Bruno Bernal bottoms for Rego Bello in “Frustrated Lovers” at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Rego Bello fucks Bruno Bernal in "Frustrated Lovers"
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“Bruno is in bed watching porn on his laptop and enjoying his time alone when his lover Rego comes home. We can tell that Bruno is annoyed when he hears Rego, but he continues watching the porn until Rego walks into the room. Rego is annoyed when he realizes that Bruno was about to pleasure himself and questions him about it.

They argue about the lack of romance in their relationship and Rego questions Bruno’s fidelity. Both frustrated, they decide the best way to relieve the stress is to have sex.

Rego knows that Bruno loves to suck his cock, so he starts face fucking Bruno just the way he likes it. After a lot of oral play, Rego moves to Bruno’s waiting ass and he fucks him hard, deep and powerfully until the intensity has built up so much that they both explode with their cum.”

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Colby Jansen and Rego Bello flip fuck in “Let’s Be Versatile Baby” at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Colby Jansen and Rego Bello flip fuck in "Let's Be Versatile Baby"
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“Colby & Rego are sitting in bed discussing their sex life and the fact that they always do the same thing. They want to spice it up a bit and try fucking each other.

They share blowjobs to warm each other up and then Colby goes right for Rego’s big bubble but and he rims his ass deep before fucking him Doggy style. He fucks Rego in a few different positions before Rego proclaims it is his turn to fuck Colby.

Colby rides Rego’s big cock first and then flips onto his back where Rego fucks him so good that they both explode in their own juices. Enjoy!”

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