Dominic Pacifico gets pounded by big-dicked Sean Xavier in Lucas Entertainment’s “Deep Dicking”

Lucas Entertainment: Sean Xavier bangs Dominic Pacifico in "Deep Dicking"
Lucas Entertainment: Sean Xavier bangs Dominic Pacifico in "Deep Dicking"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Sean Xavier and Dominic Pacifico are both passionate lovers — they love lots of body contact and deep energized kissing, which they do plenty off as they strip their clothing off.

Dominic Pacifico can be versatile, but his true skills as a lover shine when he’s on the bottom and takes cock up his ass!

Sean and Dominic both take great pleasure in sucking cock, and they fervor that goes into their blowjobs back and forth is admirable, but it’s not compared to just how deep he takes Sean’s cock up his ass. And when we say he takes it deep, we mean he takes it balls deep!”

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Lucas Entertainment

Sean Xavier bangs Duncan Black in Lucas Entertainment’s “Kings of New York, Season 2”

Lucas Entertainment: Sean Xavier bangs Duncan Black in “Kings of New York, Season 2”
Lucas Entertainment: Sean Xavier bangs Duncan Black in “Kings of New York, Season 2” writes:

“Sean Xavier and Duncan Black tried to make it work, but their marriage came to a bitter end and Candis Cayne is their divorce lawyer who sorts out the legal dispute. But there’s another way to handle it, and that’s in the privacy of a bedroom.

Duncan may not love Sean anymore, but he still has strong feelings for Sean’s massive black cock, and the deeper it’s inside him, the stronger his feelings are!

Duncan services Sean’s cock one more time before they strip off their clothes and he accepts every single inch of Sean’s cock inside his asshole!”

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Colden Armstrong bottoms for Sean Xavier and Hans Berlin in Lucas Entertainment’s “Closing the Deal”

Lucas Entertainment: Colden Armstrong gets fucked by Sean Xavier and Hans Berlin in "Closing the Deal"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Sean Xavier returns with his business partner Hans Berlin so they can both use their power over a hapless young man looking for a job by the name of Colden Armstrong. But when Colden realizes what he has to do, he’s not upset but excited!

Sean has one of the biggest – if not the biggest – cock ever to be seen by the businessmen of Lucas Entertainment, and Hans has a strong body and hot uncut cock that he needs serviced.

Sean and Hans both take advantage of Colden and fuck his throat and ass until they shoot their cum!”

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Sean Xavier fucks Trent Davis in Lucas Entertainment’s “Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal”

Lucas Entertainment: Sean Xavier fucks Trent Davis in “Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal”
Lucas Entertainment: Sean Xavier fucks Trent Davis in “Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Sean Xavier has worked long and hard to earn his position. Being a young and handsome black man, he used all of his assets to earn his position. And now he has Trent Davis to test his corporate power out on. Trent is hungry to be successful, and if that means taking care of all of Sean’s needs, he’s going to do it.

And when Trent sees the massive — and it truly is massive — black dick between Sean’s legs, he knows he has a challenge unlike anything he’s ever undertaken before. Sean expects expert oral sex follower by an ass that can handle a pounding from his cock. And is Trent is going to make it in life, this is his first true test!”

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Big-dicked stud Sean Xavier sucks and fucks himself at NextDoorEbony

NextDoorEbony: Big-dicked stud Sean Xavier sucks and fucks himself

NextDoorEbony writes:

“In the night, when you wake up in the middle of a hot sweat, your sheets are drenched, your mouth is parched and your cock is harder than granite, your dream comes rushing into your cognition like the floodgates broke.

It was him again. On the plain where you met and watched him, he told you his name was Sean. Sean Xavier. You watched him disrobe sensuously. Then he began to stroke his mammoth dick, gripping tightly. His skin and dick looked lathered with a rich cream. His eyes pierced deeply into your being. You’ll never forget the way he caressed his body, not only for your enjoyment, but also for his own.

When he kicked his legs over his head and sucked his own bulging cock, you found yourself breathless in awe. Then he rubbed his dickhead on his own asshole and you couldn’t believe you were here, seeing this, experiencing such incredible sexual energy.

Next time, you’ll hang on as long as you can…maybe long enough to touch dicks together or something hot like that.”

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Next Door World

Sean Xavier and Alex Andrews flip-fucking in Lucas Entertainment’s “Auditions 44: Hung for Hung”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Another Lucas Entertainment exclusive follows up with the second interview, Sean Xavier, and he’s paired with hot guy Alex Andrews, a skater dude with a tight body and cute face made for gay porn.

The boys spend some time talking and getting to know one another with Michael guiding the discussion before the scene heats up. Sean and Alex have chemistry from the beginning, and it’s obvious from how hard they go after each other by kissing and groping each other’s bodies. These hot guys are young and ready to fuck.

After their clothes are off, Alex is excited to see what he can do with Sean’s cock, so he opens wide and starts sucking on Sean, who is endowed with a mammoth penis. Sean and Alex flip their positions around, but he can’t keep his hands or mouth off of Sean’s big black dick until he turns him around and start playing with his ass, getting him ready for a fucking.

