neither has ever had sex in a bathroom or used a glory hole, so they are excited yet are keeping an eye out encase some body walks in.

Chandler sticks his cock through first and Peter sucks it. Peter then sticks his through and Chandler sucks it. Chandler then comes out and they do some more sucking before Chandler rims Peter’s ass and fucks him bent over the trash can.

Peter then lies on the floor and Chandler rides his cock until both shoot their loads.”

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