Sean Duran fucks Allan Lucas in “Fugitives, Part 2” at Sean Duran fucks Allan Lucas in "Fugitives, Part 2" Special Offer writes:

“Sean Duran is the other loose prisoner and he sets his sights on Allen Lucas’ ass.”

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Michael Roman and Sean Duran flip fuck in “Sean’s Versatile Playroom” at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Sean Duran and Michael Roman flip fuck in "Sean's Versatile Playroom"
$1 Trial at

Sean Duran brought Michael Roman to his playroom for some versatile sex – at!

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Dark Alley Media’s “Pumped 2” at NakedSword

NakedSword: Dark Alley Media's "Pumped 2"

Dark Alley Media writes at

“These horny fuckers keep coming back to this gym to pump some hot ass. Ten hot muscle studs suck, fuck, double fuck, and breed their way to their best big-dicked workouts ever.”

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Jason Vario fucks Sean Duran in Raging Stallion’s “Trapped”

Raging Stallion: Jason Vario tops Sean Duran in "Trapped"

In this scene from Raging Stallion’s “Trapped”, officer Sean Duran and Detective Jason Vario are working Tegan’s missing persons case.

When they disagree on how to proceed, the only way to remedy the situation is for Jason to prove that he has the bigger dick and then fuck the cum right out of Officer Sean.

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Raging Stallion’s “Gun Show” at NakedSword

NakedSword: Raging Stallion's "Gun Show"
NakedSword Special Offer

Raging Stallion writes at

“When you visit the ‘Gun Show’, you’ll get your fill of patriots, good ol’ boys, Second Amendment activists, and plenty of concealed weapons hidden deep inside camouflaged pants.

With a ton of testosterone-filled studs who want to shoot things, you’re in for a wild ride complete with pumped up country boys wanting to unload their pistols with every gun-totin’ stud they see.

Steve Cruz directs this deliciously witty spoof of American firearm culture where the men are men, and their guns are cocked and loaded!”

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Jaxton Wheeler and Sean Duran suck each other off in Raging Stallion’s “Gun Show”

Raging Stallion: Jaxton Wheeler and Sean Duran blow each other in "Gun Show"

In Raging Stallion’s “Gun Show”, gun lovers Jaxton Wheeler and Sean Duran, pull up to the show with raging hard-ons, turned on by all the firearms. Rather than get arrested in the parking lot jacking off, the buddies decide to find a quiet utility closet inside.

The meat pounding turns to cock sucking when Sean tells Jaxton that he’s taking too long. The studs take turns slurping cock to get each other off faster so they can get to the show.

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Sean Duran fucks Rikk York in Raging Stallion’s “Gun Show”

Raging Stallion: Sean Duran pounds Rikk York in "Gun Show"
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Sean Duran slips into the ‘Gun Show’ to hand out Second Amendment rights literature when he stumbles on Rikk York. Rikk likes what he sees in the corn-fed hunk and bends over to let Sean stretch his asshole.

After Sean does a pump and dump on Rikk’s hot ass, Rikk returns the favor by emptying his chamber all over Sean’s tatted face.

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Devin fucks Sean Duran raw in “Porn Crush” at DeviantOtter

Devin Totter of writes about this scene:

“I’ve had a major crush on Sean Duran since I saw him at the gym when I first moved to Florida. Physically he is my ideal man to fuck; built, covered in tattoos, furry, and looks like he could beat up anyone.

I have to admit I was a bit intimated when he first showed up because I’ve been jerking off to this guy for almost a year, and here he is in my house! But it was pretty easy to lose my jitters once started worshiping and sucking my balls.

From then on out I was feeling my deviant, rough self and banged him out every way I had imagined. This guy is such a stud, on and off camera, and I cannot wait for seconds…or thirds, I’m greedy.”

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Tom Faulk fucks Sean Duran in NakedSword’s “MXXX – The Hardest Ride, Ep. 1: The Bet Is On”

NakedSword Originals: Tom Faulk fucks Sean Duran in "MXXX - The Hardest Ride, Episode 1: The Bet Is On"
NakedSword Special Offer writes:

“There’s nothing better than Texas BBQ, especially when it’s served up by the motocross hunks out at Tom Faulk’s place.

Sean Duran arrives with his stripper girlfriend Ahslee (Axle Rose) and things start to go a little crazy. Shots of tequila lead to burnouts on the patio and an impromptu strip show that gives Tom an idea. He bets Sean he can fuck his girlfriend harder than he can and all three head to the moto-barn.

Sean is all in for a tag-team but Ashlee flips the script… she wants to watch them get it on.

Tom and Sean jokingly accept the challenge but it’s clear a little peck on the lips isn’t what Ashlee has in mind. Reluctantly they start to make out and jerk each other off.

Horned up, Sean fucks Tom’s face then gets on his knees to suck his buddy’s dick.

With his cock wet and hard Tom decides to give Ashlee what she really wants and slams his rock hard meat deep in Sean’s muscular ass.

They fuck hard until both guys blow their loads, leaving them both drained and a bit confused. What the fuck just happened?!”

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Sean Duran slams Ian Greene and John Ander in Raging Stallion’s “Drive Thru”

Raging Stallion: Ian Greene and John Ander get pounded by Sean Duran in "Drive Thru"

Sean Duran wants something that’s not on the menu and Ian Greene and John Ander are happy to give it to him – in Raging Stallion’s “Drive Thru”.

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