Sean eases his dick into Alex slowly so he can take it, but once he’s all the way in he rams Alex’s tight ass hard in the doggy-style position. But it couldn’t be hotter when Sean flips over onto his back with Alex still on his back, and with Alex’s back on Sean’s stomach, the blond bottom is suspended over the back top for some unforgettable thrusts!

But in a wild change of pace, Alex gets Sean on his back, rolls on a condom, and sticks his own uncut cock in Sean’s ass, mounting and fucking him rigorously until they both blow their loads of cum!”

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Sean Xavier fucks Seth Roberts in Lucas Entertainment’s “Stages of Sex”

Lucas Entertaiment writes:

“College freshman Seth Roberts had more in mind for college when he was applying, and now that he’s landed in New York City, he’s not going to miss out on the opportunity to meet all the hot guys the city has to offer.

Seth’s in the mood for a quick hookup and starts talking online to black hunk Sean Xavier. Turned on, he invites him over and when they see each other in person, they know instantly what’s going to happen. They start making out after some small talk, and Seth is filled with longing to have sex with a black guy as hot as Sean.

Sean takes the situation over with his good looks and sweet charm, making out with the white bottom while grinding against his crotch. But Seth is a little frightened when their clothes come off: he sees Sean’s massive dick hanging before him, and he’s both apprehensive and excited.

Sean doesn’t give him much choice, though. He presents the dick to Seth, who sucks it with care and longing. He takes as much down his throat has he can, and works the rest of the shaft with his hands. Sean returns the favor and sucks Seth’s dick, licking and slurping the hard cock up with his lips and throat.

But Seth wants to test his might by taking Sean inside him. To give Sean clear entry, they start fucking doggy style, and while it’s a lot to handle, Seth takes Sean in his ass balls deep.

Seth proves his enthusiasm when Sean lays back and has Seth ride him — it’s deep and total penetration, leading the boys to killer cumshots!”

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Lucas Entertainment’s “Top Service”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“The hot, hard, and horny guys of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, expect the best “Top Service” the Sunshine State has to offer! There are plenty of pool boys, repairmen, and gardeners ready to work and sweat long and hard.

Pornstars Michael Lucas and Matthew Rush have hot, intense sex for the first time.

TV repairman Alexander Garret flip-fucks with Sean Xavier. Ridge Michaels services pool boy Valentin Petrov’s thick, uncut cock. Maintenance man Al Carter sucks and rides Derrick Vinyard’s dominant dick. Gardener Devin Adams and Diego Vena squirt loads of cum.

The “Top Service” of Florida’s studs has never been so sexy!”

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Sean Xavier at LucasEntertainment

Check out Lucas Entertainment‘s latest addition to their roster of hot men… Sean Xavier!

Hailing from California, Sean is tall (6′), lean (160 lbs), and has an incredible 9 inches of black cock ready to get sucked and fuck some ass!

This mocha bombshell claims to be able to self-suck his own cock – and when seeing the thing in action, it’s easy to believe. Sean was daring enough to have sex at Disney World’s Boardwalk Lighthouse, and when he’s fucking, he has a particular appetite for tall, white, and athletic guys.

And don’t miss Sean’s hot flip-flop scene with Alexander Garrett…

More photos of Sean Xavier after the break… Continue »

Sean Xavier and Alexander Garrett fuck each other in Lucas Entertainment’s “Top Service”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Sean Xavier is a tall, lean black stud with a problem: his damn television just won’t work. While on the phone with a repairmen who gives him nothing but the runaround, hunky Latino stranger Alexander Garrett shows up at Sean’s house and offers some help. Luckily, the only problem is the power cable: it’s unplugged. Alexander inserts the cable into the wall socket, and when he looks back up Sean has his own power plug standing alert and ready for service.

With a wide, gorgeous smile, Alexander pulls down Sean’s shorts, and his thick, massive black cock bounces out. The piece of meat vanishes down Alexander’s throat as he swallows and slurps on his reward for fixing Sean’s TV. Alexander struggles to handle Sean’s big, black cock down his throat, but it’s a challenge he happily undertakes. Sean wants to see what Alexander has to offer, so they both strip down; Alexander has a gorgeous, muscular body with lightly tanned skin.

Sean lays him down on the sofa, smothering the Latin hunk with passionate kisses while running his hands up and down his ripped body. Alexander’s tight, smooth asshole is calling out for a tongue bath, and Sean obliges. When Alexander’s tight, puckering hole is ready for dick, Sean rolls on a condom and slips his fat, hard piece into the Latino’s rectum.

It’s difficult at first, but Alexander accommodates Sean’s size. After flipping Alexander around in different positions, Sean sucks the Latino’s fat, sexy dick, getting him hard before he fucks Sean’s mocha hole. The gay sex of these two hot guys ends in an explosion of cum!”

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