Kirk Cummings gets pounded by Robert Van Damme in “Looking at Trouble” at Robert Van Damme bangs Kirk Cummings in "Looking at Trouble" writes:

“Kirk Cummings and Robert Van Damme get nasty in the bathroom, fucking in the stall to a warm and wet conclusion.”

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Robert Van Damme fucks Johnny Rapid in “Return Of The Night Stick” at writes:

“Johnny Rapid lied on an application and when he gets caught he gives attitude to the wrong night-stick-holding police recruitment officer.

Robert Van Damme teaches Johnny a lesson he won’t soon forget with the help of his massive cock and the return of a night stick that was used in MEN.COM classic “Prison Shower”.”

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John Magnum, Phenix Saint, Chris Tyler, Robert Van Damme and Trenton Ducati fuck each other in “The Ultimate Fucker” at writes:

“The Ultimate Fucker arena welcomes 4 of our sexiest men to wrestle for top. After Trenton Ducati, Robert Van Damme, Phenix Saint and Chris Tyler grapple and grope, referee John Magnum offers his eager hole into the mix, making this cage match orgy one not to miss.”

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Robert Van Damme fucks Mitchell Rock in “Show Me Some Initiative” at writes:

“Robert Van Damme has his eye on Mitchell Rock for the new team captain. The only trouble is he’s not sure that Mitchell wants it badly enough.

When Robert tells him what’s on his mind, Mitchell doesn’t hesistate to use every hole he has to close the deal!”

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Robert Van Damme fucks Boston Miles in “How To Kiss” at writes:

“Robert Van Damme and Boston Miles get together to hang out but things don’t get interesting until Robert admits he could use some tips on how to kiss. When Boston leans in to give him a quick lesson it really gets Robert’s motor running and they end up doing it on his bed!”

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Robert Van Damme fucks Tyler Sweet’s tight hole in “Caught In The Shower” at writes:

“Tyler Sweet is jerking off in the shower at school when the coach (Robert Van Damme) unexpectedly walks in and asks what he’s doing. Tyler explains he was horny all day and luckily the coach is happy to help him out!”

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Kyle Quinn gets fucked by Robert Van Damme in “The Hot Mover” at writes:

“Kyle Quinn needs a big strong man to help him move and asks his friend Robert Van Damme if he would help out. Robert, always the nice guy agrees to help but when moving day arrives Kyle is all but useless which is pissing him off. Kyle doesn’t want his friend to be upset with him and offers him a deal, if Robert moves the rest of the stuff into the van Kyle will suck his dick!”

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Alexander Greene gets fucked by muscle hunk Robert Van Damme in “Tipping Off The Hacker” at writes:

“Alexander Greene is an internet scam artist working out of his college dorm by night while he attends class by day. Robert Van Damme is head of security at the college and is tipped off about Alexander’s shady dealings while using the school network. Van Damme surprises Greene before he can destroy all the evidence, Greene resorts to hiding a USB stick in his ass. This isn’t Roberts first day in the park and unfortunately/fortunately for Alexander the ass is ALWAYS the first place Robert likes to search.

Robert finds the USB stick and decides to show Greene what else can be put in his tight hole!”

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Robert Van Damme fucks Riley Price in “Crush On My Coach” at writes:

“Student athlete Riley Price pretends to hurt his ankle so that his crush, the school team coach Robert Van Damme will pay a little extra attention to him. The coach tends to Riley and suggestively asks him if there is anything else he needs….

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Robert Van Damme fucks Logan Stevens in Lucas Entertainment’s “Gentlemen Vol. 3: Executives”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“A toast to business partners: beefcake executive Robert Van Damme and slender, blond wunderkind Logan Stevens seal a business deal the only way two hot guys should: with hard, intense gay sex!

There’s some kissing, but it’s mouth-to-cock contact these to hunks are truly after. It’s Robert’s turn first — he pulls his pants down and reveals the thick, uncut cock hanging between his legs, which Logan gobbles right up.

He swallows all of Robert’s dick, going right down to his balls — Robert even hold Logan’s head to force his bottom’s throat! The pair flips and Robert dives onto Logan’s cock, which stands erect and tall.

But it’s not oral sex that’s going to totally seal this deal: Robert is a power top, and he demands further payment from Logan. The blond cutie bends over and offers his hole to Robert, who doesn’t hesitate in taking it. Logan is on his stomach, his knees, and his back as he submits to Robert’s girth and gets fucked — all he can do is take it, moaning and wincing with each thrust!”

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